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Most Popular Travel Influencers for Your Summer Travel Inspo

By Editorial Staff

In a world that is becoming increasingly more driven by social media, there is no end to the topics that have grown to have enormous communities. You can find inspiration from business influencers, pet influencers, decorating influencers, travel influencers, and on and on.

Today we will be looking at some of the best travel influencers across a few different platforms that are the go-to source for their followers when it comes to deciding where to travel or just experiencing a vicarious getaway.

Travelers use social media for many facets of their travel experience. It’s a window to the entire world for anyone holding a smartphone. 

As influencers play the role of guides to their followers, we see more and more people each year turning to social media and travel influencers for trip locations and advice. A recent study showed that over 91% of participants were tempted to travel because of a photo seen on social media.

Another study done by Schofields Insurance found that the number one motivator in picking a destination for adults aged 18-33 is how “Instagrammable” the destination is. That’s right, over cost, over cuisine, over personal development, and even over sightseeing, aesthetics take the win.

This shows just how important travel influencers are in our modern environment of travel as they showcase and recommend different locales.

A travel influencer’s work extends beyond picturesque cities. Their followers are extremely trusting of their tips for what is necessary to pack, where to find the best deals, and their thoughts on all details revolving around planning and booking the perfect getaway.

Eric Damier 


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Damier is the owner of EarthPix, a popular Instagram travel page, and the CEO of Social Trends Media, a company that runs many similar accounts like EarthPix. He is based in Los Angeles, but is, seemingly, never there. As he travels all over the globe regularly, he is passionate about inspiring others to travel more and to live their best lives.

But it’s his TikTok account that is gaining traction now. He documents his travels from Mexico to Italy, or an underwater hotel to mountain top bungee jumping. Damier’s love for adventure and beautiful sights is a treat for people stuck at home (and hopefully inspires a few of them to take an adventure).

The Bucket List Family

  • 1.4M subscribers

Have you ever thought about selling everything you own and traveling the world? Well, that is what this family did. For the last three years Garrett and Jessica Gee, along with their children, Dorothy, Manilla, and Calihan, have transformed into some of the most popular travel journalists and travel influencers online.

Starting in Utah, this family decided to create something new for themselves and are now full-time travel influencers. Hitting 65 countries since then, they posted videos that share their story as a family as well as showcase incredible experiences and sights. You can see the five-year-old child cliff jump, their numerous swims with HUGE sea creatures, and all the details of traveling with a family.

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Blair Eadie


Eadie sits at the top of a niche that is gaining more popularity, travel fashion. She has her own line of clothing, Atlantic-Pacific, and worked with many other brands, such as Nordstrom and Kate Spade. Starting out in fashion, it was not long before travel became her obsession and she joined the two.

She lives in New York (though originally from San Francisco) and worked as the Director of Merchandising at Tory Burch for many years. Her first international trip is where things changed for her. She went to Hong Kong, London, and Paris over a few weeks, and has been documenting her travels ever since. Now, her favorite place to visit as often as she can is Tokyo.

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Mike Corey 

  • 1.1M subscribers

Corey is a bonafide adventurist. As he shares his travels, you can find him going to some of the more unique and off-the-beaten-path destinations. Starting out as a marine biologist, Corey then pursued film, and now puts it all together as an influencer and creator.

After his schooling was finished, Corey traveled the world volunteering at many different projects to gain experience and do his part to make the world a better place. And, lucky for us, he always brought his video camera. Through his channel, he shares his journey from biologist to travel influencer, while also taking viewers on wild adventures exploring abandoned palaces, meeting with local tribes and indigenous groups, and walking dangerous bridges.

Nicole Sunderland 


I love all these destinations 😍😍😍 #girlstrip #traveltiktok #vacation #girlsgetaway

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Author at a few blogs, as well as her own, Eat Live Travel Drink, Sunderland actually went to school for criminology and business. Passionate about business, she continued on to get her MBA. But there is one thing Sunderland is even more passionate about: travel. This travel influencer primarily travels solo and has a focus on luxury travel, food, hotels, and photography.

She is a strong ambassador for the all-women travel app Tourlina which helps women travelers connect with other women travelers safely all over the world. You can find her sharing tips and beautiful pictures and making lots of suggestions on where you should go next.

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Kelly Lund 



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Loki is actually the name of Lund’s wolfdog, and it’s true that Loki is really the star of this account. Seeing the wolfdog all over the world, camping, hitting the beach, staring into the mountains, or one of the many other picturesque scenes provides Lund’s trademark perspective on his many adventures.

Lund manages a challenge course and runs team building exercises as the outdoor recreational coordinator for the city of Denver. Because his travels and following center around his pet, Lund’s mission is to raise and support other people who need animals in their life.

Agnieszka Lal 



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A post shared by TRAVEL IN HER SHOES ✨🪂 (@aggie)

A Poland born travel influencer Agnieszka Lal, or Aggie, is a global citizen who has lived all over the world. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Lal is a well-known author as well. Penning the books Kili Me Softly (about climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro) and InstaTravel (her recent book about discovering and capturing destinations).

As one of the best travel influencers, Aggie is very vocal about indigenous groups and the need to learn about them more and the integral role they play in preserving the planet. You can find her regularly sharing her own findings on the topic, as well as taking her followers virtually to every corner of the world she can make it to.

With photo taking/sightseeing dominating the priority of travel concerns over other attractions like food, animals, or history, it makes perfect sense that these travel influencers have become so important to their followers as a source of information and inspiration.

This list of travel superstars will not only tell you where to go on your next trip, but what to wear, what to eat, where to stay, and most importantly, where to get the best photos. Priceless.


This article was written by Philip Murray

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