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15 Lifestyle YouTube Channels You Need in Your Life

By Editorial Staff

Life’s a bit tricky at times and figuring out how to navigate it can be a headache. Lucky for us, we have lifestyle YouTube channels. Lifestyle YouTube channels fall into their own category because they do not fit into just one niche. They cover all the bases, from health and wellness to travel, fashion, beauty and more. Lifestyle YouTube channels are there when you need advice, tricks, tutorials, or just some quality content to put a smile on your face. With an endless amount of options, we’ve compiled a list of fifteen lifestyle YouTube channels you need in your life. Keep reading to learn more about them. 

1. Zoe Sugg

  • 4.81M subscribers 

English vlogger Zoe Sugg shares love and laughter with her 4.81 million subscribers. Through hauls, baking, trips, decorating, crafts, and day to day life, Zoe surely has something for everyone. 

2. Ingrid Nilsen 

  • 3.56M subscribers 

Ingrid Nilsen’s YouTube is a “starting point for deeper conversations” and breaks barriers around topics such as mental health and LGTBQ+ issues. Aside from having these important conversations, she also creates lifestyle videos about makeup, skincare, fashion, wellness, habits, and intentional living.  

3. Alex Costa 

  • 2.96M subscribers

Alex Costa has been making YouTube videos since 2011 and built himself to be one of the biggest male lifestyle creators on the platform. He covers all things manly, from how to dress, how to carry yourself, how to groom, how to lead a healthy lifestyle, and more. 

4. Bella Fiori 

  • 2.22M subscribers

If you love lifestyle and true crime, Bella Fiori’s channel might be exactly what you’re looking for. Bella posts videos weekly about anything and everything, ranging from clothing hauls to crime cases unpacked. 

5. Weylie Hoang

  • 1.72M subscribers 

Weylie Hoang is a prominent content creator in the lifestyle space with over 116 million views and 382 videos created. Weylie’s authentic self shines through her cooking, fitness, style, and beauty. 

6. Tess Christine 

  • 2.37M subscribers

Tess Christine has left an imprint in the lifestyle space, sharing her day to day life and tips and tricks along the way. Her 2.37 million subscribers turn to her for advice on all different matters and turn to her to cheer up a bad day. 

7. Dulce Candy 

  • 2.16M subscribers

Like most things in life, being a mom and running her platform can be hard to juggle. Dulce Candy handles it with grace and shares with her subscribers tips and tricks to be successful and happy in all aspects of life. 

8. Sarahs Day 

  • 1.49M subscribers

If you lead a healthy, holistic, natural lifestyle, Sarah’s Day is the channel for you. Based out of Australia, she shares her passion for fitness, health and wellness, natural healing, and beauty.

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9. Its Judys Life 

  • 1.78M subscribers

Judy Travis makes being a mom of three and wife look easy and her channel offers a glimpse into what it’s like. Judy shares her hilarious life moments while also keeping it real and sharing struggles as well. 

10. Chanel Ambrose 

  • 437K subscribers 

British lifestyle, fashion, and beauty content creator Chanel Ambrose shares a bit of her life with her subscribers every Sunday. Check out her channel for relatable life moments, product recommendations, beautiful interior design, and more. 

11. Shameless Maya 

  • 1.19M subscribers

Maya Washington, better known as Shameless Maya, uses her platform to inspire people to not be ashamed of themselves and celebrate who they are guilt free. She’s done her fair share of learning through living and shares those experiences like learning “how to adult” and more with her audience. 

12. Allana Davison

  • 681K subscribers

Allana Davison has created a family in her lifestyle space on the platform. She uploads multiple videos a week talking about beauty, fashion, and life at the moment. 

13. Leigh Ann Says 

  • 824K subscribers

Every week Leigh Ann uploads a new video sharing something new. Whether she’s sharing her IMV fertility treatment journey or beauty and fashion hauls, she remains poised, transparent, and authentic through it all. 

14. Niomi Smart 

  • 1.57M Subscribers

Niomi Smart uses her platform to do it all. Based out of London, she tackles important matters such as mental health and sustainability. Niomi of course covers beauty, food, fashion, and fitness too!

15. Kayln Nicholson 

  • 1.43M Subscribers

Lifestyle vlogger and entrepreneur Kayln Nicholson resides in Toronto, Ontario living life to the fullest. She uses her platform to document the “little in-betweens” of her life, thoughts, and endeavors. Like the casual vlog content? Check out these top family vloggers for more great content.

There’s a lot to unpack with each content creator since they cover a vast variety of topics and lead different lives, but it’s wonderful because there’s truly something for anyone and everyone. The number of subscribers for each of these lifestyle YouTube channels speaks volumes about their relatability and relationship with their audiences. These 15 content creators only show a glimpse of the lifestyle space on the platform. Check out some creators that didn’t make the list. 

More Lifestyle YouTube Channels

Connor Franta5.1M
Do It On A Dime1.63M
Jordan O'Brien444k

This article was written by Lauren Conklin

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