TikTok Review: 25 Best TikTok Trends in 2020

By Editorial Staff

When it comes to social media apps today, TikTok is without a doubt one of the most popular. With more than 800M active users worldwide, the app has created huge influencers and even gotten certain songs to become radio hits. On TikTok, trends and challenges are everything. In fact, popular songs, sounds, hashtags, and challenges can single handedly decide if a user on TikTok goes viral or not. This year, some trends came out on top and made a significant impact on the platform and pop culture. Here’s our list of the top 25 best TikTok trends in 2020.

1. Laxed (Siren Beat) by Jawsh 685


Embracing our cultures #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #cookislands #korean #petlife #bestfandom #workdistractions #siblingcheck OpenForDelivery #couple

♬ Laxed – Jawsh 685

When you first join TikTok, this is likely one of the first dances you easily learn just by watching a couple of videos. This song has become one of the most popular on TikTok and has been included in more than 53.4M videos on the app.

 2. Savage by Megan Thee Stallion


NEW DANCE ALERT! 🚨 if u use my dance tag me so i can see🤗 @theestallion #writethelyrics #PlayWithLife #foyou #fyp #foryoupage #newdance #savage

♬ Savage – Megan Thee Stallion

After the Renegade dance took over TikTok in 2019, there needed to be a popular dance challenge in 2020. This year, it was the “Savage” dance created by Keke Janajah. Currently, the song has been featured in 28.8M videos.

 3. Say So by Doja Cat


sorry i know i do this dance a lot but i love it and @yodelinghaley

♬ Say So – Doja Cat

 To put in perspective how popular this trend became, Doja Cat featured the TikTok dance to this song in her music video. As of now, the song has been featured in more than 17.3M videos on TikTok and if you ask around, most TikTok users know at least a couple of moves associated with the dance. 

4. Time Warp Scan Filter



♬ original sound – U

Even though this filter was only released near the end of 2020, it has since been used millions of times. The hashtag #TimeWarpScan even has 15.7B views on TikTok’s Hashtag page. Plenty of challenges have popped up using the filter, such as users turning themselves into Tim Burton characters or morphing into supernatural monsters.

 5. Out West by JACKBOYS and Travis Scott


When you put a song together with a simple dance that almost everyone on TikTok can learn, it becomes a major hit. Take “Out West” for example! With more than 14.6M videos on TikTok using the song, it’s clear why it became one of the best TikTok trends that even Kylie Jenner herself participated in.

 6. Love Story Remix by Disco Lines


Who else thinks Zain nailed this challenge? 🙌🏻😉 #fyp #foryoupage #tiktokdogs

♬ Love Story – Disco Lines

You thought Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” was popular? Well, this remix almost knocks it out of the park. Currently, this remix by Disco Lines has been included in 8.8M videos on the app.

7. Tap In by Saweetie


#tapinchallenge #queenfoo @callherhelen 🤪‼️

♬ Tap In – Saweetie

Featured in more than 7M videos on the platform, Saweetie’s hit song “Tap In” and the dance that goes along with it has made a big impact on TikTok this year. Saweetie herself even posted a video of her and her girl squad taking part in the viral dance to acknowledge the challenge.

 8. Whole Lotta Choppas by Sada Baby

OhBukster’s video dancing to this song on TikTok skyrocketed in popularity and soon enough, millions of users followed suit to follow his moves. Now, the song has been used in over 6.7M videos and the dance has been featured by huge TikTok stars like Addison Rae.

 9. Oh No by Kreepa

This sound just popped up this year, but it has already been used more than 6.1M times on TikTok. The sound is usually associated with hilarious videos of big “Oh no!” moments like people falling or doing something they’re not supposed to.

 10. WAP by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion


Not only did WAP hit #1 on the music charts this year, but the song also became part of one of the best TikTok trends of 2020. Once a dance was created in association with the song, the sound blew up and has been featured in 5.9M videos to date.

 11. Death Bed – Powfu


What’s my idea of the perfect gift?

♬ death bed (coffee for your head) – Powfu & beabadoobee

If you’re familiar with TikTok, then you definitely know this song. In fact, TikTok has made this song one of the most recognizable songs and even helped it land spots on the radio. Right now, the song has been featured in 5.7M videos according to TikTok’s Sounds page.

 12. #WipeItDown


I don’t remember making this…? @chrisashley


Early this year, the #WipeItDown challenge took TikTok by storm. You couldn’t scroll past more than five videos on TikTok without seeing someone take part in this challenge; even Will Smith and Jojo Siwa participated! Currently, the song associated with the trend has been featured in 3.6M videos.

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 13. Whipped Coffee


yes i hand whisked this whipped coffee for like 20 mins bc my mommy wanted to try it 👻 she loved it!! (달고나 커피) #korean #fyp #aesthetic

♬ Put your head on my shoulder cover by karlo – K a r l o

Otherwise known as Korean Dalgona coffee, whipped coffee became an extremely popular trend this year and even made its way into mainstream news. Plenty of TikTok users even came up with their own creative recipes such as matcha-flavored and strawberry-flavored whipped drinks.

