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Top 10 Black YouTubers (Updated)

By Editorial Staff

February is a time to celebrate black talent, black influence, and black excellence. However, the celebration shouldn’t stop after February. That’s why, we’re taking the time to shout out the top black YouTubers that you should have on your subscribed list! 

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1. Kali Muscle

Kali Muscle’s YouTube channel features wild workout videos and food fasts. He also organizes his channel into playlists of workouts for each body part for ease of your workout routine. Want to make sure you’re eating right as well? Kali Muscle’s got you covered with videos all about what you need to stop eating! 

2. Shalom Blac 

Shalom Blac is a beauty and lifestyle YouTuber working to make these industries more inclusive. As a burn survivor, she shows off her incredible makeup skills through enthusiastic and fun videos. Though candid about her own insecurities on screen, she also always reminds viewers to always be their own kind of beautiful.

3. Nyma Tang

  • YouTube: @NymaTang
  • 1.34M Subscribers

Nyma Tang is a black YouTuber turned beauty influencer. Having first started her channel with the goal of encouraging women with dark complexions like her to embrace their beauty and find makeup that works for them, she launched “The Darkest Shades,” a series on her channel. 

This series showcases the lack of makeup tutorials and products for women with dark complexions. Frustrating her, Tang brings her story of being bullied for her skin tone growing up while reviewing brands and advocating for darker complexions to be added to beauty lines.

4. Austin Dunham

Austin Dunham is a young, black YouTuber and fitness entrepreneur. Dunham is the creator of the AD Workout Training Program and Coaching and has more than four years of experience in calisthenics. 

5. Glo Atanmo

  • YouTube: @GloAtanmo
  • 20.3K Subscribers

Gloria “Glo” Atanmo is a self-described “black girl obsessed with traveling.” Atanmo uses her YouTube channel to document her travels, but also to educate and inspire viewers to step out of their comfort zones and go on an adventure!

Speaking of adventure, Atanmo also published her very own digital dating guide on how to date better, deeper, and ultimately land the love of your life.

6. Minority Nomad – Erick Prince

Erick Prince AKA Minority Nomad is on a quest to be the first African American to visit every country in the world. As a black YouTuber, Prince uses his channel to document his travels as well as promote his travel writing and photography. Prince keeps a travel blog on his website where you can also find his travel photography. However, his travel photography can also be found on his Instagram.

7. The Yusufs

  • YouTube: @TheYusufs
  • 30.5K Subscribers

The sister duo Nasteha and Nuni have a loving and lasting bond when it comes to fashion. Their fashion blog and later YouTube channel, The Yusufs, was created as a way for them to share their creativity and growth as women along with their global perspective on personal style and fashion.

The sisters share their eclectic takes on fashion, beauty, travel, and motherhood throughout their shared blog and YouTube channel for all women to enjoy and hopefully be inspired by.

8. SweetPotatoSoul

Sweet Potato Soul is a professional vegan chef, food blogger, and YouTuber. She and her delicious vegan recipes have been featured on The Today Show, The New York Times, Health Magazine, Veg News, InStyle, Refinery 29, Well + Good, Reader’s Digest, and many more.

While Sweet Potato Soul is primarily a foodie, posting unique and tasty vegan recipes, she also dips her toe into ethical fashion, natural beauty, and compassionate lifestyle content as well. Being a black YouTuber has also brought her the opportunity to write and publish her own cookbook, “Sweet Potato Soul.” 

9. ShawnJ Gaming

Shawn J is a black, gaming YouTuber well-known for her Warzone and Call of Duty skills and knowledge. Her channel centers around gaming reviews, trailers, settings tips, and all kinds of fun gameplay videos. 

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10. Kera’s LuvTechniques. – Kera Butler

Source: Love’s Lane Coaching – Butler’s Website

Kera Butler is a certified relationship coach with over five years of experience in relationship coaching. Butler’s unique approach to love and relationships are to help her viewers make better decisions through awareness coaching and help them learn how to maintain a happy and healthy relationship. On Butler’s website she offers specialized sessions ranging from relationship management to personal development.

Final Thoughts

Look at all of that black excellence! We at NeoReach are proud to have the platform to shout out these voices now and every day; whether it be February or not. Giving recognition where recognition is due is so important, especially to underrepresented groups, and we will always continue to do so.

This article was written by Alyssa Micalizzi

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