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Top 10 Music Creators on Audius

By Editorial Staff

If you haven’t heard of Audius yet, get ready to discover your new favorite up-and-coming artists on a new streaming platform. On Audius, users can stream music from all musicians, not just the ones signed to labels or agencies. Tailored to independent artists’ needs, Audius aims to cut the middlemen out of streaming so artists can get paid their fair share, build a fanbase, share their works in progress, and publish their completed tracks without the need to move onto another platform or sign a record deal. As a result, Audius is successfully bringing in talented music creators and influencers that are quickly gaining tons of plays, reposts, and favorites.

1. Deadmau5


As one of the DJs that backed the launch of Audius, Deadmau5 of course has his own profile on the platform. Now one of the most well-known and recognizable DJs in the music industry, Deadmau5 started out just like many Audius creators by posting his music online and soon opting to be independent. Over the span of his career, Deadmau5 has received six Grammy nominations and even founded his own record label called Mau5trap. While he hasn’t yet posted any content on Audius, he has quickly gained thousands of followers and followed other popular music creators on the platform to show his support.

2. 3LAU


Similar to other up-and-coming artists on Audius, 3LAU always had a dream of making music. He’s gone on to rack up millions of streams by releasing successful original tracks and remixes for huge solo acts like Rihanna, Ariana Grande, and Shawn Mendes. As a DJ, he’s also built up an impressive reputation as a “must-see live performer”, touring major music festivals like EDC and Lollapalooza. On Audius, 3LAU is an active user and has since posted 27 of his own tracks for his listeners.

3. Rezz


Isabelle Rezazadeh, a.k.a. Rezz, is a popular DJ signed under Deadmau5’s record label, Mau5trap. She’s extremely successful, especially as a live performer. Her full live sets from festivals like EDC Las Vegas have been posted on her official YouTube account and have gained up to a million views. First starting out on SoundCloud in 2015, Rezz understands the importance of being able to grow and monetize content on music streaming platforms and has since posted her successful tracks to Audius. Currently, Rezz has posted two tracks that have gained up to 18.4K plays and hundreds of reposts. 

4. Zeds Dead


Zeds Dead is an electronic music duo from Canada that also backed Audius alongside Deadmau5. They rose to fame back in 2009 after releasing their original music and remixes independently on Myspace, drawing in millions of listeners and soon touring internationally. As a group, they’re extremely supportive of up-and-coming DJs and even launched their own record label called Deadbeats. So far, the duo has posted two of their most popular tracks on the platform: “Shake” and “Stars Tonight”.

5. Mr. Carmack


As a writer, producer, and DJ, Mr. Carmack has seen plenty of success. Not only has he released a ton of music using cutting-edge sounds from SoundCloud, but he’s also toured five continents with DJs such as Cashmere Cat and Diplo. As he states on his website, he lived off the income from monthly releases on the music platform Bandcamp when he was first starting out, so it makes sense why he supports other breakout artists on a new site. On Audius, Mr. Carmack is one of the most prolific artists and active users, posting up to 162 tracks with thousands of plays.

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6. Louis the Child


If you’re familiar with the DJ and music production scene, then you’ve probably already heard of Louis the Child. This duo from Illinois began producing music back in high school and college, rising to popularity in 2015 with their single “It’s Strange”. On Audius, they’ve posted one track with Skrillex, gaining 11.2K plays.

7. Lido


Peder Losnegård, better known as Lido, is a Norwegian music artist and record producer that started by posting free mixtapes online. Today, he’s known for producing several songs with huge artists such as Halsey, Chance the Rapper, Ariana Grande, and Jaden Smith. His profile on Audius draws in a mass amount of plays, especially his track “Life of Peder (Part One)”.

8. Masego


Masego is a musician and singer based out of California that has often earned spots on the Audius Trending page with his music. Specializing in jazz fusion, house music, contemporary R&B, neo-soul, and funk, Masego is best known for incorporating the saxophone in his tracks. As an artist, Masego is very active on the platform and currently has an EP and an album uploaded: The Pink Polo and Loose Thoughts.

9. RAC


RAC is a Grammy award-winning musician and record producer that has created hundreds of remixes, toured huge festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza, and has even had his work featured in ads from important brands like Hulu. First starting out posting his remixes online, RAC has since gone on to achieve mass success by remixing songs from popular artists like Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, and Kings of Leon. On Audius, he has uploaded some of his most famous tracks and festival sets.

10. Stafford Brothers


This duo of brothers are Australian DJs and producers that focus on blending the genres of house, electro, and progressive house in their music. Not only are they the first electronic dance music act to sign to Cash Money Records, but they’ve also been ranked as the #1 DJS in Australia. Plus, they have their own podcast called #SomethingBIG where they Spotlight multiple different artists in the industry. On their Audius account, they post both their music tracks and podcast episodes that have earned hundreds of plays.

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