10 New Mobile Apps to Check out during Quarantine

By Editorial Staff

New apps come out daily and it’s hard to know which ones are worth trying out. Whether you want to manage your time, improve your sleep, or grow a virtual garden there’s probably an app for it. From vintage photography to a mini exercise buddy in your watch, here are ten new mobile apps to check out this month.

1. FIMO – Analog Camera

  • 100k + downloads
FIMO new mobile app to check out in 2020

FIMO lets you capture old school vintage photos on your phone. Dust and scratches, retro colors, light leaks and other retro touches can all be added for a custom look, or use one of their seven signature presets. The mobile apps setup for taking photos even looks like a 70s film camera, with a wide capture button and black rimmed viewfinder.

2. Pokémon HOME

  • Over 1M downloads

Pokemon HOME new mobile app

This long-awaited Pokémon service came out in early February and has already amassed over one million downloads. A cloud-based service, HOME is a place to manage, trade, and compete Pokémon with players around the world. Plus, players can receive mystery gifts for even more fun.

3. You’re The Best!

Sometimes you just need a mental hug, and YTB gives you just that. Featuring inspirational quotes with art by creator Erin Paisley, this member of our list of new mobile apps gives daily encouragement and inspiration. Use them as a wallpaper or just appreciate the daily pick me up. Who doesn’t love some wholesome encouragement each day?

4. GitHubPull request comment

GitHub is a place for all kinds of developers to organize and collaborate in a convenient mobile app. Use the dedicated work inbox to keep track of tasks and notifications, collaborate through Issues and Pull Requests, then use the Merge feature to mark them as done, and organize issues with labels and assignees. You can even browse your assignments and code in dark mode if you prefer. This is a mobile app to assist in building mobile apps, crazy cool!

5. Amazon Music for Artists

  • 1k + downloads
Amazon Music for Artists debut mobile app
Credit: Variety

With Amazon Music for Artists you can instantly know how people are listening to your music. View your music’s overall performance through trend charts and data. Learn how you trend on Amazon’s Alexa through the Daily Voice Index. Plus, find out where people are listening to your music around the globe with location insights.

6. Nomi

Nomi digital pet app

Nomi is a digital pet made specifically for the apple watch. This cute little exercise buddy grows the more steps you take and has to be “fed” regularly, so keep moving! Nomi integrates with the Health App on the Apple watch to easily measure your movement and steps. At the end of the day, show your Nomi some love by tapping it or rolling the digital crown to pet it.

7. Byte


Byte logo - new Vine app

Vine is dead but Byte has only just begun. Another of the mobile apps from the creators of Vine, Byte brings back the six-second looping videos which you can upload from your camera roll or capture in the app. The new profile grid setup makes browsing and exploring easier. To start your Byte profile, simply choose a profile name, pick a photo, then start recording.

8. Greenfile

Greenfile mobile app for managing files digitally

This mobile app is an eco-friendly way to create and manage your files. Create documents with built-in timers, lists, tables, checkboxes, and text fields. Export your files to make them PDFs, print from your device, or keep them all organized within the app.

9. Evernote


Evernote note taking mobile app that seamlessly integrates

Evernote is the note-taking app of the future. With the ability to type, scan and even draw your notes, you can manage all of your ideas however you like. Add to-do lists, photos, audio, web clippings and more. Sync across your devices and share your notes, too, no more rainbow Post-its and scrap paper bits stuck to your desk.

10. Loóna


Loona sleep mobile app helps you get in the right mood to sleep and destress

There are tons of tips and tricks to help you destress. Meditation and yoga and sleep podcasts to name just a few. Loóna is a new mobile app that gives you a new sleepscape every night to guide you through a session involving relaxation activities, storytelling, and calming music. Get in the deep sleep mood and try out Loóna before bed tonight.

This article was written by Christiana Sinacola

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