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Creators’ Legal: The First Ever Creator-Centric Legal Platform

By Editorial Staff

Imagine this: you’ve been working hard as an influencer and creating content when your dream company takes notice. They offer you a brand deal that seems almost too good to be true– but then what? Well, then you talk to Creators’ Legal.

Sometimes, lengthy contracts with fancy legal jargon are deposited in your inbox and now you have a difficult decision to make: pay a high legal fee to hire a lawyer or spend hours on your own trying to comprehend the difficult jargon and decipher the fine print.

Other times, you’re left on your own, blindly navigating the world of creator contracts in hopes of getting your deal documented quickly. You may be left wondering, “What does an industry-standard contract look like? How do I organize them in a way that is efficient and sustainable long-term?”

Unfortunately, this is a real situation many creators find themselves trapped in. Fortunately, the founders of Creators’ Legal developed a solution so creators can concentrate on making their business legal. 

At the core, Creators Legal’s mission is to help creators “create with confidence.”

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So…What is Creators’ Legal?

Founded by a team of former entertainment lawyers, executives, and creatives, Creators’ Legal is a comprehensive online legal platform dedicated to supporting content creators in documenting their brand deals easily– and quickly.

Creators' Legal makes the process easy

Signing up for an account with Creator’s Legal is free, fast, and easy. All you need is an email address (and the platform even provides the option to sign in through Google). They also have an expansive selection of industries to choose from so that creators, no matter their niche, can gain access to the right contracts and become legal. Currently, the primary industries they support revolve around Social Media, Podcasts, Film Production, Self Publishing (writers), Music, Photography, and General Media.

Creators' Legal covers all types of industries

Creators Legal’s services and packages are comprised of four key components:

1. Thorough, trustworthy contract templates that meet the influencer industry standard 

According to their website, every single one of the contracts provided was drafted up by veteran content and media attorneys. In some cases, the contracts were adapted from ones used in real-life situations. Examples of contract options available range from sponsorships, licensing, and writer agreements to release forms and terms of use.

2. A fully integrated form builder creators can utilize to customize their contracts

Through Creators Legal’s easy-to-use form builder, content creators have the ability to customize their contracts for their specific project needs. Essentially, while each of their contracts will cover the basic and essential terms of agreement/use, this additional form builder enables content creators to tailor and personalize their contracts depending on the project and deal.

3. An eSignature system to get contracts signed quickly and securely

Powered by HelloSign, each contract package includes an encrypted custom E-Signature that makes acquiring the signature of every stakeholder in the deal fast and easy.

4. A Project Briefcase to help track all of a content creator’s contracts and keep them organized

Once a content creator signs up for an account with Creators’ Legal (it’s free to create the account itself and there is also the option to sign in with Google), the platform will store any and all drafts, purchased contracts, and signed contracts in a secure dashboard. 

Project briefcase dashboard

This dashboard also features the ability to track the progress of your contract. For example, in addition to having sections dedicated to status updates and actions taken and/or required on the contract in question, the dashboard will also clearly notify creators as to when the contract was last updated (i.e. delivered to stakeholder, finished being signed, etc)

Ultimately, Creators’ Legal services aim to democratize the creator economy. By providing access to affordable and trustworthy contracts, Creators’ Legal levels the playing field for all content creators to ensure their work is protected and their business is legal.

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Gone are the days of hiring expensive lawyers and second-guessing if a contract is industry par or protective enough. With the help of Creators Legal, content creators and influencers alike can streamline their process of dealing with contracts and focus their energy on building/”professionalizing” their business. 

Are there any alternatives to Creators’ Legal? 

While Creators’ Legal is the first-ever creator-centric legal platform, there are a few similar online legal platforms that exist. Check out the table below to explore how the adjacent legal options compare to Creators’ Legal.


Notable similarities

  • Not considered legal advice
  • Provides templates to customizable and downloadable legal forms


  • More expensive than Creators Legal
  • More traditional business over individual focus (not as great of a fit for freelance creatives and content creators)
  • More access to a network of attorneys and 1:1 consulting services

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Subscription-based law firms

Notable similarities

  • Lower price commitment initially; can cancel anytime because subscription-based
  • Can work with any niche and can provide tailored contracts


  • Clients pays a monthly fee (whereas Creators’ Legal fees are contingent upon packages purchased)
  • More 1:1: time working with an attorney (actually receive legal advice)

In summary: Is Creators’ Legal a good fit for you?

Ability to buy individual contracts or a package of contracts (at a discounted rate)Not a law firm nor a complete substitute for an attorney: can not provide legal advice of any kind.
Contracts are industry standard and drafted by expert Media and Entertainment Lawyers: ensures content creators have their work protected.No 1:1 Consulting services
Comprehensive contract coverage for a wide range of niches within the creative industry
Affordable price points; particularly accessible for creatives and creators just starting out in the industry 
Their blog, Creators’ Corner, can help creators stay up-to-date on the latest legal trends within the creator economy and sometimes even provides ideas for growing a business as a content creator. 
Contracts are easy to fill out and drafts can be saved at anytime

This article was written by Grace Zhang

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