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Weekly Creator Economy Trends: 10/14

By Editorial Staff

This week in the Creator Economy, figures on and offline are genuinely editing the internet. From Elon Musk to Emily Ratajkowski, users are in for big changes in their daily apps.

1. Elon Musk’s Twitter

  • The removal of bots
  • Open Source Algorithm
  • A Revision on Twitter Blue

Musk’s deliberation with Twitter is coming to an end, which means Twitter itself could have a change of ownership. Musk has been clear about his hatred for Twitter bots, and he plans to remove them from the platform by altering existing features.

Twitter Blue is a subscription service, and Musk is looking to sophisticate this realm with charges on “commercial/governmental users”. The open source algorithm should “build a new process that would allow users to see exactly what is and isn’t” affected by the algorithm through their choice of experience.

2. Even @Emrata is Podcasting


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A post shared by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata)

Fashion model, actress, and author Emily Ratajkowski is entering her “Bitch Era” with recent videos to her TikTok.  Ratajkowski is coming to the camera with something to say about the internet’s latest divide over celebrity infidelity, the fetishization of female pain in Netflix’s Blonde, and so much more.

Now, she just announced her new podcast, “High Low with Emrata” which will discuss everything from politics and feminism to pop culture. This rise of celebrities bleeding into new media exemplifies public figures taking control of their fan bases, creating content that they own for themselves. Celebrities like Ratajkowski recognize the power of having a platform that is just for them because it allows them to create a narrative of their own.

3. TikTok is the New Spotify?

TikTok has an extreme influence on the music industry. When a song becomes attached to a viral trend on TikTok, the song skyrockets on streaming platforms. ByteDance is exploring collaborations with music labels that could potentially rival Spotify’s spot as the default streaming service. A trademark for “TikTok Music” has even been reported.

This article was written by Victoria Huynh

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