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Top Crypto Influencers: Names You Should Know

By Editorial Staff

As the age of cryptocurrencies is on the rise, it is important to have reliable and accurate information when forming opinions around a topic that is still relatively new and uncharted by most day-to-day people. For that reason, we have created a top crypto influencers list which is composed of the popular voices in the cryptocurrency discussion.

9. Fred Ehrsam

Another co-founder of Coinbase with Brian Armstrong, Ehrsam has continued his journey with other crypto projects. While Armstrongs posts are more news-related, Ehrsam posts contain his opinions and insights into crypto investment as well as personal growth.

8. Tim Draper

Tim Draper and founder of Draper Associates is known for being a venture capitalist and angel investor. Draper is known for having a green thumb in anything he is involved in. He is also known for being vocal about the SEC formulating a supportive regulatory environment for crypto currencies. His Twitter feed is an oasis of viable information regarding the risks and opportunities of cryptos.

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7. Barry Silbert

Next on our top crypto influencers list is Barry Silbert. Silbert has been a crypto mogul for years, The founder and CEO of Digital Currency Group has played a major role in helping other crypto start-ups. If you are curious as to knowing which alt-coins are worth investing in Silbert is your guy.

6. Brian Armstrong

As the CEO and co-founder of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong comes in next on our top crypto influencers list. His narrative has changed how managers, consumers and investors use and manage cryptocurrency. His Twitter feed includes high-quality news and projects pertaining to the crypto world.

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5. Ben Horowitz

Horowitz is a well-known crypto analyst and investor. Being a co-founder and partner at Anderson Horowitz, he has supreme knowledge and experience in software development and management. For these reasons, Horowitz is able to provide useful insights into alt-coins and the teams behind them.

4. Andreas Antonopoulos

Author of Mastering Bitcoin, The Internet of Money and Mastering Ethereum. Andreas Antonopouplos definitely deserves to make our top crypto influencers list. He has valued opinions which he shares through his Twitter, podcast and Youtube channels. He has such a great understanding of cryptos, his information is easily understandable by just about anyone.

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3. Roger Ver

Last on our list of top crypto influencers is Roger Ver also known as “Bitcoin Jesus”. Ver has been known to be one of the world’s first investors not just in, but also in, BitPay,, ShapeShift, Kraken and He prominently shares his knowledge and insights across various Bitcoin forums and websites. His Twitter feed is a great source of information on important issues, including blockchain integrity, ethical considerations for cryptocurrencies and essentially, anything worth mentioning regarding cryptos.

2. Charlie Lee

How can we make this top influencers list without mentioning the founder of Litecoin and former Director of Engineering at Coinbase Charlie Lee? It’s easy to see that Lee has an incredible understanding of cryptos and how they work. With hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter Lee is definitely a major influencer in the crypto space.

1. Vitalik Buterin

Our top crypto influencers list ends with Vitalik Buterin. In his crypto career at the ripe age of 17, Buterin quickly became an expert at a young age. He began writing for Bitcoin weekly after high school and ended up co-founding Bitcoin Magazine soon thereafter. Buterin actually created Ethereum after he was able to observe a few of Bitcoin’s shortcomings and limitations. He continues to be a connoisseur and a source of wisdom for anyone who is interested in crypto currencies.

Honorable Mentions

Nicholas MertenData Dash401,000
Aaron and AustinAlt Coin Daily553,000
Omar BhamCrypt0119,000

This article was written by Sawyer Cairns

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