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Include these Elements to Make Your Viral TikTok

By Editorial Staff

TikTok is a rapidly growing social network service with 800 million users and gaining more every second of every day. Everyone is so excited about TikTok not only because the content is highly enjoyable, engaging, and addictive, but YOU have the chance to get famous. With TikTok’s For You Page feature, you can show up on millions of people’s screens. But with 800 million active users, you may be wondering, what is going to make me stand out? If you are wishing for fame and fortune, include these elements to help make your viral TikTok.

Ultimate Example

Before sending you off to the races, we analyzed a perfect example of viral TikTok content to provide inspiration and a deeper understanding.


little kids do this fr #deepend #deependchallenge #OwnTheCurve #tiktokcovers #cursedimages #lifeguardlife #lifeguard #lifeguardcheck #fyp

♬ Deep End Freestyle – Sleepy Hallow & Fousheé

Possessing over 1.8M views and 452.6K likes, this TikTok utilized all 5 elements. While using trending audio, @nikki.neisler aligned the song’s words to a storyline in an unprecedented but obvious manner, lifeguarding.

Simultaneously using facial expression and body language to develop her characters, she acted as a lifeguard and as a kid who couldn’t swim. Additionally, she did this by wearing a uniform (including props), using an outfit change, and going as far as to make water depth signs and put a baby pool in the background to better set the scene and spark the imagination.

Because of the DIY “FT” water depth labels, angles, and a stunt jump at the end, a majority of her 2284 commenters were wondering how high she jumped from! At the end, the camera shaking from the jump gave it that final transition-like touch.

All the elements of a viral TikTok were present in this video. Let’s break them down so you can do it too!


Simple one-shot videos are boring! Are people going to scroll past your video or stop and consume it? Spice your up TikTok with transitions!

Some are very easy, meanwhile, others are more difficult, but both have the same result: more views. For beginners, try to pan your phone side to side between shots or give it a little shake between frames.

Easy Example

@fffiio displays a How-To of arguably the simplest transition; The Camera Shake. 

Intermediate/Advanced Example

In a slightly psychedelic style, @mikfila shows just how far transitions can go.


the ending was the cleanest thing ive ever done😭

♬ original sound – CatnipAndCantrips

Outfits & Props

The idea behind a viral TikTok is to grab their attention! Choose an exciting outfit or utilize clothing changes to signify your role in your video. Every actor is always dressed to part, so should you!

In a skit-like video in which you are playing several characters, outfit changes are essential to convey the cast. Oddly, putting a towel or napkin on top of one’s head has become the most trendy way for a male to signify he is playing a female’s role.


Here are the results!! Which outfit is your fav? 💕 #sarati

♬ Woah (feat. D3Mstreet) – KRYPTO9095

Furthermore, props can set an entire scene, spice up an outfit, or solidify a character! If you have sunglasses on, wearing black, and holding a guitar, we get it, you’re a rockstar!


In the infinitely vast internet world, you can be anybody! And always being yourself can get a bit boring. Whether you are telling a story or reenacting a relatable situation, your acting skills are key!

To engage your audience and get into your role, use facial expressions, and body language to fit your character. Even if you’re doing something as simple as a dance, your video will more frequently get a higher view rate while using facial expressions as opposed to not.

Also, be mindful of your body language; use it to convey who you are and what you are trying to say. Are you confident? Are you pretending to be a frat boy or a Mean Girl? 


Moms during Corona (Part 1)

♬ Moms during Corona – Mitchell Crawford

@mitchell ‘s acting, outfits, and props are perfected in his absolutely hilarious skits.

Timing to Music 

Not only do people know what they like to hear, but they know what they like to see. And when those two ideas are combined, people cannot get enough (that’s why TikTok is such a hit)! Some of the most viral TikTok videos are dancing ones.

To use this to your advantage, time your video to the music. For dancers, you can utilize this dynamic duo by making your moves on beat, sharp, and clear. For anyone, correlate your movements, transitions, words, actions to the beat and flow of the song.

Additionally, each song has its own unique use. More wordy songs can be used to portray a storyline that fits with the song’s context. Meanwhile, wordless songs offer greater independence. You can tell a story with it via text on the video or they can be used for more photography/aesthetic related shots. If you can find the flow, your followers will know.

Dance Example


Rockstar …. I’ll do this better later 🤠


@jasonderulo displays his clean, clear cut dance moves

Artsy Aesthetic Example


simplicity 💧 #fyp #travelthrowback #MoodBoost


@marla.fay creates an aesthetic ocean video

Drops and Stunts

As humans, we are drawn to the adrenaline rush, junkies for excitement. While part of the population are the ones who jump off buildings and out of planes, the rest enjoy watching the drops and stunts from behind the safety of their screens.

Humans have mirror neurons. When watching someone eat ice cream, their brains light up the same way as if they are eating ice cream. Thus, the human race can live vicariously via their screens.

Adding drops or stunts to your TikTok immediately grabs and engages your audience, putting them on the edge of their seat waiting to see what will happen. It is also a conversation driver and people will want to run to the comment section.

They will have something to say. Additionally, we fear pain and physical harm. So, when we see someone bypass their hardwired instincts, and make that jump, make that leap, or just fall to the ground out of the frame at the end of the video, we are psyched!

Don’t believe me? Watch these!


Queenstown, NZ #neviscatapult #WerkItFromHome #smallgestures #idknever

♬ Follow – Sikdope

Our hearts and stomachs drop as @aislynnsue gets catapulted across a canyon in Queenstown, NZ.


Play this sober. #foryou #fyp #milkjousting #smartideas #dontdrinkandjoust

♬ Seven Nation Army (The Glitch Mob Remix) – The White Stripes & The Glitch Mob

Chaotic energy and teenage life are displayed when @jackbrackin times the beat to drop as shopping carts hurdle towards each other and milk jugs collide!

This article was written by Nikki Neisler

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