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Embracing Simple Living with These Minimalist Influencers

By Editorial Staff

The concept of minimalism has surged to the forefront of our collective consciousness, offering a serene antidote to the chaos of modern life. As we navigate an era marked by the pursuit of simplicity, purpose, and mindful living, it’s no wonder that minimalism has captured the imagination of countless individuals seeking solace amidst the tumult. In this blog, we’ll delve into the creator economy’s best minimalist influencers that brands and businesses should keep tabs on.

Additionally, for brands looking for authentic influencers to partner with, utilizing minimalist influencers could prove to be a great way to Refresh Your Strategy With Influencer-Generated Content.

The Essence of Minimalism

At its core, minimalism encapsulates a harmonious blend of simplicity, purpose, and mindfulness. It encourages us to pare down the unnecessary to focus on what truly matters. Here are a couple of reasons why minimalism is a hot trend among influencers:

  • Decluttering:  It involves the deliberate act of removing excess possessions, both physical and mental, to create space for what is essential. In a world where the accumulation of material goods has often been equated with success, the art of decluttering offers a refreshing counter-narrative. It liberates us from the shackles of consumerism, making room for a simpler, more purposeful existence.
  • Intentional living: This cornerstone of minimalism advocates for a deliberate and thoughtful approach to one’s life. It compels us to make choices that align with our values, beliefs, and aspirations rather than being swayed by societal pressures or fleeting trends. This principle fosters self-awareness, empowering individuals to lead lives of greater meaning.
  • Prioritizing experiences over possessions: Experiences over material possessions are a vital aspect of living and emphasize recognizing that memories and relationships hold far more value than material possessions. This shift in perspective invites people to create richer, more fulfilling lives.

Meet the Minimalist Influencers

In the world of minimalism, influencers play a pivotal role in shaping our perception of intentional living. Let’s introduce you to five remarkable minimalist influencers!

Sylvie Mus – Minimalist Fashion

IG: @sylviemus_

Hailing from the fashion capital of the world, Paris, Sylvie Mus embodies the essence of minimalist fashion. Her style effortlessly combines simplicity with style, advocating for the ‘less is more’ approach to fashion. Sylvie Mus inspires her followers to curate a timeless and elegant wardrobe that speaks volumes through its simplicity.

If you’re interested in learning more about fashion influencers, check out our recent blog on the Top Fashion Micro Influencers to Collab With. With a steadily growing following, increasing by more than 6% just this month, and an audience from around the world, Sylvie Mus is certainly an influencer to keep an eye out for.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Sylvie Mus (@sylviemus_)

Sage Phillips – Minimalist Decor

IG: @sagephillipshome

Sage Phillips is a maestro in the world of interior decor. Her philosophy is all about creating stylish, organic, and minimalist living spaces that allow for personal expression and individual style. With a keen eye for design, she showcases how less clutter and more simplicity can transform your living environment. With over 11k average likes on her posts and a high engagement rate of over 5%, Sage Phillips is setting the standard for minimalist interior Instagram accounts.

The Minimalists – Minimalist Lifestyle

YT: @TheMinimalists

Known for their thought-provoking Netflix documentaries, “Minimalism” and “Less Is Now,” The Minimalists, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, are advocates of a minimalist lifestyle. Their YouTube channel is a treasure trove of advice on how to lead a life focused on meaning and happiness rather than material possessions.

With a following of over 480 thousand and a gender split of almost 50/50, The Minimalists would make a great addition to a brand marketing roster, as well as making for a great watch if you’re interested in living a minimalist lifestyle.

Norm Architects – Interior Design

IG: @Normarchitects

Hailing from Denmark, a country renowned for its minimalist design principles, Norm Architects is a beacon in the world of interior design. They craft spaces that prioritize human-centric perspectives, harmonizing form and function in perfect unison. Their work represents the epitome of Scandinavian minimalist design. With an Instagram following of over 655k and substantial followings from London to Seoul, Norm Architects is certainly worth checking out.


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A post shared by Norm Architects (@normarchitects)

Marie Kondo – Decluttering

IG: @mariekondo

Marie Kondo, the tidying-up guru and author of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” has become a household name in the realm of decluttering. Her message is simple yet profound: declutter your life to find joy and meaning. Marie Kondo empowers individuals to embrace minimalism, one neatly folded item at a time.

Additionally, for brands striving for authenticity in their marketing efforts, partnering with influencers like Marie Kondo is a great choice. With a following of over 4 million and average reel plays surpassing 240k in the last 30 days, it certainly makes her an account to check out.


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A post shared by Marie Kondo (@mariekondo)

For brands, utilizing these influencers as Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) could be crucial for showcasing products authentically in marketing campaigns. Learn more about KOLs here!

How Minimalist Influencers Impact Marketing

Minimalist influencers, with their authentic commitment to simplicity and mindful living, have carved a significant niche in the world of influencer marketing. Their unique approach brings a breath of fresh air to campaigns and resonates with both brands and their target audiences, showcasing why trust is key for building influencer management programs.

These influencers are a boon to influencer marketing because of their credibility. They are perceived as authentic, promoting products or services that genuinely align with their minimalist values. As a result, their endorsements come across as trustworthy and in harmony with their principles. In an era where authenticity is key, using User-Generated-Content (UGC) is vital for trust and engagement in influencer campaigns.

Brands benefit from minimalist influencers as they effortlessly convey the essence of their products or services. The minimalist lifestyle’s emphasis on quality over quantity meshes perfectly with many brands’ messaging. It’s not about having it all; it’s about having the right things, and minimalist influencers embody this ideal.

The synergy between minimalist influencers and marketing is undeniable. It’s a partnership that benefits brands and consumers alike, promoting a conscious, purpose-driven approach to consumerism. Additionally, brands can repurpose the influencer content, on their social channels to maximize reach.

Embracing Simplicity in Your Life

As we wrap up this journey into the world of minimalist influencers and their profound impact on our lives, it’s time to take a step closer to embracing simplicity in your own life. Here are some tips and takeaways to help you start your minimalist journey:

  1. Declutter Mindfully: Begin by decluttering your physical and digital spaces. Ask yourself if each item or commitment brings value to your life. If not, consider letting it go.
  2. Quality Over Quantity: When making purchases, prioritize quality over quantity. Invest in items that truly matter and serve a purpose rather than accumulating unnecessary possessions.
  3. Prioritize Experiences: Shift your focus from material possessions to experiences and relationships. Create memories that last a lifetime and bring true fulfillment.
  4. Mindful Consumption: Be aware of your consumption patterns. Consider the environmental and social impact of your choices. Choose sustainable and ethical options whenever possible.

By applying these principles in your life, you can experience the liberating effects of minimalism firsthand. But don’t forget the inspiration you can glean from minimalist influencers. Their wisdom and guidance can be invaluable on your journey toward a more intentional, simple, and fulfilling life. 

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This article was written by Chandler Dordoy

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