LinkedIn Algorithm Explained: Master Your Professional Network

By Editorial Staff

If your company isn’t already on Linkedin, it may be time to hop on board. Why? LinkedIn experts show that investing in B2B marketing is an extremely effective way to grow as a company. In fact, according to LinkedIn Sales Solutions’ Ultimate Guide to Sales Prospecting,  “76% of B2B buyers prefer to work with recommendations from their LinkedIn network.” You see, our current professional climate is more interconnected than ever – and it’s time to learn the LinkedIn algorithm to take your network to the next level.

As we learn in our early careers, who you know is everything. LinkedIn provides us with the opportunity to make professional connections from our office or, if you want, from our beds! While in-person networking is very valuable, we highly recommend taking advantage of our current technologies, hopping on LinkedIn, and not waiting for your next conference (which may be very far away due to COVID-19) to resume forming professional connections and growing your network.

When you think about social media algorithms, you probably think about the dreaded Instagram algorithm that influencers and businesses often complain about. And we get it, increasing your visibility can seem impossible at times. Well, I have good news! As the world of social media develops, industry leaders are learning more and more and on LinkedIn, the breakdown of the algorithm is much simpler. Follow these five key steps and you’ll be on the path to success!

No idea where to start? Not sure how to grow your LinkedIn account? We’re here to help. Keep reading for the top tips and tricks to grow your account and master the LinkedIn Algorithm!

1. Use Hashtags

As with any platform, hashtags are a key strategy for reaching new audiences. We suggest you take the time to research which hashtags will help the LinkedIn Algorithm recognize your audience. For example, if your company is a marketing firm, you may want to consider using relevant hashtags like #marketingstrategy, #digitalmarketing, or #influencermarketing. This way, other professionals in your industry or those interested in these topics can find your posts and boost your engagement.

Top Marketing Hashtags:

  • #socialmediamarketing
  • #innovation
  • #digitalmarketing
  • #entrepreneurship
  • #branding
  • #personaldevelopment
  • #graphicdesign
  • #consumerinsights

2. Promote open conversations

As we mentioned before, our world is more interconnected than ever. LinkedIn’s network of over 300 million active users provides endless opportunities to form meaningful online connections. One of the best ways to reach new audiences is to start a conversation that people will be interested in responding to or engaging with. Great ways to start conversations are to share a recommendation that has helped you, ask your audience direct questions, or share your insight on others’ work.

However, after your initial post, your work isn’t done. Make sure to respond to the comments and shares. Engagement is everything! Tying this point into recommendation 1,  you can also use hashtags to discover other conversations being had on the platform and join in!

Ways to increase your profile’s engagement:

  • Share recommendations
  • Ask relevant questions
  • Respond to others
  • Engage with other relevant posts in your industry

3. Be relevant

As with all other aspects of your company, your branding should be maintained on LinkedIn. Though connections across every industry can be helpful, the LinkedIn Algorithm favors/promotes accounts that succeed in one segment and wants to create value for each of your followers. Therefore, if your company focuses its attention on growing a network of marketing professionals, you will likely grow faster than if you spread your efforts out across many. In addition, staying on topic allows your followers to know what to expect for your account and will be able to grow trust in your brand.

4. Schedule your content in advance

On LinkedIn, the time of day that you post can completely alter your success, so listen up! According to Hubspot, you should focus your efforts between Tuesday and Thursday from 8am to 2pm. This means that during those hours, your post is more likely to get seen by a larger audience, hence increasing your chances of new followers and connections. By scheduling content in advance, you can guarantee that posts will go live during that time period and can easily monitor what time works best for your account. This strategy will also allow you to take time to think of thoughtful and engaging captions rather than hurrying to get content posted before your lunch break. We recommend trying out user-friendly social media scheduling programs like Hootsuite, Postify, Buffer, and Slacksocial.

Best content scheduling apps for LinkedIn:

  1. Hootsuite
  2. Postify
  3. Buffer
  4. Slacksocial

5. Join and create LinkedIn Groups

In our current professional world, people are seeking community and meaningful relationships and LinkedIn groups allow users to create just that! One of the best features of these groups is the weekly digest where you are able to monitor the conversations within your groups allowing you to get a better understanding of what your audience cares about. Use this information to better target your audience! 

Before creating a LinkedIn group, it’s important to find a niche and set specific goals. How large do you want the group to grow? How frequently do you want to post? Once that is complete, set up the group and watch for growth!

Here are the key steps to creating a LinkedIn Group:

  1. Select a topic relevant to your company or position.
  2. Create a fun and focused name that will attract new members.
  3. Set up the group profile on LinkedIn by adding important information and messaging.
  4. Select conversation topics and make a few introductory posts.
  5. Invite your connections and encourage them to spread the word with their networks.

With these 5 steps, you’ll be on your way to tons of growth on LinkedIn. However, if you don’t see results right away, don’t worry. As with all marketing strategies, development takes time. The great thing about social media is that it sometimes only takes one great post to completely transform your account. Above all else, remember that consistency is key. Post and engage with your audience regularly, and your exposure is guaranteed to increase. 

Top LinkedIn Influencers:

Sara BlakelySpanxEntrepreneurship
Adam GrantThe Wharton SchoolManagement/ Workplace
Daymond JohnThe Shark GroupEntrepreneurship/ Investing
Katie CouricKatie Couric MediaWomen in Business/ Female Leadership
Arianna HuffingtonThrive GlobalLeadership/Motivation

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This article was written by Hannah Masten

LinkedIn is an great platform for influencer marketing with highly respected industry experts. Get started with us today to find out how!

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