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How Meta’s FAIR Lab is Celebrating Diversity

First and foremost, Happy Women’s History Month! To begin celebrating Women’s History Month, we wanted to shine a lot on Meta’s Fundamental AI Research Lab (FAIR lab). The FAIR lab is ...

Editors' Picks

TikTok as a New Platform for Social Media Marketing

Introduction The online community developed a strong social media subculture within the internet space, paving the way to various types of platforms that allow people to share their content with all ...

Editors' Picks

Virality to Vitality: How Viral Stars Create Lasting Careers

Before there was Bhad Bhabie, there was Danielle Bregoli or the “Cash Me Ousside” girl from Dr. Phil. Bregoli perfectly exemplifies an ongoing internet phenomenon of how going viral online can ...

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What Is Mixer? A Guide to this Twitch Alternative

Video game streaming has become one of the largest competitive hobbies in the world. With millions of players streaming video games and watching content, it’s no wonder why eSports is the fastest ...

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Here’s Why Ninja Left Twitch

Tyler Belvins is a professional gamer best known by his online persona Ninja. He is a 28-year-old from the suburbs of Chicago, who rocks iconic neon hair. He started his professional gaming career ...

Editors' Picks

Instagram vs. TikTok: App Battle

There’s a new kid in town. Tik Tok, the video-sharing app, is the now the world’s most downloaded iPhone app. It features short 15 second videos, which are soundtracked by music clips. Content is ...

Editors' Picks

How Influencer Marketing Added Fuel to the Fyre Festival

The words “Fyre Festival” might bring a chill down your spine, but good news! Fyre Festival was not a total epic fail. Billy McFarland might not have been an expert in the finance department, but ...

Editors' Picks

Egg vs. Kylie Jenner: Battle for the Most Liked Instagram Photo

A photo of a normal brown egg has beaten Kylie Jenner for most likes on an Instagram post. Yes, you read that correctly, an egg. The famous egg (shown below) set out with Jan. 4 with a single post ...

Editors' Picks

Why Nano Influencers are a Huge Deal

If you’re tired of big social media influencers getting paid for ads, you’re in luck… sort of. Many companies are beginning to target smaller accounts, called nano influencers, to get their ads ...

Editors' Picks

Drake vs. Kanye: A History of their Twitter Feud

In case you’ve comfortably established residence under a rock somewhere or are personally boycotting the use of any social media, then the feud between rappers Drake and Kanye West is nothing new ...

Editors' Picks

Which is the Best Music App for your Phone?

By Jessica Paolucci All good things must come to an end, right? Well, It’s time to say goodbye to the LimeWire, YouTube to MP3, and AOL Radio days, because these powerhouse music streaming apps ...

Editors' Picks

Part 3: How to Create Winning Influencer Marketing Campaigns Through Measurement, Testing, and Actionable Evaluation

Stellar Influencer Campaigns Series In our last part of our trilogy guide on influencer marketing, we show how to drive velocity in your campaigns. Using Campaign Acceptance Rate to Craft an ...

Editors' Picks

Part 2: How to Simplify Your Influencer Marketing Workflow & Implementation Process

In the first part of this guide, we reviewed the real operational labor costs and discovered how inefficiencies add up quickly. For the second part of our trilogy: We review what are the proven ...

Editors' Picks

Part 1: The Real Costs of Influencer Campaigns

It’s no secret that brands and agencies alike are experiencing a rapid growth in demand for influencer marketing campaigns. Since 2014, we’ve seen the industry grow from experimenting with ...

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