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Top 11 Pinterest Boards

By Editorial Staff

Are you guilty of scrolling through Pinterest for hours on end? Do you have boards of recipes and DIY projects you make never make, but continue to pin new content to daily? If so, today we are going to embrace our inner Pinterest addictions! In this blog, I will share 11 Pinterest boards you NEED in your life. From fashion to food, these boards are sure to bring inspiration and happiness to your lives!  

1. “Inspirational Quotes” by We Heart It

We Heart It Pinterest 2021

With 11.6M followers, one of We Heart It’s most popular boards and topics, Inspirational Quotes is full of uplifting phrases which are published weekly in a Monday Motivation series. A weekly collection of inspiring quotes are shared via the beta version of Pinterest story pins.

We Heart It also has many other beloved Pinterest boards, such as:

  • BEAUTYCHAT: 694K FOLLOWERS; Beauty is one of Pinterest’s most popular topics. This board provides a curated space for influencers and beauty enthusiasts to share their favorite content—ranging from skincare routines and product recommendations, to hair & makeup inspo, or clever beauty hacks. 
  • WELLNESS INSPO: 285K FOLLOWERS; Since lockdown measures, many of us have turned inward to examine our health and wellness more closely. This board is decorated with all the latest health trends, wellness tips, and provides simple DIY life hacks that help guide you towards living a happier & healthier life!

2. “Recipes” by Joy Cho (Oh Joy!)

Top Pinterest Board Recipes by Joy Cho (Oh Joy!)Joy Cho is the most popular Pinterest influencer with over 13 million followers. Her board titles, “Recipes” has almost 4 million followers and is the top recipe board on Pinterest. From mouth watering pasta to the perfect avocado toast recipe, “Recipes” by Joy Cho is bound to give you the easy and enjoyable dishes you’ve been searching for. Go see why everyone is raving about Joy Cho and give her a follow!

3. “Everything” by Maryann Rizzo

Top Pinterest Board Everything by Maryann RizzoWith over 9 million followers, Maryann Rizzo is the second-most-popular woman on Pinterest. Her board “Everything” is exactly as described. It includes everything she could not categorize from fun lamp shades to heartwarming quotes. If you are looking for a Pinterest board that contains a variety of good finds, look no further!

4. “Things to Make” by Bekka Palmer

Top Pinterest Board Things to Make by Bekka Palmer“Where I store all the ideas that inspire me to make something.” This board embodies everything Pinterest and more. “Things to Make” is one of the top DIY boards on Pinterest, featuring lists of crafts and projects! With over 7 million followers, this board rightfully deserves a spot on this list!

5. “Entertaining + Fun” by Poppytalk

Top Pinterest Board Entertaining + Fun by PoppytalkThe name “Entertaining + Fun” is very fitting for this popular Pinterest board! If you are looking for the ultimate Pinterest board, look no further. Here you will find everything from recipes to party décor! With over four million followers, this popular board offers a variety of information and inspiration.

6. “Delicious” by Jane Wang

Top Pinterest Board Delicious by Jane Wang“Delicious” is the ultimate board for a foodie. With over 7 million followers, this Pinterest board contains every recipe and cooking hack you’ll ever need! This board is best known for its abundance of Asian-inspired recipes. With over 17,500 pins on this board, you are bound to find something for you!

7. “Living Spaces” by Bonnie Tsang

Top Pinterest Board Living Spaces by Bonnie TsangWhat’s Pinterest without a little home décor? “Living Spaces” by Bonnie Tsang is bound to win your heart. This board is focused on interior design and has over 3.5 million followers. From breathtaking kitchens to cozy bedrooms, this board contains inspiration like no other.   

8. “Architecture Details” by Neille Hepworth

Top Pinterest Board Architecture Details by Neille HepworthNeille Hepworth is among the most popular architectural accounts on Pinterest with over 4 million followers. One of the more boards is titled “Architecture Details” and focuses on unique buildings and spaces. From sky roofs to the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, this board is a must-follow for all the architectural gurus out there!

9. “Words to Live by” by Christine Martinez Loya

Top Pinterest Board Words to Live by by Christine Martinez LoyaChristine Martinez is an ex-interior designer with over 5 million followers on Pinterest! Her “Words to Live by” board has over 4.5 million followers and features everything from empowering to sentimental quotes. The title “Words to Live by” is a perfect description for the quotes within this board.

10. “Craftiness” by Jodi Mckee

Top Pinterest Board Craftiness by Jodi McKeeJodi Mckee is a popular Pinterest influencer with over 3 million monthly viewers and over 4 million followers. She is best known for her creativity and craftiness, which is why I am not surprised one of her most popular boards is called “Craftiness.” This board has over 2.5 million followers and contains every craft you could imagine!

11. “Everything Wedding” by Wedding Chicks

Top Pinterest Board Everything Wedding by Wedding ChicksLet’s face it, we all have a “dream wedding” board. Pinterest is widely known for having some of the best wedding inspiration and planning tips, which is why It is no surprise that this board has over 4 million followers! If you are dreaming of the perfect wedding, give this board a follow. “Everything Wedding” contains the wedding inspiration you need in your life!

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This article was written by Kyleigh Eaton

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