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How to Go Live on Instagram for Influencers and Brands

By Editorial Staff

If you follow any big brands or influencers, you may be familiar with the concept of live streaming on Instagram. Live streaming has become mainstream among social media users. It is a  powerful and effective way to connect with your audience and promote your brand. If your brand is looking to partner with influencers, or vice versa, there is a good chance Instagram live may be among the best options for you. Instagram live is an effective live stream because it notifies all of your followers, allowing our live stream to be more likely to be a success. Interested in learning more about live streaming on Instagram? In this blog, we will explain how to go live on Instagram for influencers and brands.  

What is Instagram Live?

Instagram Live is a tool that allows you to live stream on Instagram and broadcast video to your followers in real-time. This new feature has become increasingly popular among Instagram influencers and brands and is used by over 100 million people every day.

Going live on Instagram may appear intimidating, given that you cannot take back or edit the content that you deliver via Instagram live. However, going live on Instagram is among the most effective ways to engage with your audience and promote your brand. Instagram live allows you to capture a broader audience, as all of your followers will be notified when you go live. Going live is an effective way to do a question and answer session with your followers.

How to go live on Instagram 

  1. Swipe to open Instagram stories camera, then tap “live” at the bottom of the screen. Tap the button to start!
  2. You will see a screen below that will show you how many followers are watching, as well as the comments your followers leave during the live stream. You have the option to close comments, pin comments, and ask your audience questions to promote comments. 
  3. When you finish your Instagram live, you can share the entirety of the live stream to your Instagram story for your followers to watch for the next 24 hours 

For more information on how to go live, check out Instagram’s step-by-step guide or check out this YouTube tutorial.

Are there any requirements to live stream?

Instagram allows any Instagram users to go live. You do not need a minimum number of followers to use the live stream feature. However, if you have previously posted something against Instagram’s community guidelines you may not be permitted to start an Instagram live. 

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Why should your brand be going live? 

Knowing how to go live on Instagram doesn’t stop after you figure out which button to hit. Going live is all about interaction. Going live on your brand’s Instagram is crucial for boosting engagement and interaction with followers. Instagram live stands out on the app. By going live, you can attract followers that may not have had an interest in your brand previously. Going live on Instagram serves as a free advertisement. You have the opportunity to sell your brand to followers using a simple Instagram tool.

Furthermore, going live is a cost-effective way to try out new content ideas. Going live lacks the major production that most commercials or televised ads contain. By simply going live on Instagram, you can avoid the costly production of televised ads, while still reaching your audience. Instagram live also allows you to invite other guests to collaborate with via live. For instance, your brand could go live with an influencer to promote engagement and optimize views. Through using Instagram live, your brand has the potential to grow and maximize engagements on social media!

Click here to learn more about how you should be using Instagram Live to optimize your social channels.

Here are some brands that have mastered Instagram Live:

  • Mashable

Mashable recently partnered with America’s Test Kitchen and David Vos to promote a new cooking show. The entire cooking show was filmed on a cellphone and streamed live! This unconventional live stream was both interactive and very successful, as it is now called the “world’s biggest dinner party”. 

  • Make-A-Wish

Make-A-Wish in the Netherlands recently collaborated with Yarasky, a popular gaming influencer, to promote their nonprofit organization. During a 24-hour live stream, Make-A-Wish raised over 10k euros! This is a perfect example of how live streams can be used to promote engagement and participation from followers.

  • Fashion Week

During New York Fashion Week, designers filmed and live-streamed behind the scenes footage and interviewed models during numerous runways shows. Designers, brands, and models promoted various Instagram live streams throughout the week in an effort to promote products, models, and Fashion Week as a whole. Instagram live streams allowed people all around the world to observe fashion week in New York from the comfort of their home!

This article was written by Kyleigh Eaton

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