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SeatGeek: Influencer Marketing Campaign Teardown

By Editorial Staff

When it comes to securing tickets to that NBA game you’ve been eyeing you will find no better place to search than SeatGeek. According to, 43.47% of its total social media traffic came from YouTube. 

SeatGeek has risen through the ranks amongst its competitors,, and According to Similarweb, SeatGeek ranks #6 in the e-commerce tickets category, beating out vividseats (with a category ranking of #7), (with a category ranking of #11), and songkick (with a category ranking of #10). 

With this in mind, Neoreach conducted our Social Intelligence Insights Report for Q3 2022 to provide analyzed data from the US and Canada that was pulled from 7,667 YouTube videos indicating brand partnership. Through this report, it was found that SeatGeek landed a spot as one of the top 10 spenders, putting much of its marketing strategy into influencer marketing on YouTube to promote the brand, its products, and its benefits.


SeatGeek was founded in 2009 by Russel D’Souza and Jack Groutzinger, two entrepreneurs from DreamIT, a Philadelphia-based early-stage startup accelerator. According to their “about me” page, SeatGeek is: 

powering a new, open entertainment industry where fans have effortless access to experiences, and teams, venues, and shows have seamless access to their audiences.

SeatGeek is a platform that provides users with easy access to everything from sports games to live converts. Their UI allows users to browse events, navigate through color-coded seats, and receive/print tickets. As of now, their business model operates as a secondary market for people to post and buy tickets, as well as a primary distributor of tickets for certain outlets and venues. They currently post 33M downloads, 175+ global enterprise clients, a #1 NPS ranking, and 47M+ available tickets as of January 1st of 2023. 

The SeatGeek events tab

Via SeatGeek

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Top Spenders

Our dataset from 2022 was composed of 7,667 videos that complied with all FTC guidelines and received over 10,000 views. Of these 7,667 videos, the Tech industry spent the largest amount on influencer marketing. The Tech Industry’s total IMV for 2022 came out to a grand total of $23,360,823.18. A total of 1,098 videos were made with a total reach of 11,342,788,664 users. The average view per video amounted to 2,016.09 seconds.

Seat Geek made it to 10th place, behind Epic Games and CASETiFY. These 179 videos lead to a whopping IMV value of $2,058,173.50.

BrandIMVNumber of Videos
Hello Fresh$4,795,222.74172
Express VPN$3,344,751.08127
Established Titles$2,491,894.8686
Epic Games$2,061,396.1421
Seat Geek$2,058,173.50179

Statistics Gathered in Q3 2022 – NeoReach Raw Social Intelligence Data

Working with Influencers

SeatGeek would end up dipping into a wide variety of content. All in all, SeatGeek would partner with 30 influencers with reaches that ranged from 68,400 – 14,700,000 people. The combined reach of influencers by SeatGeek would total 40,926,400 users. This would play out with 91.53% of influencers residing in the United States and 7.91% of users residing in Canada.

The ease of sharing SeatGeek’s streamlined UI and effective service allowed it to be in many different categories of content. For instance, SeatGeek was sponsored in comedy, entertainment, gaming, How To & Style, People & Blogs, and Sports. The most sponsored category was “Gaming” with “Sports” and “Comedy” following behind. This usage of different categories allows SeatGeek to maximize its reach to its intended audience.

SeatGeek offers a searchable database of tickets

Via SeatGeek

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Standout Content and Influencers

The information featured in the table below was pulled from the standout sponsored content posted between July and August of 2022 on YouTube by standout creators identified in the Q3 2022 report.

HandleTotal ViewsTotal LikesReach

Statistics Gathered in Q3 2022 – NeoReach Raw Social Intelligence Data

KTOfootball is an online football commentator that puts an emphasis on analyzing NFL teams, players, strategies, and outliers. They compete with other commentators through their focus on showing sports analysis through a storytelling framework. One of their most popular videos follows an NFL game that most people have forgotten. As of now, KTO has 675k subscribers on their channel.

Austinsweatt follows a more personalized analysis of individual players in the NBA, with videos bringing up big names like Lebron James. They often post videos highlighting insane games in the NBA, with a focus on motivational moments routed in the personal struggles of the individual players. As of now, Austin Sweatt has about 450k subscribers on his personal channel on YouTube. 

Finally, in 3rd place, we see a page called bballbreakdown. Their strength lies in their analytic approach to basketball, as opposed to the storytelling framework of the other YouTube channels. Some of their most popular videos offer analysis for take-home applications. For instance, their most popular video shows viewers time-tested ways to improve their jump shot. As of now, Bballbreakdown has 851k followers. 

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The SeatGeek Q3 Report Data accumulated $2,058,173.50 in IMV, as well as a total view count of 31,931,900 views. Looking at the data, SeatGeek is one of the leaders in the ticket e-commerce industry, beating out close competitors in user count. The top 3 performers were KTOfootball, Austinsweatt, and bballbreakdown. 

We expect to see increased usage of Seatgeek as they increase the size of their secondary market through intelligent marketing and improved UI functionality. 



This article was written by Benjamin Byun

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