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10 Best Foodie YouTube Channels to Level Up Your Cooking

By Editorial Staff

COVID-19 quarantine called for people to get cooking in the kitchen and discover scrumptious new recipes to try out for themselves. Quarantine also paved the way for even more culinary content creators to join social media platforms and share their talents with the world, leading to a solution for a hunger for content and home-cooked meals. TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube exploded into recipe outlets globally, which is why we’re calling all foodies near and far. We love cooking and eating just as much as you do, so we’ve compiled a list of the best foodie youtube channels to level up your cooking. Whether you’re a foodie with tons of experience in the kitchen or someone who just recently got into the groove of being in the kitchen, these best foodie YouTube channels cover all the bases. Let’s jump right into it. 

1. Tasty – 19.8M followers

Tasty has exploded into arguably the largest source of recipes and tips and tricks for the kitchen. With hundreds of videos, they have something for everyone. If you fall in love and become a Tasty fanatic, you can even buy their line of cookware and recipe books. 

2. Babish Culinary Universe – 8.3M subscribers

Babish Culinary Universe is definitely one of the best foodie YouTube channels and has taken the platform by storm with over 1.6 billion views. The channel releases recipes and recreates meals every week, and as Andrew Rea (the genius behind Babish Culinary Universe) says, you might learn a thing or two. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts- Babish covers it all. 

3. You Suck at Cooking – 2.49M subscribers

You Suck at Cooking’s motto is “no bull, just cooking. Except for the bull” highlighting the channel’s deadpan humor. The chef behind the screen covers tons of recipes from drinks like sweet tea and milkshakes to chocolate dipped potato chips and better McMuffins at home. 

4. Food52 – 367K Subscribers

Are you bored of cooking the same meals for dinner every week? Food52 has a wide variety of delectable dishes from a rich, vegan laksa noodle soup to seared duck breast that will surely mix up your dinner routine. While Food52 does not have a cult-like following like other mega channels, their recipes and tutorials do not disappoint. Check out their channel and you’ll surely find yourself eating thoughtfully and living joyfully. 

5. ChefSteps – 1.01M subscribers

Committed to revolutionizing the way people cook in the kitchen, ChefSteps teaches their subscribers to cook smarter not by telling them, but by showing them with various techniques and innovative technologies. They take staple household meals and transform them. ChefSteps even takes favorite fast food meals and recreates them at home. 

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6. Pro Home Cooks – 2.24M subscribers 

Pro Home Cooks creates mouthwatering recipe tutorials and wholesome eating tips. A whole video dedicated to eating out while staying in was even created for guidance during COVID (looking at you foodies who just don’t want to hop in the kitchen one night). Pro Home Cooks videos will certainly help you level up your cooking.

7. JunsKitchen – 4.97M subscribers

JunsKitchen is famous for her delicious meals and adorable cats. Even though she’s not a professional chef, you wouldn’t be able to tell through her aesthetically pleasing presentation. With 4.97M followers, it’s clear she’s doing something right. 

8. Bryon Talbott – 1.42M subscribers

Bryon Talbott puts art back into cooking, focusing on presentation along with camera angles while filming his videos. Watching him cook in his videos is extremely satisfying as they are paired with soothing music. Some of his most famous uploaded videos revolve around chocolatey desserts.

9. Tipsy Bartender – 4.13M subscribers

Drinks pair perfectly with your favorite dishes and Tipsy Bartender has the hottest drinks inspired from holidays, TV shows, and movies. Whether you’re making drinks at home or looking for a new drink to order while you’re out, Tipsy Bartender is a great place to start. 

10.  Food Wishes – 3.81M subscribers

Chef John is the creative genius behind the tasty, fun, and easy-to-make recipes of Food Wishes. Take it from the chef himself, your culinary skills will improve dramatically! He covers all meals from breakfast to dessert and breaks it down step by step so there’s no hassle while following along. 

There are so many culinary content creators out there but we think these are the best foodie YouTube channels to level up your cooking skills and channel your inner Gordon Ramsey. 

Honorable mention foodie Youtube channels

Laura in the Kitchen3.7M
Cooking with Dog1.55M
The Food Ranger4.81M

This article was written by Lauren Conklin

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