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Top 10 Technology Influencers on YouTube

By Editorial Staff

YouTube: a diverse community where people share a variety of passions and talents with the world. Technology accounts for a large community within the YouTube world, as YouTube has served at a platform for technology gurus to share everything from product reviews to software hacks. Today I will introduce you to ten tech influencers who keep the technology community afloat on YouTube. Pay close attention if you are looking to improve your knowledge of the world’s latest gadgets and devices! Also, check out our previous blog of the top 20 tech influencers on YouTube.


1. Marques Brownlee 

8.9m subscribers

Top Technology Influencer Marques Brownlee's YouTube Channel

With over 8.9 million subscribers, Marques Brownlee inevitably landed number one on this top tech influencers list. His popular channel, MKBHD, features Apple, Google and Samsung products as well as equipment reviews. He is known for his honesty and offers his subscribers a truthful review. If you are looking for an authentic review of the hottest technology on the market, look no further! 


2. Lewis Hilsenteger 

14m subscribers

Unbox Therapy's YouTube Channel

As the owner of the popular YouTube channel Unbox Therapy, Lewis Hilsenteger is among the most successful tech influencers with over 14 million subscribers. What makes his channel unique is that he features gadgets and funny reviews that aren’t always trending or name brand products. For instance, he once created a funny review of the cheapest smartphone in the world! If you are looking for a channel that is both entertaining and informative, Lewis Hilsenteger’s channel is for you!  


3. DigitalRevTV

1.9m subscribers

Top Technology Influencer DigitalRev TV's YouTube Channel

Founded by CEO and producer Richard Yu and co-produced and presented y Kai Man, DigitalRev TV is currently the most viewed photography show on the internet. Videos on this channel feature product reviews, camera challenges, and photography tips for over 1.9 million subscribers. With roughly 8.2 million views, their most viewed video is currently the “Emoji Photoshoot Challenge”. If you’re interested in photography and technology videos with a humorous twist, this is the channel for you! 


4. Techsource

2.1m subscribers

TechSource's YouTube Channel

Edgar Oganesyan is the talented tech influencer behind the highly subscribed to channel, Techsource. With over 2.1 million subscribers, this channel has rightfully earned spot number four on our top tech influencers list. Techsource is the leading PC-related YouTube channel, where you will find videos comparing various technologies, PC tips, and general knowledge on your PC! 


5. Linus Sebastian 

8.8m subscribers

Top Technology Influencer Linus Tech Tips' YouTube Channel

Linus Tech Tips is a highly followed channel on YouTube with over 8.6 million subscribers. This channel features entertaining videos about technology! Some common videos on Linus Tech Tips include tech reviews, showcases, and more. One of his most famous videos is titled, “Building a PC Cheaper in China?! Feat. Strange Parts” and features Linus building a more cost-effective PC!  


6. UrAvgConsumer

2.4m subscribers

UrAvgConsumer's YouTube ChannelThe name “UrAvgConsumer” is fitting for this channel because it offers a variety of tech gadgets for those who may not be experts in the field of technology. With over 4.2 million views, the most-watched video on this channel is currently, “The ULTIMATE Gamer’s Paradise! (Room Tour)” and gives us a glimpse of any gamer’s dream game room. From videos about the best smartphones to videos about gamer backpacks, this channel is sure to offer you useful knowledge! 


7. Jon Rettinger

1.5m subscribers

Top Technology Influencer Joe Rettinger's YouTube Channel

As the founder of TechnoBuffalo, Jon’s channel is a forum for all things electronic. Common videos on his channel include game console comparisons, unboxings, product reviews, and informative tips and tricks on various products. Jon Rettinger has over 1.5 million subscribers, and his more viewed video is currently “Xbox 360 vs. PS3: Round 1 (controller)” with over 8.2 million views.  

8. Jonathan Morrison 

2.6m subscribers

Jonathan Morrison's YouTube Channel

Jonathan Morrison’s channel includes product reviews on various mobile devices. Some common brands you will find Jonathan reviewing include: Apple, Samsung, and Google. In many of his highly viewed videos, he shares opinions and information about new devices to his 2.6 million subscribers! 

9. Erica Griffin 

866k subscribers


Top Technology Influencer Erica Griffin's YouTube Channel

Erica is among the few females in the world of tech influencers. Her channel features various unboxing and comparison videos about smartphones and portable game consoles. With over 866,000 subscribers, she has proven that girls can be knowledgeable and successful in the field of technology!

10. Austin Evans

3.7m subscribers

Austin Evans' YouTube Channel

Austin Evans popular YouTube channel offers the best recommendations and reviews on all kinds of gadgets and equipment. He is known for being honest, especially in his videos where he features items that are not worth their price in his opinion. With over 3.7 million subscribers, it is evident that he is among the best tech influencers out there! 

This article was written by Kyleigh Eaton

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