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How To Make Good Instagram Captions

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How To Make Good Instagram Captions

How To Make Good Instagram Captions

By Jessica Paolucci

Ever wonder, what really qualifies Instagram captions as “good?” Well, you’ve come to the right place. A quality Instagram post is measured on its ability to catch as many double taps as possible in the least amount of time.

See, a good picture simply doesn’t cut it these days. This is why we call in the small writing underneath for back up, to ensure that every user willingly sends a like your way. Every double tap is code for “Hey, I wish I posted this myself, but I’ll give you props anyway.”

Instagram captions are another way of presenting one’s personality to their followers and can ultimately make or break a post. Trying too hard? No thanks. Not funny enough? No thanks. Too many emojis? No thank you, sir.

Instagram “greats” have mastered the caption game by arranging 2,200 characters or less into a wonderful sequence which are seamlessly read in the correct tone of voice with the correct expressions and intent. But, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Building Instagram credibility requires practice and practice, the more you expose your sense of humor and tone of voice- the more your followers will double tap. Take photographer and influencer, Amber Asaly, for example. Her captions infuse her personality and humor to bring her pictures to life.   

Before we get into specifics, a 10/10 Instagram caption first and foremost knows its audience. Therefore, phrases are pointed toward its most loyal customers and stragglers along the way. Secondly, it is important to build a brand voice. And this voice is consistent. If Sarcastic Sally throws in a “woe is me” caption, she’ll throw off her followers and her like-to-minute ratio will show for it. Credibility can be built through 2,200 characters and must be maintained to make that lasting impression.

Also, the best Instagram captions are not afraid to include an emoji here and there. They’re already on our keyboard, and everyone uses them. Some people (our parents), too much. Don’t underestimate the power of that emoji! It controls the way we read a caption, and ultimately how we feel about it. Finally, the best Instagram caption has that silent confidence behind them. If the one behind the phone knows what they’re putting under their picture is pure gold- it will be.

The next time you get that text, What should I caption this?”- have no fear, for you will be prepared.  

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