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Top Music Agency for Influencer Campaigns

By Editorial Staff

Music has been, and is, one of the most socially and culturally digestible forms of content. Music is a part of everyday life from elevator music to newly released studio albums. Because music is such a large part of our media consumption, agencies around the world have either shifted their focus or created a dedicated music agency for promoting music influencers. In this article, we will analyze these companies and show you who is at the top of the music agency list for influencer marketing campaigns.

1. NeoReach

NeoReach is an influence marketing company that is at the top of influencer promotion. NeoReach has an active campaign with Moose Toys, a company that is filling the void of Toys R Us. NeoReach has seen much success in utilizing enterprise-grade analytics to bolster such campaigns and see their influencers grow!

2. ViewManiac 

ViewManiac has its finger on the pulse of music influencer growth. Viewmaniac has a unique strategy of management that allows for both self-paced or wholly operated campaigns. This drive to give some agency to the artist gives music campaigns more freedom to follow an organic path and create a quality campaign. Working on campaigns with Machine Gun Kelly and Sam Hunt, it is apparent that Viewmaniac has a successful marketing strategy.

3. Viral Nation 

The self-proclaimed creators of the unconventional, Viral Nation likes to take an unorthodox approach to managing music campaigns. Working with Brands like Tencent and PUBG, Viral Nation’s track record is well founded in the industry. Viral Nation tends to work to focus on ambition, growth, and speed. While these traits might be less attractive to some influencers, they have their value in the music campaign field.

4. Digital Republik 

Digital Republik prioritizes a concrete strategy regarding influencer campaigns. They tend to focus on tech, marketing, and goals of the influencer in order to produce a world-renowned service. With a focus on business impact, Digital Republik understands that the world of business is ever-changing and needs to be met with dynamic action. With Bridgestone, Asian Heart Institute, and CMS, Digital Republik stands out among its competition.

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5. The Exposure Co 

The Exposure Co. is an agency that focuses on 4 primary attributes of campaigns: full service, influential reach, matchmaking expertise, and trust. These 4 traits lend themselves incredibly well to the world of influence marketing and help music-based influencers feel supported through their influencing process. The Exposure Co. works with Sony picture, Who Gives a Crap, and ASUS. These connections allow them to keep their finger on the pulse of the music and entertainment industry.

6. iProspect 

iProspect’s main goal is to maintain the human element of influence marketing. With a focus on inclusion, they make their campaigns some of the most approachable for budding music influencers. Working with companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, and others, iProspect has the track record to back up their mission.

7. Muuser 

With marketing strategies designed to break music on social media, statistically grow ROI, and change rapidly in new circumstances, Muuser is a top agency for music influencers. Muuser has worked with influencers on “Old Town Road” and “the Git Up” making it perfectly suited for influencers trying to break into the modern music realm.

8. Planetary Group 

Planetary Group takes a very specific and unique approach to all of its artists. The company believes that no shoe fits more than one person and it shows in their marketing strategy. Their approach includes analysis of your genre, brand, style, and every niche detail that could affect an efficient campaign.

9. Lyriplex 

A full-service music marketing agency, Lyriplex gives its clients a comprehensive service by helping secure funds, developing meaningful brand images, and mastering digital exposure. With well-acclaimed artists and companies on its client list, Lyriplex is known as one of the more prestigious and premium services available.

10. Illumie 

Illumie prioritizes the value of the artists and separates the front and back office to give you the most involved and passionate campaign. Their competitive advantage stems from a complete separation of qualitative and quantitative tasks which give artists maximum freedom and Illumie maximum control. Illumie’s digital control pairs nicely with our technology-driven world to give a meaningful campaign for each influencer.

Other Notable Music Agencies

Quite GreatTrolls (2016)
ArtistHollywood Image Studios
Park Bench 13Spotify

This article was written by Harrison Loew

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