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By Editorial Staff

What exactly is an NFT? They use blockchain technology, but they’re not cryptocurrencies. They are digital, but are also fully unique. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are defined on Investopedia as “cryptographic assets on blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other”. That was simple enough, right? Maybe not. That’s why we’ve gathered the best NFT YouTube channels in order to have a trusted source for learning about NFTs and potentially getting involved in them.

Right now, digital artwork and digital gaming assets are the two areas with the most popularity in the NFT space. The unique digital construction of these items is coded and registered on the public blockchain network. Once this has been done, the original digital file can always be verified, and ownership confirmed. We have also seen this technology pop up as a way to digitally represent and identify physical assets as well, such as real estate or collectible items.

While NFTs are primarily used within the worlds of art and gaming, there have been a few recent headlines that expand that sphere. An engaged couple exchanging NFTs (in place of rings) at the altar with their wedding vows, the first NFT restaurant opening soon in New York City, and even the first NFT for dogs! If this hasn’t urged you to find an expert to teach you the ways of NFTs, then I have a few more things for you to think about…

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What could the future hold for NFTs?

Although NFTs are essentially still in the infancy stage, they have actionable effects in our world. What we still don’t know is how far will our economy and culture allow them to expand.

An interesting perspective of NFT technology allows digital property to be treated a little more like physical property and allows physical property to behave a little more like digital property. Here are some ways that experts think NFTs could be used in the future:

1. Product authenticity and tracing. Imagine every consumer product from food to clothes having a digital twin, you would be able to scan it and see everywhere it’s been from manufacturing to shipping. Essentially giving everything a digital value and verification.

2. Identity verification. Because NFT ledgers are 100% secure, they could be used for housing digital I.D.s such as birth certificates, academic records, and social security. Making them more secure than physical copies, more easily accessed, as well as faster to process and verify. This would make something like verifying your drinking age as simple as the push of a button, an alternative to carrying a document that can be falsified or lost.

3. Real estate. It has been posited that real estate may be the most NFT-ready zone. Things like transferring deeds, verifying ownership, tracking detailed value fluctuation, decentralized rental services, smart contracts, and many other things could be done securely and quickly on blockchain technology.

4. Medical records. There are a few different applications that experts can envision in this industry, but the primary one we see talked about often is the decentralization of medical records. If everyone were to have their medical data converted to an NFT with a unique identification code, this would give the individual control over what happens to them, meaning it would put a stop to the non-consensual selling of medical information. Other benefits include quicker transfer of records from one doctor to another, ease of finding a doctor that aligns with your needs, and others.

5. Voting. Most voting polls require a physical I.D. to be shown, and still, we often see controversy over election fraud and poll blocking. In the same way we can verify the authenticity of possession, the technology could also be used to verify another unique thing, your vote. It may be a way of ensuring each person has only one vote, and that one vote is valued equally to everyone else’s vote. This could be especially useful in countries where it is not the norm for everyone to carry, or even possess, a copy of their identification.

Again, there are a lot of hurdles before those ideas become realities, but they are possibilities that experts talk about regularly. And we didn’t even touch on ticketing, intellectual property, supply chain, research and development, or any of the other ways NFTs are being talked about. There are many ways that this technology could be normalized and used by everyone, even if the digital-art stuff doesn’t interest you right now. With all this on the horizon, here are some of the best NFT YouTube channels to help us learn about and understand the world of NFTs, how they may be used, and where we can fit in.

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The Best NFT YouTube Channels to Subscribe To

1. GaryVee

  • 3.86M subscribers

Gary Vaynerchuk is many things. He has penned several books, speaks at seminars regularly, has a podcast, and owns several businesses. Probably best known for his work in social media and digital marketing, his content gears toward entrepreneurs with a motivational focus.

Vaynerchuk’s presence in the NFT sector has grown significantly in recent ventures. He will soon open the first NFT restaurant and regularly shares conversations on his own beliefs about the effects of NFTs as well as conversations he has with other experts. With lots of thought and wisdom to share across a host of topics, GaryVee is always educating his subscribers on NFTs and raising NFT awareness.

2. Alex Becker’s Channel

  • 1.29M subscribers

Alex Becker, like Vaynerchuk, has a long list of business successes under his name. He has been involved in internet marketing, SEO education, startups, and more entrepreneur ventures. Cryptocurrencies and NFTs have been a heavy focus as of late. This is a sound place to go for good advice on both subjects and to learn about how you can get involved in NFTs yourself. Following the large upward trend, Becker has taken an extra interest in NFT gaming. He breaks down what is most important about the subject and what he sees as the next steps.

For a more in-depth look at NFT gaming, check out this blog.

3. Max Maher

  • 885K subscribers

You wouldn’t expect an entrepreneur who started a moving company, Skinny Wimp Moving, and a pool cleaning company, PoolsMax, LLC, to also lead one of the best NFT YouTube channels, but that is, without a doubt, what Maher has done. He disperses NFT info with the intention of helping his followers come away with a clear understanding and a good grasp of the topic before taking any action.

An entrepreneur at heart, Maher’s channel also covers an array of topics centered around investing and making a profit – NFTs and crypto-coins chief among them. We love how Maher doesn’t cut corners or assume you know what he’s talking about. He covers everything, including every single coin and NFT market in existence!

4. NFTsGuide

  • 756K subscribers

This is one of the best NFT YouTube channels that focuses solely on NFTs. NFTsGuide is a very detailed source for everything from reviewing new NFT projects to showing you how to get NFTs for free. The advice you receive on this channel will almost always be specific and actionable, so this is a great spot to find step-by-step instructions as you get your foot in the door and maybe even start your own NFT project.

5. Brett Malinowski

  • 130K subscribers

Malinowski is an NFT enthusiast. As the creator of Magic Mushroom NFT projects, he has a complete understanding and comfort in the NFT space that translates into his guidance for anyone learning to navigate that world. He comes from the Midwest and is making his passion for NFT technology a reality by helping his school’s registration system move onto the blockchain, a big step in moving toward the future of NFT integration. Regarded as one of the more genuine and talented voices out there, Malinowski is working on launching his own media company with the new technology, an undertaking he regularly updates his YouTube subscribers on as well.

6. NFT Verse

  • 144K subscribers

Very insightful and always putting his followers first, NFT Verse has everything from in-depth analysis of different NFT projects to how-to tutorials. With a new post almost daily, this is one of the most consistent of the best NFT YouTube channels. The host has a wealth of knowledge to share, and he doesn’t forget to stop occasionally and explain things along the way. Learn why the NFT market is behaving a certain way or how to understand the value of play to earn NFTs.

Need to keep learning about blockchain technology and everything that comes with it? Here are some of the top crypto YouTubers with lots to share!

7. BentoBoi

  • Subscribers: 51.5K

Brandon Chinn, aka BentoBoi, is a quickly rising NFT influencer and has one of the best NFT YouTube channels out there. He is the co-founder of @SquishySquadNFT as well as WGM Studios. When listening to Chinn you will hear him call himself a “jpeg” collector, but he is much more than just a collector. He has a knack for educating all of his followers quickly and giving fast and accurate updates on new NFT projects, investing strategies, and NFT integration theories.

Wrap up

As you can imagine in an industry growing as fast as blockchain and NFTs, there are many voices, and we weren’t able to cover them all here. However, latching onto and learning from an expert that you trust is a must, and each of these can bring huge value to you as you learn to explore and become involved in the exciting space of NFTs.



This article was written by Philip Murray

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