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Top 10 YouTube Challenges

By Editorial Staff

YouTube is the go-to destination for anything entertainment. You can find many ways to pass your time, one being watching trending YouTube challenges. Every few months there seems to be a new challenge that takes over the platform. There have been challenges for charity, and others that are just to make you laugh. If you and friends are looking for fun challenges to do you can check out these top YouTube challenges for some ideas!

Bean Boozled Challenge

If you love candy and playing games, then you will love the Bean Boozled Challenge. The iconic Jelly Belly company has created a fun game that revolves around their gummy treats. In order to participate in the challenge, you must purchase a box of bean boozled jellybeans. The content of the box includes a variety of flavorful candies, but the kicker is that half of them are foul flavors. The players will never know whether they are about to eat a dirty socks flavored bean or a vanilla bean. This is a fun game for multiple players and seeing everyone’s reactions is the best part (until your the one eating a rotten egg jelly bean)!

The Condom Challenge

The condom challenge (not to be confused with the condom snorting challenge) has always been a go-to YouTube challenge. The purpose of the challenge is just for entertainment and laughs, as you make a giant water balloon…with a condom. It’s simple. Fill up a condom with water, tie up the end, and then drop it over someone’s head. If you are able to perfectly drop the condom, where it engulfs their head, you have successfully achieved the condom challenge. Check out this video of the Slow Mo Guys tackling this challenge.

Guess That Song Challenge

If you’re a music junkie like us, then you’ll love the Guess That Song Challenge! The objective is quite simple. One person plays 10 seconds of a song, while the other person or persons guess the name of that song. Sounds easy enough, right? Take on this challenge with your family or friends and test your knowledge of music.

Try Not To Laugh Challenge

The Try Not to Laugh challenges is one of the oldest YouTube challenges to date. Laughing can be amazing therapy, so we love this challenge and highly recommend it! To do this challenge one person plays a compilation of hilarious videos in an effort to make the other person laugh. Everyone has different types of humor, but some videos are too hilarious to keep a straight face through. Try it yourself!

Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

In hopes of getting fuller, luscious, and plump lips, fans around the globe have attempted the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge. Kylie is known for her big lips, and her huge fan base will do just about anything to look like her. This challenge involves sticking your lips into a shot glass to create a seal inside of the container. When pulling off the object, the hope is that their lips look filled with Juvederm, but more often they look like they had a bad allergic reaction.

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The Saltine Challenge

Using a classic cracker you can test yourself to see if you can conquer the saltine challenge. Rumor has it that humans have a hard time consuming six saltine crackers in less than one minute…so obviously we had to test it out ourselves. Saltines are very starchy crackers, so if you can swallow six of them at one time with no liquids, you are truly gifted.

Chubby Bunny Challenge

This adorable challenge has been around for a long time and is always fun to do when you have an extra bag of marshmallows lying around. A fun group activity—but if you’re really bored, you can even do this challenge by yourself. The game is simple, one by one, you put marshmallows in your mouth followed by saying the words “chubby bunny” after every marshmallow. It’s a competition to see who can fit the most marshmallows in their mouth, as well as hilarious to hear your friends attempts to mumble “chubby bunny.” This is known for being one of the funnier and safer challenges!

Toilet Paper Fort Challenge

Only becoming popular in the past two years, the toilet paper fort challenge is one that requires skill and stealth. Some find this humerus, others a nuisance. The objective of this challenge is while inside a grocery store, to build a kingdom of toilet paper inside of the shelves without being thrown out by security. One of the more disruptive challenges, but if you can get away with it, it can truly be a masterpiece. Watch the video that started the trend of toilet paper building!

The Floor is Lava Challenge

You may be familiar with the children’s game, where on the count of three the floor becomes covered in imaginary boiling hot lava. In order to stay alive, you have to jump onto chairs, hang on walls, and find anywhere your body can possibly fit that is not on the ground. This challenge is very popular amongst the younger generations, as their smaller bodies are far more nimble and flexible. This game is very spontaneous, as contenders never know when someone will scream, “the floor is lava.” Anyone remaining on the floor after five seconds in pronounced as dead. This challenge has caused people to find places to stand and move quicker than you knew were possible!

The Cinnamon Challenge

If you’ve seen videos where a cloud of brown powder erupts from someone’s mouth, followed by a cough attack, then you’ve seen the cinnamon challenge in action. The objective of the challenge is to take a spoonful of ground cinnamon and swallow the entire thing in under 60 seconds with no water. Many of these challenges end unsuccessfully and leave you with a very dry mouth. Although not recommended by healthcare officials, this challenge still dominated the Internet, and everyone everywhere was posting videos of themselves spitting out clouds of cinnamon smoke.

This article was written by Editorial Staff

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