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Spotlighting the Best TikTok Comedians

By Editorial Staff

TikTok has firmly established itself as a hub for cultivating comedic talent within modern social media. It has given rise to many digital humorists who expertly wield their craft, captivating audiences through their videos. These TikTok comedians have mastered the art of brevity, consistently delivering laughter, contemplation, and even social commentary. In this exploration, we’ll delve into the profiles of the best TikTok comedians.

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Elyse Myers

TikTok: @elysemyers

Elyse Myers, known as @elysemyers on TikTok, has undergone a remarkable transformation from being a stay-at-home mom and coder to becoming a comedic sensation with a staggering following of 5 million on the platform. Her unique brand of humor is characterized by hilarious anecdotes from her life, often infused with a relatable sense of anxiety and awkwardness. Myers’ videos are marked by blunt storytelling, punctuated with memorable catchphrases like “absolutely not.”

Her comedic journey took an unexpected turn when a video recounting the worst first date she’d ever been on went viral, propelling her into a career in comedy that she had never envisioned. Despite her newfound fame, this TikTok comedian remains grounded in her humility, still finding it somewhat foreign to label herself a comedian.

She acknowledges that she hadn’t explored stand-up comedy before TikTok, crediting the platform for organically providing her with a space to thrive. Myers, residing in Nebraska, underscores the transformative role of social media platforms in leveling the playing field, allowing individuals to break down barriers and succeed independently.

Beyond her knack for storytelling and humor, Myers stands out for addressing crucial topics like mental health in her content. She delivers authentic and uplifting messages, recognizing today’s profound need for human connection. She says, “What we’re craving the most of right now is human connection, so if I can bring that into my comedy, that’s important to me, and I’m gonna do that every time.”

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TikTok: @dontcrossagayman

Misha, popularly known as @dontcrossagayman on TikTok, has significantly impacted the platform with his signature series, “Lessons in Not Crossing a Gay Man.” This engaging series revolves around witty anecdotes drawn from the life of the 34-year-old comedian. Misha’s style of humor combines biting wit with a genuine, heartfelt message.

At the core of this TikTok comedian’s comedy is an element of insult humor, a style he describes as inspired by observational and often sassy humor. For Misha, it’s about empowering individuals who have felt marginalized or bullied, especially in the digital age where hostility can run rampant.

He strives to be a role model, someone people can look up to and realize they deserve respect, love, and the right to be themselves without fear. Misha also recognizes the evolving role of comedians as advocates for positive change, believing that comedians use their platforms to spread messages of positivity and acceptance. 

In his work, Misha emphasizes his queerness, recognizing that it maximizes the social impact of his comedy. By doing so, he highlights a part of his identity that remains underrepresented in media and popular culture, contributing to greater visibility and understanding.

In addition, Misha celebrates the accessibility of social media, which has allowed underrepresented communities to finally bask in the spotlight they deserve. He underscores the notion that one doesn’t have to conform to traditional comedian stereotypes to gain popularity and a dedicated following.


Bffr #dontcrossagayman #tippingculture #tipping #botox

♬ original sound – Misha

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Jacon Milan

TikTok: @jaconmilan1

Jacon Milan, known as @jaconmilan1 on TikTok, has ascended to viral fame with a comedic style seemingly destined to shine. At age 26, Milan carved out his comedic niche by combining humor and astrology in a series of sketches that depict zodiac signs in various comical scenarios.

Milan’s inspiration for his unique brand of comedy came from his natural inclination to identify people’s personalities based on their astrological signs. Encouraged by his friends, he channeled this astrological insight into his content, ultimately captivating a wide and enthusiastic audience.

What sets Milan’s comedy apart is its embrace of diversity and inclusivity. He perceives the contemporary comedy landscape as more open to various perspectives, no longer dominated solely by cisgender or male voices. Milan is particularly excited about the growing presence of LGBTQ comedians who are gaining recognition in the industry.

Through his content, this TikTok comedian seeks to convey a powerful message: comedy thrives in authenticity and doesn’t necessitate recycling personal trauma. He firmly believes that anyone can be funny simply by being themselves and sharing their unique stories, regardless of their background.


These zodiac signs are so specific about their food and order and hate when somebody mess up their food ! It takes everything in them not to let the inner “Karen” out and complain but they will ! 😂🤷🏾‍♂️ #zodiacsigns #horoscope #astrology #astrologyfyp #astrologytiktoks #zodiactiktok

♬ I’M THAT GIRL – Beyoncé

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Robyn Schall

TikTok: @robynschallcomic

Robyn Schall, whose comedic prowess shines on TikTok, embarked on a comedy journey that didn’t originate on the platform but was undeniably catapulted into the spotlight. At 37, this New York-based comedian initially ventured into stand-up comedy in 2011. She eventually transitioned into a full-time comedian in 2014. Her career included touring for troops overseas and making ends meet in a tiny studio apartment in the bustling city.

Like many other comedians, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic left Schall without work. During this challenging period, she turned to social media, seeking an outlet for her comedic talents. Her video recapping her 2020 goal list gone awry became the lightning rod for her online presence, drawing the attention of millions of followers and even celebrities like Jennifer Garner and Oprah Winfrey.

Schall’s TikTok journey continued as she regularly shared her hilarious life antics, including her adventures in the dating world and humorous attempts at mastering TikTok trends, such as partner yoga. While this TikTok comedian deeply appreciates the internet as a platform for her comedy, she remains acutely aware of cancel culture and exercises caution in her content creation. Her brand of comedy walks the fine line between humor and sensitivity, acknowledging the importance of striking a balance.


#onthisday I am 1° away from Rihanna!!! Song is actually “Shabba” and its technically an A$AP Ferg song ft ROCKY

♬ original sound – RobynSchallComic

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Get a Laugh Out of These TikTok Comedians Today!

TikTok has emerged as a game-changer in the ever-evolving world of comedy, offering a platform for comedians from all walks of life to share their humor.

These TikTok comedians, each with their distinct style and message, remind us that humor knows no bounds. It thrives in relatability, authenticity, and the willingness to take risks. TikTok has democratized comedy and amplified underrepresented voices, challenging conventional norms and making laughter more accessible globally.

As we look at the rise of these TikTok comedians, we see a comedy landscape that is evolving, expanding, and becoming more inclusive. It’s a world where laughter unites us, diverse perspectives are celebrated, and comedians use their platforms to entertain, inspire, advocate, and connect with people on a deeper level.

This article was written by Madeline Fait

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