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By Editorial Staff

8 speakers, 200 guests and one night packed full of discussion of the latest advances in tech, advertising, influencer marketing and more. Special thanks to everyone who came out and made Connect 2018 such a success. It was an incredible night.

8 speakers, 200 guests and one night packed full of discussion of the latest advances in tech, advertising, influencer marketing and more. Special thanks to everyone who came out and made Connect 2018 such a success. It was an incredible night.

Posted by NeoReach on Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Jesse Leimgruber, is the Co-Founder and CEO of NeoReach. Jesse is a great benefit to the influencer marketing industry and has worked with big brands including NBC, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. At Connect 2018, he spoke about starting his company, NeoReach, and shared advice on how to get started in business and influencer marketing. His two tips are, 1. Reach out to your school’s alumni network. 2. Leverage your student status. Learn more about Jesse from his recent USA Today College article.

Thomas Ma, is the Co-Founder of Sapphire Apps, as well as Stacking Growth. Thomas talked about FOMO Marketing and was interviewed about influencer marketing tactics, plus marketing using themed accounts. Here is a short video of Musa Sulejmani interviewing Thomas. What they discussed in this video, is a glimpse of what was talked about at Connect 2018.

Heather DeSantis is the Founder of Publicity For Good, which is a purpose-driven public relations firm. Heather combines market foresight, strategic timing, and organic interviews to generate millions of earned media impressions from well-known news outlets. She discussed a few short points about making the media your ally, what is amplification, and using Awareness Days to your advantage. Feel free to check out her event presentation deck located here.

Chris Gonzalez, is the current CMO of Neoreach and Former CEO and Co-Founder of Gnack, a leading platform for micro influencers. Chris successfully trademarked the phrase “Micro Influencer” in December 2015, and successfully sold his company to NeoReach in early 2018. He spoke with Saru Saadeh the Founder of Iron Roots, an Austin-based Digital Marketing Agency, and boutique growth shop. He has pioneered creative and quantitative digital strategies that blend advertising and the science of measurement. They chatted about the buy out of Gnack by NeoReach, and the works of Iron Roots around growth marketing results-based approaches to creative campaigns that they have created.

LeRae Bigelow, is a brand marketer for, a decentralized social video platform. is based in the Capital of Slovenia. LeRae talked about’s impact on content management and platform dependence, as well issues around creator demonetization. In addition, she spoke about how their model presents a use-case that challenges norms of how videos are being monetized by creators on the internet today. Feel free to connect with LeRae out here on her LinkedIn.

Raju Vegesna, is a Founding Member and Chief Evangelist of Zoho Corporation. Raju is the pioneer of SaaS space. Raju discussed the story of Zoho, and how they were able to overcome the challenges faced in the “.com crash” and the “08” recession. Takeaways for the talk include how building a profitable and private company was the center of the company’s success, all while creating a product that customers love. 

Brady Mckenna, is the Community Manager at District0x. Brady addressed how he is currently in the works of creating Distric0x a network of decentralized markets and communities. He talked about how they are working to bring down barriers of entry into blockchain technology, and the main goal is for everyone to have access to create, operate, and govern networks of decentralized markets and communities.

Justin Wu, the Founder of Founder of Growthly, Co-founder of Stacking Growth, & Head of Growth at CoinCircle. He has helped brands achieve a great deal in Kickstarter, 500k downloads in the app store, multi-million dollar ICO’s, and has taken several SaaS companies to over $100k recurring monthly revenue. Justin communicated the growth, growth tactics and the current state of blockchain. He also touched on how he has run successful ICO’s in the past and why he believes in the underlying technology. Lastly, about how marketing has created new opportunities in almost every industry he has been in, including crypto space.

P.J. Leimgruber, Digital Marketing lecturer at University of Southern California, and Co-Founder of NeoReach. He has an incredible background as a content strategist, and technical SEO consultant with an academia twist. He has worked with big fortune 500 companies such as, Nissan, Travel Channel, NBC, and more, all while co-founding Rank Executives – an award winning digital marketing firm. Check out his LinkedIn here.

NeoReach would like to extend a big thank you to all of our amazing sponsors at our Connect 2018 | SXSW event. Influencer Marketing Hub, Sapphire Apps,, IronRoots, Publicity For Good,, Stacking Growth, The 11th Second , District0x, and Good Idea. 


This article was written by Editorial Staff

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