 14. It’s Tricky – RUN DMC


i’m still a supermodel on the inside

♬ original sound – Alexandra Karadimas

This song has been used in millions of videos of users showing off their preferences. Most famously, Kylie and Kendall Jenner have taken part in the challenge and gained 143M views. Currently, the sound has been featured in 4.16M videos.

 15. Out of Body Filter




Like some other trends on this list, the Out of Body filter was just introduced this year but has taken over as one of the best TikTok trends. The filter has been featured in more than 4.3M videos! Not only that, but the song that goes along with a popular challenge using the filter, “VMESHBEATS Adderall x Boo x IG Freestyle” has been featured in more than 2.9M videos.

 16. How Would They Know?


Nobody’s gonna know #fyp #foryou #lipstick #makeuphacks #hack #tutorial #makeup #beconvincing #crucialcatch #foryoupage

♬ how would they know bad girls club – Sara Speax

This Sound has quickly become one of the most recognizable sounds on TikTok in 2020. While it has been featured in only 91.5K videos, the hashtag #gonnaknow has over 4.4B views on TikTok’s Hashtag page.

 17. Let’s Link by WhoHeem


Hahahaha what a perfect sound @nataliemariduena @toddysmith

♬ Lets Link – WhoHeem

This song by WhoHeem was featured in our list of the top TikTok songs of 2020. It’s been featured more than 2.1M times on TikTok, and that’s not including all the remixed Sounds users have made to put their own spin on it.

 18. Doing Hot Girl Sh*t


♬ busy doin hot girl ish – Chelsea

Despite the fact this challenge only started recently, it has already made its way around TikTok as one of the best trends. Currently featured in more than 1M videos, the momentum of this trend shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

 19. Nonstop – Drake


Forced my husband to do this with me 😂 don’t let it flop or I’m sleeping on the couch tonight 🤣 #foryoupage #foryou #fyp

♬ Nonstop – Dallin and Bella

Remember the insanely popular “Flip the Switch” challenge? So do we! With major celebrities like J. Lo and ARod taking part in this trend, it makes sense why it became a big deal. Currently, Drake’s song associated with the challenge is featured in 898.3K videos.

 20. Ratings


just our typical day (: @itsjonathanle

♬ Rating – astuanta

With more than 674.7K videos on the Sounds page, rating random things has become a popular trend this year. In these videos, users choose a random topic and assign ratings to the photos; for example, one of the most popular challenges was rating past Halloween costumes.

 21. Parent Challenges


So much love for my little man. #iverconran #toddler #momsoftiktok #babiesoftiktok

♬ original sound – James Blake

Parents on the app came up with some of the best TikTok trends of 2020. There are two specific challenges that really took over the platform this year: the patience challenge and the laying on your toddler’s lap challenge. Kylie Jenner even took part in both challenges with her daughter Stormi and gained millions of views. In the patience challenge, parents give their kids a snack, tell them to not eat it until they come back, walk out of the room, and secretly record them to see if they’re patient. In the lap challenge, parents secretly record their kid’s sweet reactions as they lay in their kid’s lap while they watch their favorite show.

 22. Heather – Conan Gray

Using Conan Gray’s song “Heather” as inspiration, Gen Z took the name “Heather” and turned it into a new term. Now, “Heather” can be used to refer to a gorgeous person inside and out that everyone wants to be or that everyone’s crush would fawn over. Currently, Gray’s song has been featured in more than 450.4K videos on TikTok.

 23. You Have to Stop…


Come on guys… 🤦🏻‍♂️ #catfish #voiceeffects

♬ A Moment Apart – ODESZA – hannah_harpist

With ODESZA’s song “A Moment Apart” as background music, this trend using a voice effects filter went totally viral on TikTok this year. Even huge stars like Dr. Phil and Nev from MTV’s Catfish have taken part in the challenge. With more than 404.1K videos on the Sounds page, it’s clear that this challenge made a big impact on 2020.

 24. Put a Finger Down…


i wanna bring more attention to this! it made everything make sense #CancelTheNoise #HolidayCrafts #UpTheBeat #fyp #viral

♬ original sound – collecting_bugs

Put a finger down if you’ve done this challenge on TikTok before. That’s right – the game we all played in middle school and high school has made its way to TikTok and has become a huge trend. With its versatility, hundreds of users have created their own sounds to make their own versions of the challenge to spread it far and wide across the platform and encourage others to duet their videos.

 25. Sing-Along Challenge


The Remedy For A Broken Heart – XXXTENTACION #fyp #guitar #ripx #singalong #duetthis #xxxtentacion

♬ original sound – Jecus Andrei

Recently on TikTok, sing-along challenges have become all the rage. With video topics ranging anywhere from “sing along if you know this song” to “sing along if you find this actor attractive”, millions of users have participated in the challenge to put their own funny twist on it. 

Check out more of the best TikTok trends in 2020 that didn’t make the cut: 

Trend# of Videos
Hopelessly Devoted – Olivia Newton-John332.3K
Any Song – ZICO / Things… That Just Make Sense311.4K
Ugly God – I Got B*tches238.6K
90s Aesthetic134.9K


This article was written by Selena Ponton

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