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By Editorial Staff

Only one in four Americans can confidently say they understand what NFTs are. Monday magazine partnered with Morning Consult to conduct a survey to learn more about the general awareness and understanding of NFTs. After seeing the results, NFT YouTube channels fill a much needed educational hole for their followers on NFTs and the broad world of decentralized finance.

NFT stands for non-fungible token. These are digital assets that represent various items such as music, objects, and of course, art. Paid for in cryptocurrency, NFTs can be collected and invested in.

In spite of the reality that many people still do not understand the world of blockchain, specifically NFTs, the industry is thriving.

The blockchain data firm Chainalysis reported that the NFT market was estimated to be over 44 billion dollars in 2021, and there is reason to believe that the NFT market will continue to grow and mature further in the coming years.

In a report shared by hiring lap, Indeed has seen a 118% increase in listings for blockchain careers from 2020 to 2021. By looking at these numbers, we start to catch onto the excitement shared by the NFT YouTube channel hosts we are going to look at today.

Via Indeed Data 

The in-progress applications of NFTs being researched take them past just collecting and investing. NFTs may also be considered for uses such as:

  •       Product authenticity and tracking
  •       Personal identity verification
  •       Real estate transactions
  •       Voting
  •       Medical records

These are very real possibilities that could bring enormous value to the NFT market. Because NFTs are completely secure and quick to transfer, moving these functions to the blockchain is appealing.

Consider if we each had a unique medical record stored in the form of an NFT that could be controlled by the consumer and shared with doctors as appropriate. Instead of each doctor’s office keeping your medical records in their own hands, individuals have the records and copies to transfer.

Let’s look at some of the top NFT YouTube channels that you should be following and working with to further educate followers about the reality of NFTs now and in the future.

1. GaryVee

  • 3.92M subscribers

Founder of the Flyfish Club, the world’s first NFT restaurant, Gary Vaynerchuk is a passionate individual who regularly covers NFT topics. He has written many books, often speaks at seminars, and has started and operated numerous businesses on his way to becoming one of the most influential NFT YouTube channels.

Vaynerchuk believes that technology and business will always be linked in their growth and brings this to life all around him as he teaches and inspires others.

2. Alex Becker’s Channel

  • 1.31M subscribers

Becker is as reliable as they come when teaching his followers more about the NFT market. He has been a part of many business startups, SEO education enterprises, and marketing ventures, but now focuses on crypto and NFTs on his channel. Particularly interested in NFT gaming, Becker is a great resource for breaking down more complex understandings and making them relatable.

For more information on NFT gaming, check out this blog on the top gamers and marketing techniques. 

3. Max Maher

  • 898K subscribers

An entrepreneur at his core, Maher covers a variety of topics on his channel – all related to business and investing. He believes strongly in learning and operating in the basic knowledge of each application, whether that be marketing, crypto, startups, or NFTs. A great channel for beginners and experts both, stop by to learn and get a better perspective on blockchain technology.

4. NFTsGuide

  • 757K subscribers

Solely focused on NFTs, NFTsGuide researches specific projects in the space and provides actionable tips and tricks to get involved in NFT. Truly one of the most professional and reliable NFT YouTube channels out there, this channel even shares resources and behind the scenes info on the moving parts of a successful NFT project so you can start your own. 

5. Brett Malinowski

  • 132K subscribers

Malinowski created and runs Mushroom NFT projects and is very active as an educator and mover in the spaces of NFT and Web3. Malinowski’s followers feed off his energy and the love he displays for this new and developing technology. He takes you along in his own journey through the DeFi world, whether that be on a retreat to focus on a new project or the business room of a big deal.

Malinowski’s NFT YouTube channel is an excellent place to find energy and encouragement as you look to get more involved in NFTs.

Check out this blog for more in-depth DeFi marketing tips and examples.

6. NFT Verse

  • 148K subscribers

On a true mission to bring his followers the best value and insights, this NFT YouTube channel can easily take a high-level concept and break it down into relatable terms. His followers seek him out for his how-to videos teaching strategies for researching current and potential NFT projects.

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7. BentoBoi

  • 52.1K subscribers

Brandon Chinn, more commonly known as BentoBoi, is a young star among NFT YouTube channels. He has founded several NFT projects and is an avid “jpeg collector”. Chinn is a wonderful source of NFT content delivered by a young mind that has learned to see and integrate new technology as a way of life.

8. Matt’s Crypto

  • 114K subscribers

A leader in crypto and NFTs, Matt’s Crypto has been featured in several online articles and forums. He covers everything under the world of crypto, NFT, metaverse, finance, and how each of those relates to everyday life. Follow him for coaching and straightforward advice on how to invest and profit from NFTs.

9. Mrwhosetheboss

  • 11.3M subscribers

Arun Maini is one of the biggest English tech YouTubers, but he qualifies as having one of the biggest NFT YouTube channels as well. His charismatic personality and entertaining videos cover all things technology, and when it comes to NFTs and crypto, Maini gives analogies and visual aids to help his followers understand the complex ideas that make up DeFi.

His content aims to decode the basics in order to have a working knowledge of these topics – a welcomed voice in a space that often becomes convoluted.

10. The Bitcoin Express

  • 177K subscribers

Chase Danzig of the Bitcoin Express is a crypto and NFT enthusiast. He focuses on understanding how the future of these technologies will impact us and the world around us in the years to come. For example, musicians sell their music in the form of NFTs as a new way to market and explore the use of NFTs. He simplifies NFT and crypto theories and current news.

Read more about the music industry leader Snoop Dogg’s NFT ventures here.

Wrap Up

As mentioned at the top, the NFT market is only going to grow. Careers in crypto and NFT have taken off, and careers in the field have become more stable. Instead of freelance miner or trading positions, we are seeing more and more mature roles such as human resources, marketing, and accounting jobs listed as well.


Via Indeed Data 

These NFT YouTube channels are all excellent and much needed sources of education to help us move NFT awareness forward to a point where a lot more than one out of four Americans can define what NFTs are and how they are used.

This article was written by Philip Murray

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