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Ryan Toys Review Net Worth Breakdown

By Editorial Staff

What would you do if I told you the highest-earning YouTube star is an eight-year-old boy? You probably wouldn’t believe me until you checked out Ryan Toys Review (also called Ryan’s World). Run by eight-year-old Ryan Kaji, his mom Loann, and his dad Shion, the kid-friendly channel features toy reviews given by Ryan himself. Even more impressive, the channel typically releases a new video every day. Since starting the channel in 2015, Ryan Toys Review has become the sixth most viewed channel in the world. So exactly how much is this kid making? Keep reading as we dive into a net worth breakdown of Ryan Toys Review. 

Who is Ryan Toys Review?

Ryan Kaji is an eight-year-old megastar. His YouTube channel, Ryan Toys Review, is one of the highest-earning on the platform. The channel began in 2015 because Ryan was obsessed with other toy review channels such as EvanTubeHD and Hulyan Maya. In an interview with TubeFilter, Ryan’s mom Loann explained, “Ryan was watching a lot of toy review channels because they used to make a lot of videos about Thomas The Tank Engine, and Ryan was super into Thomas. One day, he asked me, ‘How come I’m not on YouTube when all the other kids are?’ So we just decided — yeah, we can do that. Then, we took him to the store to get his very first toy — I think it was a Lego train set — and it all started from there.”

Ryan’s Social Media

YouTubeRyan's World23.2M subscribers
Instagram@ryansworld73.3K followers
Instagram@ryantoysreview43.1K followers

For four months, the channel didn’t gain much traction. Ryan’s first video was slow, stagnant, and shot in a single take. It wasn’t until this video that the views came tumbling in and Loann decided to quit her job as a high school chemistry teacher and focus on the channel full time. Now, Ryan Toys Review is one of the most subscribed-to channels on the platform gaining about 100,000 subscribers every week. A staggering factor contributing to the exponential net worth growth for Ryan Toys Review.

YouTube Influence

The genre of toy review channels was not new on YouTube. In fact, according to a report by The Guardian, a fifth of YouTube’s top channels are centered around toy reviews. So what makes Ryan stand out? Well, he came around at a good time. YouTube’s algorithm has shifted over the past few years to favor watch time, meaning the longer a viewer watches the video, the better. For Ryan, most of his viewers are kids around the preschool/elementary age. These audiences tend to watch entire videos, rather than clicking off after only a few minutes. YouTube’s algorithm tends to favor videos with high watch times, meaning the algorithm really favors channels like Ryan’s. 

Ryan Toys Review also changed the genre a bit. The Verge describes his videos as “a mash-up of personal vlog and ‘unboxing’ video, a blend of innocent childhood antics and relentless, often overwhelming consumerism.” Over time, Ryan has gone from focusing on one toy per video to two to ten, to even a hundred at a time. In his most-watched video, Ryan is given one hundred toys at a time, only featuring each for a few seconds. His video titles often feature several names of toys to garner attention and the video descriptions are full of links to different toys and toy stores. These videos have a significant impact on the market. Jim Silver, CEO of review site Toys, Tots, Pets, and More, explains, “If a product gets ten million, twenty million views, and you see that Ryan loves it, or other kids love it, it has a huge impact at retail.” When Ryan’s videos take off, there often a visible increase in sales for whatever toy was mentioned. 

Partnership With PocketWatch

In 2017, Ryan’s parents signed a deal with PocketWatch, a startup children’s media company. PocketWatch now does all the marketing and merchandise for Ryan Toys Review. This includes animated characters based on people featured in Ryan’s videos (mainly him, his parents, and his twin sisters Emma and Kate). In 2018, Ryan and Pocketwatch, in collaboration with WildWorks created an app called Tag with Ryan. The app is an endless runner game marketed to younger kids on iOS and Android. At the 2018 Toy Fair in New York, Ryan announced his very own toyline, branded as Ryan Toys Review, in collaboration with PocketWatch and Bonker’s Toys. The toyline first released on August 6, 2018, exclusively at Walmart. In 2019, PocketWatch and Ryan Toys Review also created a 20-episode television series for preschoolers called Ryan’s Mystery Playdate. These all become a part of our net worth breakdown. 

Tag with Ryan – Ryan ToysReview app builds net worth
Credit: AppsRankings

Other Business Ventures

Ryan Toys Review also has a few projects outside of their work with PocketWatch. 

  • Branded toothbrushes and toothpaste (July 2019)
  • Race with Ryan (November 2019)
    • Partnership with Outright Games, available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows. 

Ryan Toys Review Net Worth Breakdown

So how much does Ryan really make? With all YouTubers, these numbers are estimates based on average views in addition to income from outside business ventures. For Ryan Toys Review, his daily income from YouTube could be anywhere from $6.5K to $103.6K according to Social Blade. (These numbers come from an estimated Cost per Mille [CPM] calculation. CPM is the amount of money an advertiser will pay per 1,000 views. Social Blade estimates this could be anywhere from $0.25 to $4. Since Ryan’s actually CPM is unknown, the above range is an estimate of what his actual intake could be.) It is estimated that last year, Ryan Toys Review took home $22 million from just YouTube, beating controversial YouTuber Jake Paul.

Ryan Toys Review is ranked 13th on Social Blade. The other top YouTube channels according to this list are:

1. T-Series

2. Chiko TV

3. Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes 

4. Like Nastya Vlog 

5. Kids Diana Show 

6. Zee TV

7. SET India 

8. SAB TV 

9. Movieclips 

10. Ghiền Phim  

11. ABS-CBN Entertainment 

12. shfa2 – شفا 

Ryan Toys Review also claims several other channels including:

These other channels earn money as well. Here is a net worth breakdown of each individual channel under the Ryan Toys Review brand. 

ChannelNo. of SubscribersMonthly Estimated Earnings
Ryan’s Family Review5.15M$52.9K - $845.6K
Ryan’s World Español25.3K$901 - $14.4K
Ryan’s World Japan12K$601 - $9.6K
EK Doodles368K$3.4K - $53.9K
VTubers1.04M$9.1K - $146K
Combo Panda1.22M$7K - $112.4K
The Studio Space1.54M$14.7K - $235.3K
Gus the Gummy Gator920K$6.2K - $99.9K

Though these numbers reflect earnings from YouTube advertisements, it is also suspected that Ryan Toys Review features many sponsorships from brands. In 2019, a complaint was filed by Truth in Advertising claiming that several brand deals ran on the channel without proper disclosure. This sparked slight controversy as the videos are typically aimed at children too young to distinguish genuine recommendations from ads or endorsements. Since then, a few videos have shown up on Ryan’s channel featuring #ad.

For the rest of our net worth break down, we will look at Ryan Toys Review outside of YouTube. These include:

    1. His toy line 
    2. Tag with Ryan (app)
    3. Television series (Ryan’s Mystery Playdate)
    4. Racing with Ryan (video game)
    5. Misc. products (toothbrush line)

It was estimated that Ryan’s toy line with Walmart earned him $26 million in its first year. Many of his other products such as the video game were released recently, meaning there are not yet earning speculations to add to our net worth breakdown, but based on the high performance of his other products, we can assume it will be big.

This article was written by Lauren Martin

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