Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical Bringing Broadway to the Small Screens

By Editorial Staff

The countdown has begun for a new TikTok musical coming to screens for a one-night production on January first. TikTok creators have designed a new musical on the app based on the movie Ratatouille. Content creators have posted new songs for the production, background sets, and costumes. This TikTok musical has taken over the internet and inspired many creative artists to shine and make a fun production. 

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How it Started

TikTok user Emily Jacobsen set the whole idea running in August when she created a TikTok singing a song she wrote called the “Ode to Remy”. After recently hearing that there was going to be a new Ratatouille Disney ride coming soon, she got the idea to write a short song about the main character, Remy.


A love ballad #remy #rat #ratatoille #disney #wdw #disneyworld #ratlove #ratlife #rats #Alphets #StanleyCup #CanYouWorkIt

♬ Ode to Remy – Em Jaccs

The song was simple and was mostly a joke but it went viral fast! Ratatouille was never an extremely popular Disney movie and after Emily said she recently rewatched it, she felt that many of the messages it portrayed were actually meant more for adults than kids. She composed the song not thinking it would go viral or create a TikTok musical, but she started it all!

Other content creators began writing songs about Ratatouille and the idea for a musical took off. The TikTok musical, however, did not expect to be seen outside of the app. Fans pushed for the musical to be seen by Disney and turned into a real-life musical. TikTok even created a page specifically for the Ratatouille musical community which gained over 168,000 followers. While at first a lot of the attention and content created for this TikTok musical was coming from people involved in theater, the following began to branch out. Soon it took up a following from people who had never seen a theater production in their life. 

Getting Serious

The musical really began its claim to fame when creators got to move forward with making the online sensation a real-life production after being announced it will be produced by Seaview Productions. Many creators were extremely interested in forming this TikTok musical into an actual play that could be put on stage, however, they did not know whether or not it would make it that far. After Seaview Productions announced they were going to be putting on a one-night broadway-style musical it was clear this was serious!

Still A Lot in Question

While the release date has been announced, fans are still not sure which celebrities will be involved in the musical or how the storyline will for sure be presented. TikTok influencers made videos about who they thought should play each role in the live-action musical. While many of these original videos were only a joke, fans are now speculating who they believe will be cast in these real-life roles.

 It has been said that the casting role will include Broadway performers and be designed by the TikTok creators who came up with the idea. Playbill announced that eleven of the top creators from TikTok will be involved in the real-life production alongside director Lucy Moss and the specific Broadway performers have still yet to be announced. 


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A post shared by Playbill (@playbill)

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What We Do Know

  • Seaview Productions has announced the play will be streamed on TodayTix so that fans can watch from the safety and comfort of their own home.
  • It will be streamed on January 1st at 7pm.
  • Tickets are available for sale and the proceeds go to The Actors Fund. 
  • The musical will be available for streaming 72 hours after the production.

Playbill & Broadway Involved on Instagram

Fans were ecstatic when Playbill first made a post on their Instagram announcing the official production of the TikTok musical. Playbill being a well-known and followed source for all things theater making this post really let it set in that this musical was real and coming soon!

Broadway World also made a post on Instagram releasing the cover for the musical with information in their bio about how to get tickets. Several noted influencers commented on these posts such as Tommy Bracoo. An Instagram account has even been made for the musical @Ratatousical to keep up with all things Ratatouille the musical.

Significance of the Time it Started

One thing that has been recognized by everyone about this TikTok musical is the art that has been produced by creators on TikTok in a global pandemic. Before fans knew that the musical was going to get a real-life production, they all stated that they were thankful, regardless of what happened next, that they were able to create something so fun and uplifting in what felt like a dark time. COVID-19 has ceased Broadway productions as they used to be and theater fans felt as though they were given a chance to make something original using the TikTok app.

People from all over the world were able to pitch in to create different ideas for the acts presented, story plot, and music composed. TikTok allowed creators to connect online in a difficult time and feel as though they were still coming together through a creative outlet without putting anyone at risk. 

Expanding Horizons

Not only did TikTok help to create such a unique production in the midst of a global pandemic, but it also allowed the theater community to grow. Many fans of this new TikTok musical were not into theater beforehand. Now after indulging in the creativity of making new songs and designing acts for the show the community on TikTok has grown significantly. Many people are very impressed that this app was able to bring people with different interests together and focused on one project. The theater community has grown as a whole and it is great to see people branching out and connecting with others in this unique time of life.

This article was written by Jasmine Kellogg

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