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Kay Yarms Net Worth: Influencing Black Women and Encouraging Skin Positivity

By Editorial Staff

In a world where representation and empowerment are vital, Kay Yarms has emerged as a beacon of inspiration and influence. As a prominent figure in the digital space, Yarm’s net worth isn’t the only impressive thing about her brand, as she has also used her platform to uplift and empower Black women. With a focus on skin positivity, she has become a catalyst for change, challenging societal beauty standards and championing self-love and acceptance. Let’s begin the Kay Yarms net worth breakdown!

Social Media

Kay Yarms is an active influencer on multiple platforms, from TikTok to YouTube. Check out her social links!

  • Instagram: @kay.yarms
  • Twitter: @kayngonyama
  • YouTube: @KayYarms
  • Snapchat: @kay_yarmz
  • TikTok: @kay.yarms


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Who is Kay Yarms?

Kay Yarms, born Khethokuhle Ngonyama, was raised in Queensburgh, South Africa, alongside brother Thubelihle. Her name, meaning “choose the good” in Zulu, is incredibly fitting for her roots in fame. While little is known about her childhood, when she graduated from Durban Girls’ High School in South Africa, she pursued an accounting degree from Wits University


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Her first introduction to cosmetics was in high school, where she resided on campus with other girls in a ladies’ dorm. Her mother hadn’t wanted her to experiment with makeup. However, the freedom that coincided with living with her peers allowed her to try her hand at YouTube makeup tutorials. After beginning her degree, she realized that cosmetics was her passion and dropped out of university to pursue a career as a beauty influencer. 

From College to Cosmetics

Now, Yarms hosts a staggering 466.2K followers on Instagram and 272K subscribers on YouTube, solidifying her position as a prominent figure in the beauty influencer community. Her engaging personality, creative makeup tutorials, and insightful product reviews have garnered a loyal and dedicated fanbase eager to learn from her expertise.

Through her YouTube channel, kickstarted in 2017, Kay Yarms provides step-by-step tutorials, product recommendations, and beauty tips that empower her subscribers to explore their creativity and enhance their natural features. On Instagram, Yarms’ captivating visuals, makeup looks, and authentic behind-the-scenes glimpses into her life have captured the attention of thousands. As she continues to inspire and influence through her social media platforms, her growing follower counts reflect the impact she has made in the beauty industry and the Kay Yarms net worth growth.


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As we explore Kay Yarms’s net worth and the categories contributing to it, it becomes clear that her entrepreneurial skills, strong online presence, and passion for beauty have propelled her financial success. Keep reading to delve deeper into the various factors that have shaped Kay Yarms’ net worth and her impact as a beauty influencer.

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Advertisements and Sponsorships

As a popular content creator on YouTube and Instagram, Kay Yarms earns income through advertisements displayed on her videos and sponsored content. Brands recognize the value of her engaged audience, which stacks up to a cumulative 7.38% engagement rate, and collaborate with her to promote their products or services.

Some advertisements shown on her social media accounts include:

  • Philips 
  • Scarlet Hill
  • Armani Beauty
  • UNIQ Clothing
  • Nedbank International Polo
  • Revlon
  • Showmax
  • La Roche-Posae


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Brand Collaborations and Partnerships

Brand collaborations and partnerships have played a significant role in Yarms’s journey as a beauty influencer and have contributed to her net worth. With her growing influence and expertise in the beauty industry, Yarms has forged meaningful relationships with renowned brands, resulting in exciting collaborations and partnerships that benefit both parties. 

One important and well-documented facet of Yarms’ brand partnerships is her collaboration with Lancôme– a French luxury cosmetic and fragrance brand. Beyond the product collaboration, Kay Yarms has actively engaged her audience by sharing makeup tutorials, beauty tips, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of her collaboration journey with Lancôme. Her authenticity and passion shine through as she highlights the versatility and efficacy of the collection, inspiring her followers to explore new beauty looks and embrace their individuality.


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Saxx Beauty

Kay Yarms’ entrepreneurial prowess extends beyond her captivating social media presence. One of her notable achievements is the establishment of Saxx Beauty, a South African beauty firm that has become a cornerstone of her success. With Saxx Beauty, Kay Yarms has created a platform to showcase her creativity, passion, and expertise in the beauty industry.

Through Saxx Beauty, Kay Yarms offers a wide range of high-quality beauty products and services, from wigs to their application. Each wig is carefully crafted with attention to detail, reflecting her commitment to excellence. By leveraging her influence and loyal following, Yarms has successfully marketed and promoted Saxx Beauty, leading to its recognition as a reputable brand within the beauty community early in its debut.


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Beyond the products, Saxx Beauty represents Kay Yarms’ vision of empowering individuals to enhance their natural beauty. She has created a diverse collection of high-quality wigs that cater to various styles, preferences, and occasions, attracting a discerning clientele and bolstering Kay Yarms’ net worth.

What sets Saxx Beauty apart is the exceptional quality of their wigs and the personalized approach that Kay Yarms and her team take in assisting their clients. Providing expert guidance and styling advice ensures that each customer finds a “…crown [they] never take off.” This exceptional service has garnered Saxx Beauty a loyal customer base, contributing to its growth and further boosting Yarms’ financial success.

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Kay Yarms Net Worth 

Kay Yarms’s journey to success in beauty and social media has not gone unnoticed. Her remarkable achievements, including being featured on the prestigious Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 list, have propelled Yarms’ net worth to new heights. With an estimated net worth of about $5 million USD, Kay Yarms serves as a testament to the immense financial potential that lies within the realm of social media influence.

As a dynamic beauty influencer and self-taught makeup artist, Kay Yarms has captivated audiences worldwide with her beauty tips and artistry. Her engaging content and genuine connection with her followers have allowed her to build a massive fan base and attract lucrative brand partnerships, contributing significantly to Kay Yarms’ net worth.

As Kay Yarms continues to innovate, inspire, and expand her empire, her net worth is poised to grow even further. Her journey is a testament to the potential for financial success in the world of social media influence, providing a roadmap for others to follow in her footsteps and achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

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This article was written by Madeline Fait

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