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10 Top Language Learning YouTube Channels

By Editorial Staff

If you’re passionate about speaking new languages and want to learn outside of apps and software, YouTube can be the place for you. As an OG video-sharing platform, there is a niche for anyone and everyone on YouTube. For those needing some extra help on a Spanish quiz or who have a desire to become full-fledged polyglots, there are plenty of language-lovers ready to help you tackle a whole new language with their expert tips and advice. Here are the top language learning channels on YouTube right now: 

1. English with Lucy

  • 4.59M subscribers
  • English

 Lucy Bella Earl teaches British English for free through her online videos to an audience of more than 4 million viewers. Besides grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, Earl also instructs her subscribers on how to construct common sentences and use phrases in English to hold conversations with native speakers. She also helps new English speakers correct their common mistakes, repeat daily language exercises, and improve their listening skills. Overall, her thorough videos have made her one of the most popular language teachers on the platform with an impressive amount of views on each video. 

2. Damon and Jo

  • 1.28M subscribers
  • French

Damon and Jo are two best friends who took off around the world and created a travel show on YouTube for the social media generation: Shut Up and Go. Mastering multiple languages, Damon and Jo post language learning videos in English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, and Italian, but mostly share tips to help others become fluent in French. Besides sharing their language tips, Damon and Jo are also known for their vlogs in foreign countries and their video lessons on the cultures in these countries.

3. Learn French with Vincent

  • 825K subscribers
  • French

Vincent has been teaching French for more than 20 years and has been sharing his speaking skills and helpful lessons on YouTube since 2007. As a native French speaker, Vincent has a passion for sharing his language and culture with thousands of people around the world, producing more than 200,000 videos over the years that have been viewed by millions. Believing that video is the most powerful tool to help others master French, Vincent prides himself on providing his students with all of the proper resources and skills they need to become fluent and realize their dreams.

4. English Like A Native

  • 645K subscribers
  • English

On Anna’s channel, you can find a ton of lessons on English pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar alongside videos giving advice on interview practice and confident speaking to help you master English. Her videos also feature lessons on British culture and traditions to encourage her subscribers to dive headfirst in the culture tied to English as they attempt to become fluent speakers. With new videos and lessons added to her channel every week, Anna is a fantastic resource for those with a desire to expand their English knowledge.

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5. Ikenna

  • 642K subscribers
  • French, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese

Ikenna’s main goal? To inspire his audience to learn their target languages. Knowing what it feels like to be a student, Ikenna’s aspiration to learn 15 languages by the time he turns 30-years-old has motivated him to share his journey with his followers as he provides them with his own tips and tricks to master their chosen languages. Currently, Ikenna speaks English, Japanese, Russian, French, Dutch, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish. From only knowing English when he was 18-years-old, Ikenna has come a long way, and he wants to help his viewers do the same.

6. Learn Italian with Lucrezia

  • 306K subscribers
  • Italian

Lucrezia is a Rome-based Italian tutor who makes videos on Italian language, culture, and lifestyle. Her channel is full of video lessons, vlogs and more entirely in Italian to help her viewers practice their listening skills in Italian. If you have a passion for discovering more about Italy beyond the language, Lucrezia’s videos are a great start to be introduced and immersed into Italian culture.

7. LingoSteve/Steve Kaufmann

  • 271K subscribers
  • French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and more

As a passionate polyglot, Steve Kaufmann taught himself 14 of the 16 languages he can speak – and now he’s ready to teach you! Frustrated at the traditional methods of learning, Kaufmann developed his own system for language learning effectively. In his videos, he shares the techniques and resources he uses to give fellow language learners tips and advice on how to become fluent in another language.

8. Lindie Botes

  • 220K
  • French, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and more

 As a self-proclaimed YouTuber who is obsessed with learning languages, Lindie Botes has amassed an impressive following for her lessons and travel videos. Based in Singapore, Botes is currently learning 12 languages and uses this as motivation to show her audience that it’s possible to learn multiple languages at once. Through her uploads, her subscribers can follow her language-learning process as she shares her best methods and tips for becoming fluent in a non-native language.

9. Luca Lampariello

  • 134K subscribers
  • Italian, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, German, French, and more

Luca Lampariello, originally from Italy, has been studying languages for more than 20 years. He created his YouTube channel to share not only his passion for languages, but also his techniques for studying various languages with optimism and enthusiasm. As a teacher, Lampariello prides himself on his effective methods and years of experience, branding his channel as “smart language learning”. Believing that language classes have a low success rate because languages “cannot be taught” but only learned, Lampariello has changed his approach and outlook on learning various dialects and has a desire to share this mindset with his hundreds of thousands of subscribers to help them succeed.

10. Language Tsar/Conor Clyne

  • 63.6K subscribers
  • Russian and Ukrainian

Once a lawyer and now a full-time YouTuber traveling the East of Europe, Conor Clyne’s passion for the Russian language inspires viewers to join him on his epic travel adventures. Over time, Clyne has also posted videos sharing his love for Belarus and Ukraine, which has led him to share tips and tricks for mastering these dialects. If you plan to visit Eastern Europe one day, watching his videos can be a huge help for communicating and avoiding tourist traps.

Check out these language learning channels that didn’t make the list: 

Channel NameSubscriber CountLanguage
Lindsay Does Languages/Lindsay Williams34.1KFrench, Korean, Spanish, Cornish, etc.
Elysse Speaks28.7KPortuguese, Spanish, German, etc.
Language Girl9.68KGerman, French, Italian, and Spanish

This article was written by Selena Ponton

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