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Best Practices: Back to School Marketing Campaigns 

By Editorial Staff

Back to school season is back in session, and every student is prepping for the new term. Every person can relate to the excitement and struggles of going back to school after a long summer break, so what better time to utilize influencer marketing with some back to school marketing practices? Keep reading this blog to get some lessons from NeoReach on how to launch a successful back to school campaign.

Marketing Practices For Starters

Before you start connecting with influencers, you’ll want to devise a good marketing strategy for your brand. Without a proper foundation for your back to school marketing campaign, not only will you be less likely to find influencers willing to work with you, but you might fall short of your campaign goals.

Here are a few things to strategize before making an effort to reach out:

  • When do you plan on advertising your product? Does your product remain relevant throughout the year, or are there specific times of the year when your product is more enticing to consumers? 
  • What platform(s) best suit your brand’s demographic? 
  • Which strategy would best capture your demographic’s attention? 
  • What trends is your audience raving about, and how can you incorporate those trends with your brand?
  • Which influencer niche would best suit your back to school marketing campaign? 

What Time Should You Advertise?

For back to school campaigns, your prime time to advertise is between late July to September, since most students prepare for the new term during those months. If your brand is tailored toward a wider audience, (students, post-graduate students, and professional workers) you could consider advertising throughout the year, preferably near the holidays when discounts and spending are plentiful.

However, for general back to school products, prioritize August and September. Failing to advertise at a good time for your campaign won’t guarantee success and maximum reach potential, so choose wisely!

If you have a brand new backpack that provides comfort for the long treks to work or class while also being stylish, take a look at Google Trends to see where other brands reach peak interest.

For example, let’s take a look at Herschel Supply Co., a popular site for bags, accessories, and backpacks for school.

Via Google Trends

Based on the graph, you can see that the interest in Herschel products sharply increases from late July to August, but the one exception to this explosion was during 2020 when most schools and colleges were remote learning because of the COVID-19 pandemic. You can also see another spike in interest around the holidays.

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What Platforms Are Best?

Depending on the audience you want to reach, social media platforms popular with Gen Z like TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter are your best options for back to school marketing. Sproutsocial released demographic data on popular social media sites as of March 2022, and the numbers don’t lie. 


idk if it’s too hot to wear this rn but I tried to follow the dress code rules #backtoschool #outfits #style #fashion #ootd #school #fyp

♬ Toxic (Y2K & Alexander Lewis Remix) – Britney Spears

On Instagram, 31.2% of users are between the ages of 25 and 34 while 31% are 18 to 24 years old. 25% of TikTok users are between the ages of 10 and 19. Similarly, 48% of Snapchat’s demographic are in the 15 to 25 age group. Finally, Twitter’s largest age group is 18 to 29 at 42%. Be sure to consider the average time spent on these platforms when deciding where to advertise because you’ll want to ensure the typical user will have the chance to see it.

Another important thing to consider is what platforms are the most popular at the time of your back to school marketing. For example, TikTok has been one of the most popular platforms for quite some time while Twitter has plateaued in growth and is predicted to stay that way for the next few years, according to Sproutsocial.

It’s crucial not to make these decisions in one sitting – take a bit of time to consider your options with all these factors in hand. 

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What Strategies Are Good For Publicity? 

Whenever you go shopping and see a sign saying a store nearby is having a sale, your initial reaction is to go inside and check out the place. Not only do you save money if you buy during the sale window, but you also might find products you really like and continue shopping there in the future.

If you want to attract loyal or new customers, your best bet is to advertise discounts or sales. Sales are great for people of all ages, especially parents and young adults looking for supplies and accessories for school.

If you’re interested in connecting with your desired demographic, take initiative through contests and giveaways. Giveaways get your brand out and also encourage participation from a wide variety of people. Contests can also encourage creativity within your community, and coupled with influencer marketing, can be a great way to give your influencer creative freedom when advertising.

It’s important to let your influencer maintain their unique internet personality and humor while advertising your campaign; unlike traditional marketing, influencer marketing attracts more consumers because of its authentic nature.


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♬ ac loverrmore – ady

Finding the Right Influencer 

Running a successful back to school marketing campaign would be impossible without the right influencer. When partnering up, remember to be transparent with the influencer and understand that having a one-size-fits-all approach will only hurt your campaign.

Some influencers may be perfect for your campaign while others might not be based on their demographics and niche. To get you started on your search, keep these few tips in mind:

  • Find an influencer based on their niche: Will the influencer be a good candidate based on what genre of media they post? Will their audience be interested in your product? Will the advertisement positively impact the influencer as well as your campaign? Here are some genres to think about: technology, organization, supplies, education, makeup, fashion, etc).

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  • Do extensive research on the influencer: When finding the right influencer, you want to make sure they have a solid reputation on the internet. Do they post authentic content? Does their engagement rate correspond with their follower count? Do they show respect and generosity towards their audience? There are several things to consider when finding the right match, but always remember that bigger influencers aren’t always better.
  • Consider your budget when searching: Researching goes hand in hand with this next tip. Every influencer has a different rate, but larger influencers usually have higher rates than most. Exposure from larger influencers may seem better, but micro/nano influencers tend to have more loyal fanbases and higher engagement rates.



This article was written by Brianna Borik

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