Top 10 Food Art Influencers

By Editorial Staff

Artists can create unique and intriguing artwork out of anything. That’s why it’s no surprise that artists have found a way to create masterpieces from food. Many food artists share their work and market themselves on social media. These talented influencers have to ability to make food look so beautiful that you almost don’t want to eat it. But, trust me, you’ll also really want to eat it. So, if you’re interested in finding unique food art content, here are some of the most talented food art influencers on social media.

1. Jose

Jose is a vegan 19-year-old food artist who has become very popular on social media. He specializes in creating desserts in the form of cute animals and cartoon characters. On Instagram, he typically posts his completed art pieces. But, on YouTube, he likes to post tutorials and recipes that show what it takes to make these desserts.

2. Ochikeron

Ochikeron is a food artist who focuses mostly on the art of aesthetically pleasing food preparation. She cooks a variety of different Asian dishes and prepares them beautifully. On her Instagram, she posts pictures of herself and her family in addition to the food she cooks. She is also very active on her YouTube account and posts fantastic recipes and tutorials about twice a week. 

3. Samantha Lee

Samantha Lee is a very talented food art influencer based in Malaysia. Her goal is to make food that tells a story, so she prepares the food she cooks in unique and fun ways. She started doing this to help make eating healthy food fun for her daughter. Ever since she started posting her creations on Instagram, she has gotten over half a million followers on the platform. Although she does not have a YouTube account, she posts vlogs, recipes, and tutorials as IGTV videos on her Instagram.

4. Little Miss Bento

  • @littlemissbento

Little Miss Bento is a food art influencer who, similar to Jose (, decorates food as adorable animals and cartoon characters. She posts all of her fun food art on Instagram and interacts with her audience by selling baking kits on her website. These baking kits come with instructions that allow customers to create food art at home by baking and decorating things like muffins, brownies, and tarts.

5. Food Bites

This food art influencer uses fruit to create cute and colorful animal artwork by decorating it with chocolate and other edible decorations. Sometimes she even gives the animals edible clothing and accessories. Her Instagram account is dedicated to her food art and she frequently posts videos on her Instagram story about how she creates her food art.

6. Li Ming Lee

Li Ming Lee is a food artist who creates cute animals out of food. Like a lot of food art influencers, she strives to create cute food that makes healthy eating fun for children. On her blog, she includes cooking recipes, tutorials, and tips for her audience. She also wrote a book called Yummy Kawaii Bento that details how to prepare artistic food for children.

7. Laleh Mohmedi

Laleh Mohmedi is a food art influencer who depicts a variety of different movie characters and historical figures on plates. The name for her Instagram account, @jacobs_food_diaries, is inspired by her son and the food she makes for him. According to her website, her work has been recognized by renowned publications like TIME, Harper’s Bazaar, and ABC. She has also partnered with many high profile brands like Disney, Nickelodeon, and Universal Pictures. 

8. Melly Eats World

Melly Eats World is a Toronto-based food art influencer who portrays cute animals as small macarons, candies, and other desserts. She shares videos of her baking and artistic process on her Instagram stories. Videos about her process for almost all of her work can found on her highlights on her account page.

9. Gretchen Roehrs

In a way, Gretchen Roehrs is both a fashion designer and a food artist. She draws stick figure women on paper and uses food to create their outfits – which are surprisingly fashionable. She released a book called Edible Ensembles that depicts her different food fashion creations. In addition to food art, Gretchen is also a talented sketch artist, painter, and illustrator. 

10. Daryna Kossar


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Daryna Kossar is a food art influencer based in Ukraine. She uses food to depict scenery, movie characters, and animals on plates. Daryna’s art looks so realistic that it’s hard to believe it’s all made out of food. Although she doesn’t post on Instagram extremely often, all of the artwork on her page is absolutely stunning.

Other Talented Food Art Influencers:

Food Art InfluencerInstagram HandleFollower Count
Danielle Evans@foodtypography8.4k
Charlotte Love@charlottelovely84.3k

This article was written by Rachel Phillis

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