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10 Clash Influencers for Your Next Campaign

By Editorial Staff

Clash is the latest social media platform craze that is for creators, by creators. This creator-founded app is a network for experienced and rising influencers to create a fun and entertaining community to explore their own content creation. Clash is dedicated to helping influencers of all sizes and content to succeed and turn social media into their profession long-term. In only a few months, Clash has created a platform with over 300,000 users and is growing everyday. Here are the top 10 Clash influencers for your next campaign!

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1. Elijah Daniel


Elijah Daniel is not only a successful influencer across many platforms but he is also the current reigning king of Clash. As a comedy and rapper influencer, Daniel creates a range of content for his many followers to enjoy. His comedic approach to Clash makes him the top creator on the platform and its most influential voice for any campaign. 

2. Scotty Sire


Scotty Sire is a top YouTuber known for his friendship in the Vlog Squad and his innovative rap music. He has recently started a CBD company called iCBD with a variety of products and an industry blog. Sire is an overall influencer industry leader and has had massive success across all platforms. His comedy and lifestyle vlog content translates in his videos making him the ideal Clash influencers candidate for your next campaign.

Other Members of the Vlog Squad:

  • David Dobrik
  • Zane Hijazi
  • Heath Hussar
  • Jason Nash
  • Toddy Smith
  • Carly Incontro
  • Erin Gilfoy
  • Matt King
  • Corinna Kopf
  • Jeff Wittek
  • Josh Peck
  • Joe Vulpis

3. Chris Klemens


Chris Klemens is another successful influencer who got his start on YouTube. As a natural comedic commentator, Klemens has turned everyday activities into a full-blown entertainment experience on YouTube. His content is primarily centered around lifestyle content but has created such a distinct brand for himself that he even launched his own clothing brand, Middle Kid Supply. His continual growth on social media has led him to be one of the top Clash influencers who could promote for any style campaign. 

4. Jason Nash


Jason Nash, a YouTube sensation and member of the Vlog Squad, is known for his comedy content with his friends and family. As a comedian and social media personality, he is the ideal influencer to create an entertaining campaign. His content is enjoyed by fans of all ages and is refreshing on all platforms, Clash included. 

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5. Emmy


Emmy is an internet sensation known best for her commentary TikTok content. After the success of the viral meme of her crying in her car, she has taken her personality to social media and is now a top creator. Bringing her content to Clash has only expanded her fan base and has brought a comedic female leader to the platform. Her Clash content is very authentic to her personality and is what keeps her fans so loyal and invested. 

6. Sally Darr Griffin


Sally Darr Griffin is another female creator on Clash known for her unique lifestyle content. Griffin is another relatable influencer who appeals to a young adult demographic that thrives off ironic humor. Her content is entertaining across all platforms, especially as a top Clash influencer, and would be a fresh face to any new social media campaign. 

7. Toddy Smith


Toddy Smith is another successful influencer from the Vlog Squad. His reach across all platforms, Clash, included, is all due to his entertaining and relatable personality. Smith is known as the handsome and artistic Vlog Squad member and his talents even led him to co-write a diary-style book called I’ll Give You a Dollar If You Consider This Art. His inviting social media presence through his lifestyle content makes him perfect for any campaign.

8. Dillon Francis


Dillon Francis is a worldwide DJ sensation known for his hit songs “Get Low” and “Coming Over.” Since his recent friendship with successful influencers, he has shown off his goofy and entertaining side on social media. Currently, he is one of the top comedy Clashers on the platform and is growing every day. 

Other Popular Dillon Francis Songs:

  • I.D.G.A.F.O.S.
  • Without You (Feat. Totally Enormous Distinct Dinosaurs)
  • Anywhere (Feat. WIll Heard)
  • Masta Blasta
  • What’s Your Name (with Calvin Harris)
  • Set Me Free (with Martin Garrix)

9. Spencewuah


Spencewuah is a comedy influencer who is widely successful on TikTok. He is known for his commentary on his own life and has been specifically noted for his videos called “daily work scream.” In these videos he vents about all the things that happen during his day working at Starbucks and it has become a viral hit. On Clash, his personality continues to shine through his authentic content that is relatable and entertaining to many. 

10. Kelli


Kelli is a Clash creator who takes traditional dance content to the next level. Her transitioning talents blended with her dance skills make each video she produces entertaining and exciting. Her upbeat content makes her a great candidate for campaigns of any capacity.  

Other Top Clash Influencers:

Jay Boice@jay1,300
Nikki Neisler@nikki1,100
Brendon McNerney@brendonmcnerny2,200
J Cyrus@jcyrus840
Jac Anderson@jacanderson451

This article was written by Daniela Rodriguez

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