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Top 10 Marijuana Influencers

By Editorial Staff

Due to the growth of influencer marketing, there is no stone left unturned when it comes to the vast number of categories in which influencers can find their niche. Whether it’s beauty, fashion, or marijuana, you can find an influencer for it. Yes, even marijuana! Even though these influencers must follow specific guidelines from the FTC, such as complying with the Food and Drug Administration and ensuring their claims are backed by reliable scientific evidence, they follow the same guidelines as their other influencer peers when it comes to following FTC regulations. Itching to learn more? Here are the top 10 marijuana influencers:

1. Dabbing Granny

If you haven’t heard of Dabbing Granny before, you need to check out her content. Like it says in her name, she’s a wholesome granny that advocates for cannabis usage while also making educational posts. At 1.4M followers, she’s become a well-known personality among marijuana influencers. She posts videos of her taking hits from her dab rig while she discusses a variety of topics surrounding cannabis and its legal use, and she also films her adventures outside of the home while she dabs to keep her audience entertained. With her relatable and hilarious personality, she’s become the super cool granny that everyone has always wanted.

2. Koala Puffs

With Livestreams every Tuesday, Koala Puffs stays in touch with her followers, making her one of the most popular cannabis influencers on Instagram and YouTube. She even celebrates with her followers every 4/20! Her Instagram is full of her hilarious smoking videos, weed-related skits, reviews, cooking videos, innovative new smoking techniques, edible tutorials, vlogs, and marijuana accessory videos. 

3. MacDizzle420

Known for filming videos with Koala Puffs, MacDizzle420 is another cannabis influencer that posts funny weed-related videos and memes. As a Co-Founder of The Weed Tube, which is an app for marijuana influencers to share the videos that could potentially get them kicked off of YouTube, Mac has become a voice for the entire cannabis community. Known for her big, goofy personality, Mac is also a YouTuber that posts vlogs, stoned storytimes, mukbangs, and pranks along with smoking games and cannabis equipment videos.

4. Custom Grow 420

When you think of what a typical stoner would be like, you think of CustomGrow420. From his eccentric personality, he has become a popular cannabis YouTuber, drawing in more than 1.7M subscribers. He’s known for taking giant hits from bongs and 1-gram dab hits that would normally surpass the capabilities of the human lungs. In fact, he even posts follow-up videos of him coughing for close to 8 minutes long. Recently, he’s mainly been posting unboxing videos and reviews of products as well as dispensary walkthroughs where he introduces his subscribers to his favorite places to shop for weed.

5. Pot Brothers at Law

Brothers Marc and Craig Wasserman run their own law firm that specializes in representing California-based businesses and marijuana smokers with cannabis-related legal issues and helping with licensing processes. They have also become a great resource for those seeking representation in California and for those who are searching for guidance and education about the law when it comes to their rights with cannabis. The Wasserman brothers are also dedicated to providing their followers with hilarious content as they usually smoke weed while providing legal information.

6. Brandi Fernandez

You know that girl on YouTube that eats 200mg edibles and films herself doing crazy makeup tutorials? Yeah, that’s Brandi TV.  You might have seen one of Brandi TV’s viral YouTube videos before, as she has over 69M views on her channel. On her marijuana-friendly pages, she posts both comedy and makeup content, trying new edibles sent to her every week and filming herself getting into hilarious antics with her husband. As Brandi says, “When you’re downie, eat a brownie”.

7. Trippy Treez

Part model, part published writer, part radio host, and part marijuana influencer, Trippy Treez is an LA-based content creator with over 234k followers on Instagram. As a self-proclaimed cannabis marketer, she consistently attends marijuana-focused events to promote anything from new brands to joint-rolling classes. Also posting on YouTube, she makes videos on her cannabis story, cannabis accessories, reviews about her favorite products, and dispensary hauls. Sponsored by numerous marijuana brands, you can find her reviewing bongs, vapes, edibles, and more.

8. Marley Robinson

 You can’t talk about marijuana influencers without mentioning this Vegas-based cannabis girl boss. As one of the fastest-growing cannabis influencers on Instagram, Marley keeps her audience entertained with music as an up-and-coming rapper. She also posts “Baking While Baked” videos on YouTube, hilarious TikToks, smoking videos, cannabis accessory giveaways, and vape reviews.

9. Coral Kamstra-Brown

Coral is a glass artist and self-proclaimed hemp and cannabis advocate that has become a popular voice in the community for her uplifting attitude and colorful Instagram feed. As she says on her YouTube bio, she fell in love with smoking cannabis in high school and has enjoyed learning about the plant ever since, sharing her knowledge with her audience. Encouraging her followers to “stay high” with her, she answers their cannabis questions for her Stoney Sunday segment on YouTube, shares weed-related news stories on her News Nug segment, and sneaks vlogs in between, like her iconic “Weedy Wedding” video.

10. Bubble Man

As he describes in his Instagram bio, Bubble Man is known for “sharing the joys of water extraction with people for 20 years”. His channel is all about traveling around the world and producing/growing hash. He also films glass equipment videos, dab videos, and a “Wake and Bake” segment every week where he talks to and smokes with his followers.

Check out these other marijuana influencers that didn’t make the list:

NameInstagramFollower Count
Jorge Cervantes@jorgecervantesmj72.7K
Happy Tokes@happytokes71.7K
The Hempress@_thehempress38.8K
Krishna Sai

This article was written by Selena Ponton

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