Top 10 NFT Influencers on TikTok

By Editorial Staff

NFTs took the world by storm when its market tripled in value to $250 million in 2020, and peaked in 2021 as markets increased by 21,000% to more than $17 billion. NFTs have become the newest global market, but what are NFTs and how does one get started in investing? NFT influencers on TikTok have taken to the platform to answer these questions, offer market advice, and teach millions of interested users.

NFT’s Growing Popularity

NFT stands for non-fungible token and refers to an art asset that is tied to the blockchain. In other words, NFTs allow you to own a digital piece of art that is unique and authenticated by decentralized networks. People buy and sell NFTs like any designer brand clothing, for the personal and social value of owning something unique.

The most notable NFTs are tied to images, but many projects include external awards for the owner of the NFT or could be even tied to crypto games. Some examples of external wards for owners of NFTs could include access to exclusive events, merchandise, in-game characters, and more. Although the craze of the bullish NFT market has faded, NFT artwork and related Crypto Games seem here to stay. 

Learn more about how NFTs and the metaverse are connected in this blog.

The biggest NFT projects include NBA Top Shot, Art Blocks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht, and Axie Infinity, which are tied to NBA moments, digital art, pictures of cartoon apes, more pictures of cartoon apes, and digital pets, respectively.

How Can I Learn More About NFTs?

Unless you’re willing to spend a decent amount of money to get in on these already big projects or are just looking for smaller projects to get your feet wet, one of the best ways to learn about NFTs is to follow NFT influencers on TikTok that post about new and upcoming projects. These updates are a great starting point for introductory information and learning about the space. 

Here’s our list of the top 10 NFT Influencers on TikTok (not in any particular order) that you should follow for the latest news on projects. If you’re interested in specific types of content, check out the “Content Type” description to find the creators that best interest you. 

Top 10 NFT Influencers on TikTok

1. @nft.degen (NFT Less)

  • 1.3 million Followers 
  • 12.8 million Likes 
  • Content Type: Newest NFT Projects 

Check them out #fyp #crypto #nfts #investing

♬ original sound – NFT Less

NFT Less is a TikTok account that posts about upcoming NFT projects including games, communities, coins, clubs, collections, and more. For those that are interested in finding early projects before they take off, @nft.degen is a great account to follow. Their posting schedule is only about once every 2 weeks, but when you do receive a notification it is always quality content focused on a new NFT or coin project. Their last 3 NFT related posts alone garnered approximately 924.3k views (updated on 9/27/22)

2. @kjuz.nft

  • 1.1 million followers 
  • 12.9 million likes
  • Content Type: NFT Projects

@kjuz.nft posts content that introduces new projects ranging from NFT TV shows, crypto games, and NFT art. The best part? His content is to the point, includes important context and statistics about the promoted NFT project, and is easily digestible. If you’re looking for NFT influencers on TikTok that are purely informational, @kjuz.nft is your guy.

If you’re looking for new Crypto outlets, check out our blog on crypto Discords here.

3. @nft.investing

  • 1.1 million followers 
  • 1.8 million likes 
  • Content Type: NFT Projects, NFT News

The global VR headset market grew by 241.6% year-on-year in the first quarter of this year, and headset shipments are expected to hit 13.9M units for the year as a whole.#nft #crypto #bitcoin #meta #vr #metaverse #nftinvesting

♬ BARELY BREATHING – Grant Averill

If you’re looking for a mix of upcoming projects and the latest news in the NFT space, @nft.investing is the perfect account to follow. This creator posts short news content about the newest influencers and celebrities getting into NFTs, new project launches, and the progress of growing NFT projects. The format of their content uses TikTok’s built-in voiceover and delivers quick and direct news related to the NFT space. 

4. @calvinspieth

  • 1.1 million followers 
  • 17 million likes 
  • Content Type: NFT Projects, Crypto, Entertainment

One of the most energetic NFT influencers on TikTok, @calvinspieth’s most recent streak of posts has been related to new NFT projects. With exciting introductions, his recent TikToks about NFT projects have the highest, consistent view count. Yet like many other creators on this list, his content is concise, informational, and usually a great starting point to begin learning about NFT projects. He also produces NFT-related entertainment content.  

