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Top 10 Calorie Counter Apps

By Editorial Staff

Now more than ever, a healthy lifestyle has been on the top of most people’s priority list. Whether it is physical health, mental health, or anything in between, app developers have taken advantage of this craze and have been pushing new apps that can help on your personal journey of change. Follow below for a list of our top calorie counter apps to further better your progress. 

1. My Fitness Pal

Users To Date: 40,000,000

MyFitness Pal Calorie counter app and diet tracker

This Under Armour sponsored calorie counter app has been dominating the app store for years since they offer a wide variety of services. Embedded in this app are recipes for healthy meals, advice columns on how to achieve your goals, the ability to input exercise/workouts, as well as the ability to share your progress with friends!  

2. Fooducate

Users To Date: 400,000 per week

Fooducate health coach in an app

What is unique about this app is how it shows “grades” of every food. This great feature allows users to scan the barcode of the food product and Fooducate will give it a grade A through F on the nutritional value of the food. This app also allows users to share their progress on the app wall which allows other users to interact! 

3. Lose It! 

Users To Date: 25,000,000

Lose it! calorie counter app for weight loss and dieting

Lose It! Is another great app that lets people set goals that help them achieve their ideal nutrition intake. This calorie counter app tracks workouts, water intake, total macros, and even gives you advice on what times to eat during the day for maximum progress!

4. Lifesum 

Users To Date: 35,000,000

Lifesum is a calorie counter app and macro tracker for healthy lifestyle

LifeSum is a top contender in the run for best calorie counter apps. This app offers unique diet plans and helps you stick to them! Whether you want a sugar detox, keto diet, a high protein, or a paleo diet, LifeSum is here to help! 

5. Noom

Users to Date: 45,000,000

Noom millennial weight loss app

This recently popular app, Noom, is dominating in the calorie counter app category! This app helps users set goals and achieve them! Noom assigns users a coach who is there to guide users through their program, and reach their end goal! 

6. Weight Watchers

Users to Date: 4,600,000

WW Weight Watchers mobile app for tracking diet

The infamous Weight Watchers program has made it very convenient to track and monitor your eating habits. This app is used to track the food you eat, and the number of “points” associated with each food. For more information, check them out in the app store! 

7. Carb Manger

Users to Date: 500,000 on Apple App Store

Carb Manager keto and low carb macro management app

For all of the users on keto, we have the calorie counting app for you! Carb Manager is used to monitor your intake of proteins and carbs. This easy to use app is perfect for anyone trying to start or maintain this lifestyle

8. Control My Weight

Users to Date: 18,000 on Apple App store

ControlMyWeight weight loss calorie counter app

This app is perfect for those who like simple. This easy to use app has the necessary features in order to be successful: recommended dietary intake, calorie tracking, exercise tracking, water intake, barcode scanner, etc. This app is known to be the simplest and easiest app on the market, so go check it out today! 

9. MyPlate Calorie Counter

Users to Date: 25,000 on Apple App Store

MyPlate calorie counter app

With the newest release of iOS14, this calorie counter app has already taken advantage of the new home screen widget feature. This level of availability is something that this app has over all of its competitors. With many of the same features as other apps, MyPlate is a great option for users looking for interactive programs! 

10. 8Fit Workouts & Meal Planner

Users to Date: 82,000 on Apple App Store

8fit workout and meal planner app

This app is perfect for those who want to combine their calorie counter apps with their workout apps. This dual-platform allows users to plan their meals, while also watching workout videos from the convenience of one place! Their customizable plans make this app suitable for just about anyone! 

Other Notable Calorie Counter apps

Yazio Fasting and Food Tracker10,000,000+
Fit Men Cook1,000,000+

This article was written by Jake Steel

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