Top Ten Instagramable College Campuses in the US

By Editorial Staff

You only get 4 years to do your college justice on your social media pages, so why waste any time at a college campus that isn’t going to make your feed the envy of all your friends. We have rounded up the top 10 most Instagramable college campuses in the US so you can make sure even your walk to class is #stunning. There is a lot to offer when it comes to college decisions but rest assured, there is no doubt a visit to any of these college campuses will have you blowing up your feed with content. 

1. Belmont University

  • Nashville, TN


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Located in the country music capital of the world means school is steps away from the best city life in the US. The private, Christian University offers top-notch liberal arts and professional education to its students and consistently boasts the “most innovative” university title. With an enrollment of just over 8,000, the fast-growing University is the college campus backdrop for your feed that promises endless excitement all year round. The 55-acre campus is only two miles from the city and promises you an education like none other. 

2. New York University

  • New York City, NY


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The city that never sleeps and can fulfill all your Instagram feed dreams. Set right in the middle of all the action of Manhattan, New York University is perhaps the epitome of Instagramable college campuses. The institution embraces its urban identity and is home to the most diverse international study body in the US. With a campus in both Greenwich Village and Downtown Brooklyn, there is no shortage of content whether you’re looking for your next skyscraper backdrop or social media-worthy meal. 

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3. Dartmouth College

  • Hanover, NH

As the ninth oldest institution of Higher Education, Dartmouth College hosts some of the most stunning collegiate buildings within its 269-acre community. Located on traditional Abenaki homelands, it was originally created to assimilate Native Americans. It is no wonder Dartmouth is known for its natural grandeur of mountain vistas, pastoral settings, and towering pine trees, Hanover has everything you’re looking for in terms of a picturesque college environment. Prepare for snow-capped posts because the New England winter is no match for Dartmouth’s campus- it only adds to the effervescent feel of the Ivy League college campus. 

4. Princeton University

  • Princeton, NJ

Another Ivy League institution that is worthy enough to brag about on Instagram is Princeton University, located in New Jersey. The research university has an undergraduate enrollment of just over 5,400 and is currently seeking a net-zero emissions status. Similarly, Princeton is the fourth oldest institution and claims the reputation as one of the vibrant college campuses full of a rich history of architecture and ode to its natural elements. Your Instagram feed is sure to brag of collegiate excellence with Princeton as the geotag. 

5. Elon University 

  • Elon, NC


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Elon University, founded in 1889, is home to an impressive array of college campus highlights. Not only does it have a 56-acre forest, but the University itself is designated as a botanical garden. As a student at a school that is quite literally a garden, your Instagram profile will have no shortage of flora and fauna that Central North Carolina offers. Elon emphasizes the sense of community, global engagement, and ambition that comes with student life- the icing on the cake for this picturesque college campus.

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6. Flagler College

  • St Augustine, FL


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Nestled on the Atlantic Coast of Florida, Flagler College is the oldest continuously occupied settlement in the contiguous US, founded by a Spanish explorer. The private liberal arts college used to be a hotel, but after 79 years became the community’s newest collegiate institution. The cultural influence remains, making St. Augustine a coveted destination in Florida, also due in part to its title as “Happiest Seaside Town,” by Coastal Living. Endless cafes, boutiques, and the beachside make this close-knit community one of the ideal college campuses to keep the Instagram content rolling year-round thanks to the endless sunshine.

7. Georgetown University

  • Washington D.C.


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Set in our Nation’s capital, you have just about every photo opportunity at your exposure at the US’s oldest Catholic and Jesuit University. From stunning monuments like the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial to the impressive architecture that comprises the heart of Georgetown, you are surrounded by the vibrant culture and too many Instagram backdrops to count. Not to mention, each year hundreds of festivals are hosted at the National Mall which contributes to the vibrant student life. 

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8. Harvard University

  • Cambridge, MA


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Set on the Charles River in the heart of Cambridge, the prestige of Harvard University is nearly enough to make it a college campus worth posting about. With iconic campus spots, like Harvard Hub and Harvard Square, you are right in the heart of a collegiate whirlwind of beautiful spring blooms and stunning fall colors that will turn your feed into a Harvard fan page. The iconic architecture branches from classic to modern with recent innovations to the Science and Engineering Complex to the on-campus museums that will remind you that you’re not far from Boston. 

9. Pepperdine University

  • Malibu, CA

Located at the rolling foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains with a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean, Pepperdine is the answer to your wildest Instagramable college campus dreams. Student life is a permanent vacation. Year-round ocean air, boating, and surfing are just the start for the University that is located near Malibu Canyon. With an enrollment of 7,600, this Christian University is a short trip from Los Angeles and also has international campuses scattered across the globe if your feed gets Malibu fatigue. 

10. University of Miami

  • Coral Gables, FL


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A metropolis for rich cultural and artistic movements, the University of Miami might as well be a resort. Surrounded by tropical flora and palm trees is enough to make your Instagram followers envious. The 239-acre campus is a short 7 miles from Miami where the beautiful weather can be enjoyed at the beach. Though only 2 of the University of Miami’s 7 colleges are located in Coral Gables whilst the rest are sprinkled around the surrounding area to take full advantage of the diverse community and offerings of the Miami area.

This article was written by Kate Reinke

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