5. @cryptomasun (Crypto Mason) 

  • 1.2 million followers 
  • 14.8 million likes 
  • Content Type: Daily NFT/Crypto News 

The Hedera NFT space is going to the moon… 🌙 Hedera Hashgraph is a distributed ledger technology that is designed to provide a fast, fair, and secure platform for applications. Hedera is built on a directed acyclic graph (DAG) data structure that allows for asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance (aBFT). This makes it possible to achieve high throughput and low latency without sacrificing security. Hedera boasts fast transaction finality, meaning that once a transaction is committed to the Hedera network, it cannot be reversed or tampered with. Hedera is powered by its native cryptocurrency, HBAR. HBAR is used to pay for transactions on the Hedera network and to provide governance for the Hedera Hashgraph Council, a group of entities that helps to manage the Hedera network. Hedera is designed to be developer-friendly and easy to use. The Hedera SDK makes it simple to build applications on top of the Hedera network. Hedera also offers a number of services, such as file storage, smart contracts, and a distributed time-stamping service. If you’re looking for a fast, secure, and scalable platform to build your next application on, Hedera Hashgraph may be the perfect fit. #hbar #hedera #hashgraph #crypto #cryptoinvesting

♬ Sweet Dreams – Ravens Rock ★

Crypto Mason produces content about NFT/crypto-related news, information about the state of the market, and honest assessments of when to be bullish or bearish on certain projects. He posts daily NFT content that helps new viewers to the NFT space get a grasp on the market, as well as information about the new, trending NFTs. If you’re looking for a transparent, information creator to follow, Crypto Mason is your guy. 

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6. @megbzk

  • Content Type: Daily NFT/Crypto News 

Top #cryptonews this week! #cryptonewsdaily #cryptonewstoday #crypto #xrp #xrpcommunity #helium #solana #megbzk

♬ Slow Motion (Fast Beat) – TikTok clip – AMARIA BB

Although the smallest creator on this list, @megbzk posts diverse content related to the crypto space, including new projects, crypto-related news, and tips for newcomers entering the crypto world. She creates content with another creator on this list, Crypto Mason. If you’re looking for an easily accessible starting point to keep up to date on Crypto, @megbzk is an account to follow. 

7. @itzjoshuajake 

  • 3.1 million likes 
  • Content Type: Daily NFT/Crypto News, Analysis 

It’s time you Learn About XRP 🙏 #xrp #crypto #bitcoin #ripple

♬ Lo-fi hip hop – NAO-K

If you want to learn more about trending Crypto and the news surrounding the state of the markets, @itzjoshuajake is your guy. He produces content that blends Crypto news and his opinion on the state of the market and individual projects. For someone that wants to learn more about how politics and major companies are influencing cryptocurrencies, @itzjoshuajake provides in-depth analysis and research that can help kickstart your own research in the market.

Although less focused on the newest projects compared to other creators on this list, he provides sound information that can provide context for the rest of your trades and investments. 

8. @groupchatnews (Group Chat Podcast) 

  • 1.7 million likes 
  • Content Type: Podcast-Style Clips, Entertainment, NFTs/Crypto News, Market News

More and More people are entering Web3😏 Would you Recommend a @ledger to them? #groupchat #podcast #news #fyp #web3 #eth #etheruem #ethmerge #ledgerpartner

♬ original sound – Group Chat Podcast

This podcast group makes content on diverse topics including crypto, financial markets, sports, and more. As the crypto markets have gone more bullish, they’ve diversified their content much more focused on entertainment and conversation. If you’re interested in these broader subjects and crypto market deep dives in a podcast format, this may be the creator for you. 

If you’re interested in learning more about NFTs and The Metaverse, check out our full downloadable report here.

9. @cryptoprojects 

  • 1.4 million followers 
  • 16.3 million likes 
  • Content Type: NFT/Crypto Analysis, News

Helio 🔥 #crypto #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #ethereum #btc #blockchain #ltc #cryptotrading

♬ original sound – Crypto Market Reviews

One of the most analytically based NFT influencers on TikTok, CryptoProjects might be one of the best creators for getting into the details of crypto. Warning: his TikToks do not include as many visuals and the information can be dense for newcomers. However, if you’re serious about wanting to learn the ins and outs of NFT/crypto news to the tee, @cryptoprojects is worth the long-term follow to keep up to date on the latest news. 

10. @virtualbacon 

  • 1.8 million likes 
  • Content Type: Analysis, Daily NFT/Crypto News 

What are the layer1s to pop next? #crypto #solana #polygon #avax #cosmos #atom #cryptok

♬ original sound – VirtualBacon | Crypto | Web3

If you want to learn how to begin your own research on cryptos, @virtualbacon is an excellent influencer to follow for tips and tricks to learn how to evaluate crypto, as well as gives his insight into trending crypto news. His content is easily digestible for newer users and provides great analysis for those deep into trading. 


This article was written by Ryan Koh

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