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Top 10 Vape Influencers

By Editorial Staff

Vaping has grown in popularity from the 2010’s onward. Known as a safer alternative to smoking, vaping is a nicotine product similar to e-cigarettes. It does not contain harmful compounds found in smoke from cigarettes, which is why it’s deemed safer. However, there are many vape users out there who don’t know who to go to for real, in-depth facts and information on vapes – and that’s where vape influencers come in. While you may know vapers on social media who only do tricks, vape influencers are all about the many different aspects of vaping that there is to know. They address vapes themselves, vape flavors, or even what vapes are made of. Striving to both educate and entertain, vape influencers show a different side of vaping.

However, vaping does come with its downsides, which puts a bit of a strain on vape influencers. There are FTC guidelines that heavily advise against advertising vaping on social media. Around 2019, the FTC ordered that vaping brands attach nicotine health warnings onto their ads on social media, also saying that social media influencers that work with said brands always disclose their relationships to brands while advertising them. So, while vape influencers are still allowed to freely promote vaping, there are rules and regulations set for them to follow. Despite this, vape influencers carry on creating content that exemplifies their message. Below is a list of the top vape influencers that are prominent throughout social media.

1. Austin Lawrence

Austin Lawrence is a 23-year-old vape sensation. A self-proclaimed vape artist, Austin does many vape tricks in his videos he posts on social media. It’s known that he does interviews with magazines and such to bring awareness to the world of vaping. His goal is to try and spread a positive and creative message on a safer alternative to smoking.

2. RiP Trippers

RiP Trippers is a mostly YouTube-based, popular vape influencer. He does many vape and e-cigarette reviews on his social media, with some personal videos sprinkled in between. He also does informative coil-building tutorials as well! He calls himself a vape fanatic, his message being: “Smoking is dead, vaping is the future, the future is now”.

3. Nick Green

Nick Green, also known as GrimmGreen, is an entrepreneur and content creator. He has been vaping for the last 8 years. He spreads information on vaping and e-cigarettes through his videos. He does a lot of first impressions and tutorials on vapes but does weekly vlogs and entertainment videos as well.

4. Mike Vapes

Mike Vapes is a vape reviewer and enthusiast. His biggest social media platform is YouTube, in which he posts vape products weekly. He was a smoker for 24 years and says that vaping saved his life. He started informing others about vapes in 2013. He’s a part of both The Vape Team and The Vape Chronicles, the former being where he hosts weekly live vape shows.

5. Ruby Roo

Ruby Roo is a vape influencer and content creator. Before she found vaping, she was a 1 pack a day smoker for 16 years. She posts weekly videos all about vaping and e-cigarettes. Her areas of expertise when it comes to videos are vaping for beginners, device reviews, juice reviews, rebuilding tutorials, and vape pairings. She even has her own vape juice that’s for sale!

6. Matt From SMM

Matt Culley, also known as Matt from SMM, is a well-known vaper who runs the channel Suck My Mod alongside his girlfriend. He was a pack a day smoker for 15 years, starting his vape journey in 2013. He mostly does vape reviews but likes to combine his love for electronics with vaping in his videos.

7. Ryan Hall

Ryan Hall, from RKHTV, is a vape reviewer. His videos are all about vapes, many being about vape flavors. He is a part of RKHTV alongside other vapers. Their mission is to inform, educate, and entertain those interested in vaping. Ryan’s videos are a bit more relaxed compared to other vape review videos, but he is still serious about his mission. 

8. DJLsb Vapes

DJLsb Vapes, real name Daniel, is a vape influencer who bases his content on vape reviews. His reviews are focused on e-liquid and electronic devices. He began vape reviewing around 2013, having accumulated over 33 million views on YouTube since then. He states that after quitting smoking, vape has not only changed his life but saved it as well.

9. Jai Haze

Jai Haze is not only a vape reviewer and influencer, but entertainer/comedian as well. He has been doing vape reviews for a long time, starting around 2014, and likes to add some comedy into his review videos. He considers himself unbiased and a realist when it comes to his reviews.

10. Battery Mooch

Battery Mooch is a more unique case compared to other vape influencers and reviewers, being that they test and review vape batteries specifically. They began working with vape batteries around 2015, and as of 2017, they have tested over 200 different batteries. This gives vape users some real insight as to which batteries are suitable used for vapes, working to expose exaggerated ratings and poor designs.

This article was written by Rianon Gladura

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