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Top Nicotine Influencers

By Editorial Staff

In recent years, new technologies have expanded the options consumers have to enjoy nicotine. Naturally, with so many people using nicotine in their everyday life, there will be an interest in watching content related to consuming nicotine in a variety of different ways. Many influencers have filled that need and produce content where they review and use nicotine related products in a variety of ways. Below we have curated a list of influencers who should be on any marketer’s radar due to their unique attributes. 

1. Austin Lawrence

In 2017 Austin Lawrence launched his YouTube channel centered around nicotine products. Austin is from New Jersey and loves to create content related to vape tricks. He seeks to help people enjoy their lives, and spreads positivity through his art form. Austin captures all of his hobbies and best moments on his YouTube channel along with nicotine related content.

2. Jared Outlaw

Jared Outlaw is a popular YouTuber from Sarasota, Florida who produces a wide range of content. Most of his videos are in some way nicotine related. Many of Jared’s videos are based around completing a challenge, and usually involve chewing tobacco. He also reviews different brands of chewing tobacco, and e-cigarettes as well. 

3. RiP Trippers

RiP Trippers, commonly referred to as Rip, began filming YouTube videos in 2012 and has quickly risen in popularity to be among the largest nicotine influencers on YouTube. He’s a self-described “vaping fanatic” and sees vaping as the future of the nicotine industry. His channel is mainly comprised of device and vape accessory reviews.

4. Matt From SMM

Matt From SMM is a popular nicotine influencer that creates content focused around e-cigarettes. Matt used to smoke a pack a day of cigarettes at one point in his life, and turned to vaping after many failed attempts at quitting. After discovering vaporizers, he quickly became engulfed in the community, as vaping combines two of his passions: nicotine and electronics. He tries to review new, exciting devices on the forefront of vaping technology to give his audience something they can’t get from other YouTubers. 

5. Best Cigar Reviews

Best Cigar Reviews is a team comprised of Bradley Reith and other personalities, and as you can guess from the name, they review various cigars. As a nicotine influencer, Bradley is constantly trying new cigars and giving the audience his true opinion. Bradley talks about his religion openly and his passion for weight lifting along with cigars. 

6. Donny Vapes

Donny Vapes joined the YouTube community in 2018 and has quickly amassed a large following on both YouTube and Instagram. He often posts short videos on Instagram in which he reviews nicotine related devices and gives his audience advice on whether or not to purchase the item. On YouTube, he often posts videos related to disposable vape products. Donny has been featured twice on Vice and once on CNBC as a nicotine influencer.

7. Liam Kran

Liam Kran is a popular nicotine influencer from Canada. Liam rose to prominence through features in his friend’s vaping channel but has quickly built his own following. His channel started producing vaping device reviews in 2018 and continuously provides his audience with entertainment and information. Liam is a self-described vaping advocate and believes in the benefits vaping can bring to a person’s life.

8. Victor Mullin

Victor Mullin is a multi-award winning e-cig reviewer that has been creating nicotine related content since 2014. He prides himself on always remaining completely honest in his reviews. One of the reasons he does this is because his large following often makes purchases based in large part off of his reviews/opinions. Along with his YouTube channel he hosts The UK Vape Show and is a writer for the magazine Vaporound.

9. Vaping Insider

Vaping Insider began in 2015 with the goal of providing its audience with helpful reviews on nicotine products. As their following grew, Deucesjack joined the team and is now in charge of creating all content as a nicotine influencer. They pride themselves in being a dependable source of information to vapers of all levels. Vaping Insider does not have the highest subscriber count on YouTube, but ranks within the top 5 in terms of daily views (for nicotine related content) and anticipates breaking into the top 3 by the end of 2020. 

Here is a list of notable nicotine influencers to keep your eyes on too:

NameChannelFollower Count
Robert EllisRobert Ellis99.4k
Sherlock HohmsSherlock Hohms60.7k
Mike KanakisThe Killer Cloud52.9k
Mike DuranteMike Durante20.1k

FTC regulations and general rules for nicotine influencers:

  • Effective December 2019, Facebook and Instagram have banned influencers from promoting branded content related to nicotine
  • YouTube has classified tobacco and tobacco-related videos as not suitable for advertising (more information on these YouTube specific guidelines here).
  • Disclosure needs to be placed with the message itself
  • Disclosure cannot be mixed within a group of hashtags/links
  • Video endorsements need to be listed in description and video/audio
  • Use simple clear language

This article was written by Editorial Staff

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