Crypto Presales to Check Out This Year

By Editorial Staff

As we enter 2023, the cryptocurrency space has only grown and grown, with many new projects on the horizon. If there is any time to invest, it is now. Don’t know where to start? Nowadays, investing in promising projects and crypto presales is the way to go. Crypto presales have become an established part of the crypto community. Being able to support a coin before it gets on the market helps its success, and might net you a good profit or features.

What Is A Crypto Presale?

A crypto presale is an offering unique to the crypto market. Similar in concept to selling stocks of a private company to specific investors, the crypto presale gives people an opportunity to buy into a coin that hasn’t gone on the market yet. 

This is hosted and run by the people behind the cryptocurrency, and the price, terms, and rewards one gets from that often depend on their goals and strategies. This gives a prospective buyer a unique opportunity to support crypto developers before the coins’ initial coin offering (or ICO). 

Presales have their risks and rewards. If crypto fails, investors might have inexpensive from the outset. Loss of revenue can result in immense financial hardship. For developers, investors might immediately sell out if the crypto currencies’ ICO are successful, resulting in less value for the coin overall. Future investors must research a company before committing to presales as this prevents any unnecessary risks.

Now that you know what crypto presales are, here are some of the most promising crypto pre-sales to check out in 2023.

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Best Crypto Presales

1. Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

A list of three games in slate for development by Meta Masters Guild- Meta Kart Racers, Meta Masters World, and Raid NFT.
Via Meta Masters

Meta Masters Guild is a crypto project that integrates NFTs and Web3 support into new mobile games. These techniques allow Meta Masters Guide to utilize groundbreaking technology for more engaging gaming experiences.

The concept is creating video games that reward you with Gems, an in-game currency that can be converted into the #MEMAG token, which can either be held or converted into Ethereum. Their first token project is a kart racing mobile called Meta Kart Racers, and it’s slated for release in late 2023.

Another plan the Meta Masters Guild have is to collaborate with more game development studio companies and influencers within the gaming space to promote their new concept. If you are interested, waves of MEMAG crypto pre-sale opportunities will open during 2023. Check out this page to get started!

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2. Fight Out

A boxer standing next to a phone showcasing the Fight Out app. The text reads: “Redefining Fitness for the Web3 Era,” “FIGHT OUT,” and “Move To Earn.
Via Fight Out

Fight Out integrates two different concepts in a unique and engaging way: a workout tracker and a way to earn crypto. By exercising and logging activities with the Fight Out app, you can start to build your REPS. Fight Out acts as an in-app currency that allows you to purchase things from them.

Alongside this is the #FGHT token, which can be purchased and converted either into REPS, or used in the Fight Out Metaverse project, which is still in development. Alongside this are the planned Fight Out physical locations — gyms where members can socialize and work out together.

Currently, the pre-sale opportunity already raised an equivalent of 3 million USD. Their campaign is open until their 5 million goal is met. Interested in this unique crypto presale opportunity? If so, check out Fight Out’s website to get involved!

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3. C+Charge

Via C+Charge

C+Charge is exceptionally unique among crypto presale opportunities. It has an emphasis on supporting eco-friendly practices, through supporting the development of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations all over the world.

By investing in #CCHG, the companies’ token, members with electric vehicles can purchase charge for their cars without worrying about inconsistent pricing, alongside earning carbon credits for their EVs. As of now, over $330,000 has been raised in C+Charges’ crypto presale. If you’re an environmentally conscious crypto investor, this crypto presale project is not one to miss out on.

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Conclusion: Why You Should Be Interested In These Crypto Presales

Crypto presales give a unique opportunity for prospective buyers to help kickstart the start of a promising project. Many new technological projects have a crypto element, giving a unique opportunity for fundraising or for potential investors to find a return on the projects’ success. 

Utilizing NFT and Web3 support, crypto opportunities such as Meta Masters’ Guild and Fight Out integrate crypto into other parts of their projects’ experiences to make a more engaging and successful project. Alongside this, projects like C+Charge aim to address global issues by utilizing crypto to create standards when none were before. Remember to do your research before investing!

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This article was written by Michael Litman

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