ShowYOURSELFie with NeoReach

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ShowYOURSELFie with NeoReach

I founded NeoReach on the conviction that you have the power to promote the organizations, products, and ideas you care for, and the right to get rewarded for spreading the word.

But sometimes, it’s important to lend a helping hand, for free.

Global Citizen Festival

Last weekend, our team attended the Global Citizen Festival – the Global Poverty Project’s third annual festival dedicated to ending extreme poverty.

Global Citizen Festival NeoReach

With headliners including Jay-Z and Tiesto and special guests such as Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, and Jessica Alba, it’s not surprising more than 60,000 people flocked to Central Park in NYC.

Global Citizen NeoReach

We promoted the #showyourselfie campaign: a visual petition for youth rights around the world that will be taken to the UN in 2015. Armed with our photo-booth and NeoReach hats, we stormed the festival to educate and to promote.

Global Citizen NeoReach

Global Citizen NeoReach

Throughout the day, over 1,000 engaged people came to the NeoReach booth to show their selfies and help draw attention to this important cause.

NeoReach showyourselfie

If you’re one of the lovely supporters that were able to #showyourselfie with us that day, you can find yours here.

Join the # showyourselfie cause and find hundreds of other campaigns at NeoReach, where we find, share, and earn by promoting the things we care about.

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A special thank you to Etoile Smulders, Felisa Hsieh, Katie Black, Katy Berens, and Jacob Castaldi, for helping us make this day a success.