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Top PR Professionals for Influencers

By Editorial Staff

Behind every social media sensation, there is a group of individuals working behind the scenes to support them in every endeavor and to make sure the star is putting their best foot forward.  Between PR, agent, and marketing, it is important to stay grounded and work hard. NeoReach has compiled a list of 10 several different PR agencies as well as reps that are making major moves in America’s hottest cities. 

1. Sharron Elkabas


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MN2S is a world-famous talent agency with offices in London and Miami. The agency specializes in bookings, PR, social media, and label management. Some of the most popular additions to the company have been Addison Rae, Caitlyn Jenner, Alex “ARod” Rodgrieuz, Charlie Sheen, the list goes on. This is a company to keep your eyes on. 

2. Mae Karwowski


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Formed in 2013, Obviously has been quickly growing to serve brands all over the world. Clients include Ulta Beauty, Coca-Cola, Google, and many more. With offices in New York, San Francisco, and Paris, they are gaining global attention. The company also provides white glow service, network management, as well as influencer and social media strategizing.

3. Jason Pampell


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Pampell started HireInfluence in 2011, a full-blown PR agency helping influencers find their voice. Some partner companies include Southwest, Tim Hortons, and Vanity fair, amongst several others. While this is a full PR agency, that just means the firm is able to help clients find creative placement, on-site brand promo & events, in addition to strategy development.  The offices are located in Houston, LA, and New York. 

4. Nicole Perez-Krueger


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Have you ever heard of TikTok creators Charli D’Amelio and her sister Dixie? Yeah, we thought so. These teenagers have been taking over the internet by storm. The sisters are managed by Align Public Relations based in Beverly Hills, and Nicole also provides services to the likes of Lauren Conrad, Tim McGraw, and Christina Aguilera. This full-pledged PR firm manages these individuals in all aspects of their careers.

Charli’s PR team has been full throttle with her newest partnership. Read all about Charli’s journey to Dunkin’ Donuts partner here.

5. Howard Bragman


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La Brea Media was built on Bragman’s 35+ years in the industry. Bragman has been considered one of America’s best-known and crisis experts due to his attention to detail as well as his calmness. Located in Beverly Hills, the company specializes in legal counsel, government agencies, media outlets in addition to several other topics. 

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6. Ken Sunshine

Sunshine Sachs has been a top public relations agency since 1991 and over the years has worked with clients such as Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, the Michael Jackson family, Justin Timberlake, and many more. In 2014, the firm was named New York’s number one public relations firm by the New York Observer and has consistently stayed on their yearly list every since by helping out the latest celebrities. 

7. Howard J. Rubenstein

Originally formed in 1954, this public relations firm is one of the nation’s most respected firms for how they manage clients in strategic counsel, media relations, crisis planning, and management just to name a few specialties. This firm has worked in some of the nation’s most promising moments- from foundations across the country to Presidents and Popes, Rubenstein group was probably there behind the scenes making sure it all went according to plan. While Howard J. Rubenstein has since passed, his son Steven Rubenstein has since taken over the company as President.

8. Hiltzik Strategies

This company is not your average public relations firm- they’re a firm that has worked with stars such as Justin Bieber, Glenn Beck, Drake, and even Brad Pitt. While taking a spot on the New York Observer’s 2018 PR Firm of the Year, these guys work their tails off. Interestingly enough, Hiltzik had two former Trump White House Officials who worked for the firm beforehand – Hope Hicks & Josh Raffel. With all that they learned during their time at Hiltzik, they were able to successfully navigate an entirely new world of the Trump presidency. 

9. The Magrino Agency

Media relations, short-term projects, product brand launches, whatever your need may be, the Magrino Agency can help you out or at least point you in the right direction. Being in the industry for over 25 years, the firm has worked with a wide variety of clients – Air Canada, Laura Mercier, Vineyard Vines, and Coach just to name a few. Their office is conveniently located in NYC. 

Working with a PR agent is just one step in the process. Check out this list of top influencer marketing agencies with their own teams and expertise.

10. Optimist Consulting


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And last but certainly not least on our list of America’s Top 10 PR firms, we have Optimist Consulting. This firm represents brands that specialize in real estate, jewelry, and nonprofits. Some of their past clients include American Friends at Tel Aviv University, Breast Cancer Research Foundation and lots of iconic real estate in New York such as Madison Square Park Tower, and even The Towers of the Waldorf Astoria New York. This firm is also located in New York for easier client access. 

There you have it folks, our list of America’s best Public Relations firms based on clients, locations, as well as what each firm specializes in directly. As I mentioned earlier, behind every social media sensation there is a team of people working to ensure that the influencer’s brand is always on point and if not, the PR specialist is there to save the day.

If you are interested in learning more about social media influencers, who manages them, and all about them, check out this link for the official NeoReach Top Lists. There, you will find TikTok’s hottest couples, marketing ideas, and even delicious dessert ideas for you to try out this summer.

This article was written by Genesis Sanchez

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