Why Everyone is Talking About the Lapse App

By Editorial Staff

With so much of the Y2K aesthetic coming back in style right now, it’s no surprise that 20-somethings are also romanticizing the grainy, blurry photos of the time as well. These timeless trends have kickstarted a new, innovative platform called Lapse. If you’re tired of the barrage of advertisements and want to primarily focus on connecting with friends, read ahead to learn more about the Lapse app!

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What is the Lapse App?

The Lapse app is a photo-sharing app that prides itself on not being about getting the most likes or having the most followers. Lapse encourages users to capture the moment, whatever that moment may be. What makes the Lapse app different from most other photo-sharing apps is that once you have taken a photo, you are not able to immediately see how it came out because your photos are sent into a “darkroom.” 

Source: @Lapse.

Here, Lapse is trying to mimic the feeling of developing film photos in a darkroom of photography. Lapse takes anywhere between 15 minutes and a couple of hours to develop your photos. Once developed, the photos come out looking like they were taken by a film camera rather than on an iPhone. 

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Additional Features

Don’t like a photo you took? No worries! You can always archive or delete any photos that you don’t want to post. Additionally, once you post your first photo on Lapse, the app immediately creates an album for you for all of that month’s photos that you take and post. If you want to curate more personalized photo albums, though, you can do that too! Whether you want these albums to be shared with others on Lapse or private and just for you, Lapse has got you covered. 

In addition, Lapse prides itself on not being about who gets the most likes or who has the most followers. After all, Lapse’s motto is “friends, not followers.” Instead of giving users the option to like, dislike, or use different reactions, Lapse allows users to choose any emoji they want from the entire emoji keyboard to react to people’s posts. Suggestions are automatically loaded onto each post, but once a user has scrolled through all of the suggestions, they can search for any emoji they want to react with instead. 

Source: @Lapse.

Some of the coolest features on the Lapse app come from their profile personalization options. When creating your profile on Lapse, it will prompt you to put in your birthday and ask if you would like to display your zodiac sign, something that many younger users on social media sites often put in their bios already. Additionally, the app automatically displays users’ ages on their profiles and asks users to input their school/university if they are interested. 

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The Uniqueness of Lapse

What’s really unique about the Lapse app profiles are the headers. On Lapse, users can upload up to 36 photos for their profile headers that the app calls “Selects.” These selections can then be placed in the order that users choose them to be, and when people go on their profile, their selections will cycle through, showing exactly who they are and their vibes.

Additionally, when users create a profile,  Lapse prompts users to choose five emojis that will be displayed on their profile photo. This feature is the most unique of their unique profile features in that I have never seen anything like it on any other app. I love the idea of having these five emojis that represent who I am. 

What makes Lapse more nostalgic is that the platform allows users to choose profile music like MySpace. Talk about bringing back the Y2K aesthetic! In addition to having profile music, users can choose music for the albums that they have created. Additionally, Lapse generates monthly albums for users to try.

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Interested? Give the Lapse App a Try!

Lapse has become more and more popular among 20-somethings and younger people in that they enjoy being able to post photos without the pressure of having to be #InstagramWorthy. Lapse is all about authenticity! The Lapse app makes them feel like they can be real on social media for the first time in a long time. While users might not give up Instagram just yet, innovative fun awaits at Lapse!

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This article was written by Alyssa Micalizzi

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