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16 Photography Hacks to Capture Amazing Instagram Content on an iPhone

By Editorial Staff

When you’re creating content on Instagram, coming up with unique, fresh, and eye-catching photo ideas can be daunting. Luckily, as Apple continues to update the iPhone, we can now have DSLR-quality photos at the tips of our fingers. As more and more photographers get creative with what we can do with our phones, the best digital creators online have been sharing top-notch tips and tricks to taking IG-worthy content. If you’re looking to get the perfect Instagram shot with just your iPhone, check out these 16 photography hacks that will help you capture, edit, and share the best content with your followers.

Photography Hacks 

1. Using Panorama


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A post shared by Mariah Schäfer (@mariah.schaefer)

Who said panorama had to be used only horizontally? One of these amazing Instagram photography hacks from Instagram and TikTok influencer Mariah Schaefer shows us that we can use panorama vertically to capture all the details from the background behind us. This comes especially in handy when you’re taking photos in the city and want to take photos with tall buildings. 

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2. Reflective Surfaces


Do we like?? #obsessedwithit #iphonehacks #photographyhacks #photoshoot #photoshoot #photographytricks #photographyhack #prettyphoto #flowerpower

♬ Say So (Instrumental Version) [Originally Performed by Doja Cat] – Elliot Van Coup

Do you run your own small business or often take product display photos for your social media sponsorships? Here’s another one of the best photography hacks from TikTok can change your life! To create a beautiful background for your photo, look up a photo you love and use a mirror to reflect it back. Then, place your product on top of the mirror. The photos turn out amazing! As a bonus tip, you can also use another iPhone as a reflective surface (check out the TikTok for tip #11). 

3. Water Reflections

If you loved the last photography hacks that dealt with reflections, then you’ll love this one too! To pull off this hack, head to a cool spot and find a smooth surface to pour some water on. Once you’ve created the puddle of water, you’ll stand in front of the reflection and have a friend capture the shot with your iPhone upside down. This hack works really well with product display photos, too. 

4. Makeshift Spotlight

Taking amazing photos doesn’t necessarily mean you need to buy thousands of dollars’ worth of photography equipment. Take this photography hack from TikTok, for example. All you’ll need is your iPhone and a toilet paper roll to create a DIY spotlight. 

5. Underwater Photos


Trick to take pics under water with phone 📱 #Hacks #Photography #PhotographyHacks

♬ Love Songs x No Police Funk Mash Up – L.Dre

Have you ever wanted to take photos underwater but don’t have a waterproof phone? Try placing your iPhone upside down in a glass and submerge the glass underwater. Then, you can find the perfect angle and use refraction for cool effects. Like some of the other hacks on this list, this tip is great for product photography as well.

6. Vertigo Photography Hack


Try this vertigo photo hack#photographytrick #photographytipsforyou #photographyhacks #learntoday #levelup #iphonetrickshide #iphonephotographytricks

♬ Gang Up(from “The Fate of the Furious”) – Young Thug,2 Chainz,Wiz Khalifa

Finding cool new angles for photos on your Instagram can be hard if you’re not with someone to take your photos for you. If that’s the case, try out this photography hack from Kool Stories on TikTok. All you have to do is leave your phone at the edge of a curb, set a timer, and step over the curb to capture a cool from-below shot.

7. Stretched Photos


just thought I would share these with u guys. tag me if you try them out 🙂 #shotoniphone #photographyhacks #fyp #4you

♬ After Party – Don Toliver

If you want to appear taller in your photos, there’s a simple iPhone photography hack you can use from TikTok. Once you take your photo, go to Crop and use the Y-axis to stretch the bottom half of the photo. As a bonus tip, you can also use panorama – similar to tip #1 on the list!

8. Taking Screenshots from Videos

To take multiple great shots of yourself, you can go to your iPhone settings and change your video quality to 4k 60fps. Then, you can record a video of yourself using your back camera and posing. Once you’re done, you can go back and take screenshots of the video. It’s a great alternative to using a self-timer.

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9. Editing on Snapseed



Here’s a simple photohack for you! Go try and share with your friends! #photomagic #photohacks #creative #foryou

♬ original sound – arianteo – Arian Teo

If you love unique editing for your Instagram photos, try out this photography hack using the app Snapseed. On the app, you can add several photos on top of each other in layers to create stunning photo edits with the Double Exposure tool.

10. iPhone Long Exposures


Follow me on IG: TOURDELUST for more ideas #photoideas #phototricks #photohacks #iphonehacks #iphonetricks

♬ original sound – Christine

Long exposure photos are amazing pieces of content, especially on visual-heavy platforms like Instagram. To take a long exposure photo on your iPhone, turn on Live Photo and shoot any image that has motion. Then, swipe-up on the photo and flip the effect to Long Exposure. Voilà!

11. iPhone Double Exposure Portraits

Double Exposure shots without any editing 📸 #iphonetricks #iphonephotography #phototricks #photography101 #doubleexposure #photohacks #editing101

♬ original sound – Katie

You don’t just have to use the Long Exposure tool for cool landscape shots – you can use them on your portraits too! To do so, turn on Live Mode, lower your angle, and zoom in and out of your photo as you keep snapping pictures. Once you swipe-up in your Camera Roll and click Long Exposure, you’ll see gorgeous double exposure shots without any editing. 

12. Use Prisms for a Kaleidoscope Effect


Celebrating 300K w my 3 favorite phone photo hacks. Thank you all! #iphone #photohacks #photomagic #todayilearned

♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) – 山口夕依

Using prisms is an inexpensive way to create amazing effects without any excessive editing. Cover your entire iPhone lens with the triangle end of the prism to create a kaleidoscope effect. Once you lock focus and exposure on your subject, you’ll create an amazing final photo.

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13. Photos Capture Outside the Frame


Secret iPhone Camera Settings! Share, comment, like! #iphone #learnontiktok #phototips #photohacks #tiktoktaughtme

♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) – 山口夕依

There are a lot of iPhone camera settings that people don’t know exist. One of them has to do with composition. In your camera settings, click “Photos Capture Outside the Frame” under the Composition heading. This will capture the area outside of your actual frame. Now, if you click Edit, Crop, then press the Auto button, it will show you the entire capture and allow you to adjust the frame. This makes it way easier to recompose your shots later on.

14. Creating Your Own Filter

Do you love the filters on Instagram and Snapchat that make objects look like they’re shining? Turns out, you can achieve that same effect in your photos with an easy photography hack! All you need to do is wrap your iPhone camera in plastic wrap and add a bit of Vaseline. 

15. Fake Clouds

On TikTok, you can find plenty of unique photography hacks to take your photos to the next level. Here’s a great hack from the app that is super inexpensive but produces amazing results. Grab a cotton ball and head outside on a cloudy day. Put a piece of the cotton ball in front of your iPhone camera lens and tilt your phone back to capture more of the sky. Boom – it looks like you’re walking on the clouds.

16. Play with Depth

Playing with depth on your iPhone camera produces some incredible eye-catching content. Take this TikTok video from Vivian Dambeck for example. While a friend tilted her iPhone upside down on the ground, Vivian threw a bowl of red marbles towards the camera and the results were amazing.

Check out these other photography hacks that didn’t make the list

Photography HackInfluencer
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Creative hack using booksValerie Lisitsyna
Christmas contentMargaux Leo

This article was written by Selena Ponton

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