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Pandemic Pets on Social Media: Increases in Pet Adoption

By Editorial Staff

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, animal adoptions have surged. People are spending more time in their homes, increasing the interest in adopting a pet, especially dogs. Whether your dogs are pandemic pets or not, they’ve probably had the best year of their life with everyone being home so much. This pandemic has also been a great time to raise a dog because, with the ability to stay home more, people have much more time to train them.

Many people in quarantine adopted animals during the pandemic for emotional support, and the demand for pets has increased so much that some shelters have even run short on animals. Animal influencers are already pretty popular on social media, but after the boom in pet adoption in the last year, pandemic pets have taken over Instagram. Here are some pets to keep an eye out for.

1. @Mochiloaf

  • Parents: @yepper_pepper and @kawasushi


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A post shared by Mochi the Corgi 🌿 (@mochiloaf)

Mochi was adopted on April 4, 2020, in the bay area of California. According to his profile, this pandemic pet is the CEO of big ears. Mochi also has a twin sister, @zoeyloaf. 

2. @HoneydewtheDachshund


Honeydew is the little sister to @hollyandhazelnut. She even has a collab with David Dobrik!

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3. Bowie

  • Parent: @MadisonBeer


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A post shared by Madison Beer (@madisonbeer)

Madison Beer revealed she adopted the adorable Bowie on March 27. This pandemic pet doesn’t have an Instagram account (yet), but hopefully Madison posts more Bowie content soon.

4. @dragondacat

  • Parents: @jacquelynnoelle, @scottysire, and @jayboice


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A post shared by Dragon🐲😽 (@dragondacat)

Dragon was adopted in May 2020. With not one or two, but three parents, this rescue is surely getting extra love.

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5. @littlebaileypoo

  • Parents: @allchloerose @chrisalexlit


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A post shared by Bailey 🧸 (@littlebaileypoo)

Bailey is a Toy Maltipoo living life in London. She was adopted in March of 2020, right after quarantine started, one of our earliest pandemic pets.

6. @CashGauthier

  • Parents: @michellereed and @aidanomics


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A post shared by Cash Gauthier (@cashgauthier)

Cash was adopted by Michelle and Aidan Gauthier in December 2020. When he’s not stuck in Folsom Prison (his crate), he’s lounging around the house or working as his dad’s office assistant.

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7. @mazikeene

  • Parents: @justfordeux


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A post shared by Maze the Maine Coon 🌸 (@mazikeene)

Maze the Maine Coon entered the world on April 16, 2020, and was adopted by couple AJ and Simon. Maze may not have a lot of followers, but this fluffy pandemic pet makes up for it in class, bougie-ness, and sass.

This article was written by Brittany Files

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