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How to Grow Instagram Story Views

By Editorial Staff

Contrary to popular belief, the social media platform Instagram is not just for personal use. More and more companies are turning to Instagram as their way of online marketing, which has shown to be widely successful. Specifically, with the use of Instagram stories, these quick and easy posts can draw attention to less-known brands.  With this story feature, users have the ability to repost others’ stories or actual posts. Since the use of Instagram stories has become so widespread, brands/companies can focus on growing their Instagram story views to cash in on this fun way of free advertising!

Why Should You Use Instagram Stories

As a user who posts Instagram stories, you are able to see the breakdown of people who view your post. For example, Instagram gives you insights on age, location, number of profile visits from the post, etc. This neat feature allows users to further cater their story posts to the audience that they are trying to reach. How exactly do you grow your Instagram story views? Follow below to find a list of tips and tricks to reach audiences outside of your normal demographic. 

Grow Your Instagram Story Views

1. Create Unique IG Story Content

Instagram is a hub for the creative to express their content. One way to get an increase in the amount of followers is to post story content that is unique and is sure to draw some attention. Whether it is the use of funky colors, an interesting photo, engaging text, or Instagram story filters anything to give your story post some pop is sure to make people want to come back. This goes for all aspects of instagram! An infamous example of this, is the Instagram that currently holds the world record for the most likes on Instagram.The World Famous Egg. Yes, you read that right: an egg.

This goes to show how creative content is used to peak curiosity in users everywhere. Tactics such as this (no matter how insane) will gain attention with enough persistence!

2. Engaging With The Audience

Audience engagement is a huge part of growing your Instagram story views. Using polls, asking questions, and doing giveaways is something that keeps people coming back. It sometimes might be tricky to come up with content for viewers, especially during current times where COVID-19 has impacted all social events. Instead, what easier way than to ask your viewers directly! Using the question function on Instagram stories gives your viewers a chance to comment on what they want you to post.

As a creator, if the question function is too much, a simple poll can also get the job done as well.

Or try reposting or creating interactive stories. Some templates of interactive story posts are down below!

Never Have I Ever - IG story views

This or that - IG story views

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3. Location Tags Are Everything!

More often than not, creators are using location tags to let users know where they are. While this might seem for the aesthetic, it is used by creators to heighten their Instagram story views. Instagram has a feature that allows users to see posts in real-time with the location filter. For example, a post with a Los Angeles, California tag will be featured on their city’s story. This is a great way to reach people who do not follow you, without having to rely on others to repost your content. Next time you post a photo on your Instagram story, make sure to include the location to see a jump in your Instagram story views!

4. Consistency is Key

Just like anything you do in life, being consistent is something that will get you far. With Instagram, it is best to post one story per day in order to keep your followers entertained. When you post more, your followers start to expect your next post. This will have them on edge and be wanting to come back to view your profile!

Believe it or not, there are best times to post during the day. Below are the best times to post in order to achieve the highest engagement:

  • Monday: 6AM, 10AM, 10PM EST
  • Tuesday: 2AM, 4AM, 9AM EST
  • Wednesday: 7AM, 8AM, 11PM EST
  • Thursday: 9AM, 12PM, 7PM EST
  • Friday: 5AM, 1PM, 3PM EST
  • Saturday: 11AM, 7PM, 8PM EST
  • Sunday: 7AM, 8AM, 4PM EST

Using the above 4 steps are sure to increase your Instagram story views with time. Increase your content quality, the amount of content you post, and be more interactive with your audience to see faster results!

This article was written by Jake Steel

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