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What Is a Brand Ambassador?

By Editorial Staff

In today’s society, influence is everything. Individuals who have amassed a large following on social networks have the ability to shift public opinion towards an idea, product or brand in correlation with their own view. However, individuals who may have less of a following but can more effectively communicate a given message can provide greater results. This concept has given rise to the era of the brand ambassador.

What Is a Brand Ambassador?

Brand ambassadors are individuals hired by organizations to positively showcase their product in an effort to increase sales and brand awareness. Typically, a company will offer monetary compensation or product in exchange for an individual spokesperson who will epitomize brand identity, value, ethics, and appearance. An integral part of being a successful brand ambassador is reaching the companies target audience through a given individual’s outreach.

Who Can Be a Brand Ambassador?

Historically, a brand ambassador would refer to someone with a great influence or popularity within a given sector. This remains true today primarily in the fashion industry. For example, world-renowned supermodel Hailey Bieber is an excellent choice to promote the latest Adidas shoes and clothing line. Hailey’s status as a global fashion icon gives her the ability to influence her millions of followers in regards to what products are deemed on-trend.

Nowadays, brand ambassadors can be anyone who can offer positive outreach or identify needs a brand is seeking. Brand Ambassadors must remain well informed in regards to the company’s mission, products, and services as they act as a liaison between a company and their respective followers. The brand ambassador’s role is to utilize the communication tools at their disposal including social media, private messaging and email.

The role of the brand ambassador can be fulfilled by anyone with the given criteria a company is seeking. In fact, many startup or local companies rely on hometown individuals to represent their brand within the area. Compensation and exchanges will vary based on the needs of the brand and one’s ability as an ambassador, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a shot if you want to get started.

What Can a Brand Ambassador Do for You?

A brand ambassador is someone who has tried a product or service and is passionate about it that they can be expected to repeatedly share their positive experiences with others. The authenticity of their experience is key in their communication with their outreach. This is more than just a good review or a singular post about a brand. A brand ambassador is continuously advocating for a company, spreading awareness and increasing positive dialogue. By establishing a means of compensation or exchange of product, a company can keep the brand ambassador happy and in turn continue the outreach of positive promotion.

How to Start an Ambassador Program

The most successful ambassador programs can contribute upwards of 20% of revenue, and brands that are generating a meaningful contribution of total revenue have these things in common:

  1. Funneling their customers into a community centered around their brand
  2. Recruiting as many ambassadors as possible, regardless of social reach
  3. Providing their ambassadors with instructions on creating awesome brand content
  4. Creating fun and authentic activities for ambassadors to promote the brand
  5. Providing rewards that have value to their ambassadors while also driving business goals like clearing out old inventory, increasing AOV, and purchase frequency
  6. Leverage ambassador created UGC in their other acquisition channels

Learn more about the tactics and strategies brands are using to grow communities and scale ambassador programs in this ambassador program template.

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This article was written by Evan Schimek

This article was written by Editorial Staff

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