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Weekly Creator Economy Trends: 10/21

By Editorial Staff

This week in the Creator Economy, the music industry threads amongst app news. TikTok is making social media and music history with Taylor Swift, and Instagram as well as Pinterest incorporate songs into platform use.

1. TikTok & Taylor Swift

  • #TSmidnight album was released at midnight on October 21st 
  • Taylor Swift’s TikTok account has been viewed well over 30 million times on her TikTok exclusive show, ‘Midnight Mayhems

Taylor Swift is partnering with TikTok for her album release

It is indisputable that TikTok has a major influence on the music industry. Now, TikTok is teaming up with one of the biggest artists in the world for the release of her latest album. Swift is an experienced promoter, teasing her fans with snippets and Easter eggs, and now she is doing it on arguably the largest social media platform in the world. 

2. Instagram’s Latest Venture

  • A personal song within each user’s bio section
  • An edit option to add music of your choice

Instagram might be adding music to profiles

According to Twitter users, Instagram is testing out a new feature akin to mySpace. This means users will be able to add music directly to their page, playing the song whenever viewing the profile. Instagram has not yet confirmed this feature, but it still may be coming in the near future.

3. Pinterest Wants a Piece of the Music Industry 

Pinterest joins the music scene to help creators enhance their posts

In an effort to help their creators boost their content, Pinterest has partnered with Warner Music Group to bring top artists’ music onto their platform. Through a new feature, Creators will have “music options for their Pin creations. This addition allows Creators to enhance their content while keeping up with the trends of music and content similar to that of TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels. 


This article was written by Victoria Huynh

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