Everything Creators and Brands Should Know about the Rumble App

By Editorial Staff

The digital revolution has transformed how we consume content, with video-sharing platforms leading the charge. Amidst this landscape, the Rumble app has carved a niche for itself. Whether you’re a brand, a content creator, or a casual viewer eager to discover fresh content, understanding Rumble’s potential is crucial. This article aims to be your comprehensive guide to everything Rumble.

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History and Growth of Rumble

Founded by  Chris Pavlovski in 2013, Rumble was introduced in 2013. Many platforms were jostling for attention, and standing out was no easy feat. However, Rumble’s founders clearly defined their vision: creating a platform prioritizing creators and a “free and open internet.” This unwavering commitment to its core values has been instrumental in Rumble’s ascent.

While it may have started as a modest platform, Rumble’s growth trajectory has been nothing short of impressive. The Rumble app is home to thousands of streamers, collecting over 35 million hours watched in September 2023. A significant chunk of this user base hails from the US and Canada, highlighting Rumble’s strong foothold in North American markets.

Source: @Streamschart and Rumble.

But Rumble’s achievements aren’t just limited to user numbers. Its recent listing on NASDAQ is a testament to its financial and operational success, signaling to creators, brands, and investors alike that Rumble is a major player in the video-sharing arena. As we delve deeper into Rumble’s offerings, it becomes evident that this platform’s journey combines strategic decisions, user-centric features, and a keen understanding of the digital content landscape.

Key Features of the Rumble App

Monetization Opportunities

Monetization is often the lifeblood that sustains creators. The Rumble app recognizes this and has gone above and beyond to offer many monetization options. While many platforms restrict creators to mere ad revenue, Rumble broadens the horizon. Here, creators can tap into lucrative sponsorships, delve into the affiliate marketing world, or even venture into direct product sales. This multifaceted approach boosts creators’ earning potential and offers flexibility in monetizing their content.

Content Freedom

While offering numerous advantages, the digital age has also seen a rise in content censorship. Platforms often find themselves in the crosshairs of controversy, leading to stringent content guidelines. Rumble, however, takes a different stance. The platform is a bastion of free expression, ensuring that creators can voice their opinions, share their stories, and express their creativity without the looming shadow of undue restrictions. 

Video Quality

Quality often becomes the differentiating factor in retaining viewers, and Rumble is acutely aware of this. The Rumble app is engineered to prioritize video quality, employing superior encoding techniques. The result? Videos that are clear and sharp and offer a visual experience that’s a sheer treat. Whether you’re a creator aiming for professional-grade content or a viewer with a penchant for high-definition videos, Rumble delivers.

Bandwidth Efficiency

In an era where data consumption is a real concern, especially with high-definition videos, Rumble emerges as a savior. The platform’s architecture ensures efficient bandwidth usage, facilitating smooth streaming. This is especially beneficial for users in regions with patchy internet connectivity, ensuring their viewing experience remains uninterrupted.

Why Brands Should Pay Attention

Are you a brand that wants to collaborate or partner with Rumble app streamers? Here’s a couple of reasons why you should!

Niche Audience

Rumble’s vast content spectrum encompasses everything from in-depth political analyses to heartwarming pet videos. This diversity is a goldmine for brands, offering them access to a wide and varied demographic. Unlike Twitch, primarily known for gaming, Rumble primarily focuses on analytical streams, political news and conventions, debates, podcasts, and seminars. 

Engagement Metrics

Passive viewership is a thing of the past on Rumble. The platform’s community is vibrant, with users actively engaging with content. Be it comments, shares, or simple interactions, the engagement metrics on Rumble are a testament to its active and involved user base. For brands, this translates to better visibility and higher chances of content virality.

While viewership fell 32% in September, hours watched was nearly the same in August. These statistics prove that the ebb and flow of traffic doesn’t impact Rumble’s engaged community. If you’re looking for an engaged community, Rumble might be the place for you to shine!

Unique Features

Rumble isn’t just about video sharing; it’s a treasure trove of insights for brands. With features like Instagram story analysis and lookalike audience insights, brands can glean detailed data to refine their strategies. In Rumble’s frequent blog updates, they spotlighted some of the most popular creators of the month.

Source: @StreamsCharts and Rumble.

Navigating the Rumble App as a Creator

While Rumble champions content freedom, it’s imperative for creators to have a strategy. Understanding audience preferences, analyzing content trends, and tailoring content accordingly can significantly boost engagement and viewership. A creator’s success on Rumble isn’t just about content; it’s also about community. Building and nurturing a loyal follower base, interacting regularly, and fostering a sense of community can exponentially amplify a creator’s influence on the platform.

The digital world is dynamic, with changes being the only constant. To truly harness the potential of the Rumble app, creators must stay abreast of platform updates, new feature introductions, and evolving content trends.

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For Brands: How to Collaborate on Rumble

Rumble’s advanced search and filter functionalities are a boon for brands. Whether looking for niche creators or influencers with a massive following, brands can easily find their ideal match. Initiating a campaign is just the tip of the iceberg. For a campaign to truly resonate, brands must manage it effectively, ensure regular communication with collaborators, and adapt to changing dynamics.

However, it’s all about results. How do brands gauge the success of their Rumble campaigns? The platform offers analytics and tracking tools, providing insights into key metrics. From views and shares to the unique ‘Influencer Media Value’ (IMV), brands can get a holistic view of their campaign’s performance, enabling data-driven decisions for future endeavors.

Final Thoughts

The Rumble app is more than just another video-sharing platform. Its unique features, commitment to content freedom, and focus on creators and brands make it a standout choice in the digital realm. Whether you’re a creator looking to share your voice or a brand aiming to expand your reach, Rumble offers a world of possibilities. Dive in and explore what the platform has in store for you.

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This article was written by Katie Hale

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