Crypto Was Hacked. Will the Stake Hack Impact Kick Streaming?

By Editorial Staff

If you’ve been watching the crypto-casino world, you’ve probably heard the shocking news:, the largest cryptocurrency-oriented casino platform, was recently hacked for a staggering $41.3 million. But the ripples of this seismic event go beyond just the casino tables and digital wallets. They extend to the streaming world, specifically to Kick Streaming—a platform closely tied to Stake. Let’s dive into the implications of the Stake hacked incident. 

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The Stake Hacked Incident: A Quick Recap

The Stake hack incident has sent shockwaves through the crypto community. A jaw-dropping $41.3 million was drained from Stake’s digital wallets, affecting various cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Chain. Key figures like @CyversAlerts and @ZachXBT were among the first to highlight the issue, bringing it to public attention.

The hackers transferred approximately $16 million worth of ETH, USDC, USDT, and DAI from’s Ethereum address to a separate wallet, which was then converted into ETH. This was followed by another $25.6 million drained from the Polygon and BNB Chain platform. The scale and audacity of this hack have left many in the industry stunned and searching for answers.

What is

For those unfamiliar, is a behemoth in the crypto-casino world. Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Curacao, the platform generated around $2.6 billion in revenue in 2022 alone. It’s not just a place for gamblers to try their luck; it’s a full-fledged ecosystem that has embraced the cryptocurrency revolution.

But Stake isn’t just a casino; it’s also closely tied to Kick Streaming, a platform that has gained mass popularity by sponsoring various streamers. Kick has managed to lure big names like Adin Ross, Amouranth, and XQC to its platform and become a direct competitor for Twitch. How did Kick pull this off? Unlike other streaming platforms, Kick has a 95-5 revenue split for all creators compared to Twitch’s standard 50-50 split.

The Immediate Aftermath: Stake’s Response

In the wake of the hacking incident, Stake was quick to act. The platform immediately suspended all deposits and withdrawals to prevent further losses. While this move was necessary, it has left many users in a state of uncertainty. Stake also quickly confirmed that services had resumed in full, stating that user funds “are safe”. The immediate suspension of financial activities has led to a ripple effect that could affect payouts and operations on platforms like Kick.

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What Does This Mean for Kick Streaming?

The Stake hacked incident raises several questions about the future of Kick Streaming, and the uncertainty is palpable. With Stake’s financial assets compromised, there’s doubt surrounding payouts on Kick. Will creators and viewers be affected? Will the platform’s operations be disrupted? These questions are yet to be answered but are on everyone’s mind.

Financial Uncertainty for Creators

One of the immediate concerns is the financial impact on creators who rely on Kick for their income. Stake’s compromised assets could potentially delay or reduce payouts, affecting the livelihoods of many creators. This is especially concerning for those recently switched to Kick from other platforms, lured by sponsorship deals and promises of better monetization. However, financial security won’t be impacted if Kick can sustain and mitigate potential damage.

Viewer Trust and Platform Credibility

For viewers, the Stake hacked incident could lead to questions about the security and credibility of Kick Streaming. After all, if a closely associated platform like Stake can be compromised, what guarantees are there that Kick is entirely secure? This could lead to a decline in viewer engagement, affecting both the platform and its creators.

Expert Opinions and Industry Reactions

Several industry experts have weighed in on the situation, highlighting the vulnerabilities of cryptocurrency integration into platforms like Kick. The incident serves as a cautionary tale for other platforms considering similar integrations. It’s a wake-up call for Kick and similar platforms to reassess their security protocols to prevent such incidents in the future.

The Road Ahead

Kick Streaming and are at a crossroads. The decisions they make in the coming weeks will be crucial in shaping public perception and trust. They have the challenging task of recovering the lost assets and restoring faith in their platforms. It’s a tall order, but how they handle it could set a precedent for the entire creator economy.

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Lessons for the Creator Economy and Crypto Users

This incident serves as a wake-up call for the creator economy at large. Security breaches like the Stake hacked incident can have far-reaching implications, affecting companies, individual creators, and influencers. Now’s the time to beef up your security measures and stay vigilant.

Creators need to understand the risks involved in associating with platforms that are susceptible to such hacks. From implementing two-factor authentication to regularly updating passwords and security protocols, there are several steps that creators can take to safeguard their assets and reputation. In addition, if you’re a crypto user, you must take all the necessary steps to protect your assets.

Crypto can be an extremely volatile industry, so it’s crucial to understand the potential risks. Here are a couple of things to take note of to keep yourself safe:

  • Use reputable crypto exchanges and websites.
  • Keep the private keys to your digital assets secure.
  • Consider using a cold storage wallet.
  • Review your activity and report suspicious behavior.
  • Invest in multiple cryptocurrencies to ensure you don’t have all your eggs in one basket.

Final Thoughts

The Stake hacked incident is a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities in the digital world. While was the direct victim, the repercussions could extend to associated platforms like Kick Streaming. As we navigate this uncertain landscape, staying informed and vigilant is more crucial than ever. The incident serves as a lesson for all stakeholders in the creator economy, emphasizing the need for robust security measures and constant vigilance.

As the story continues to unfold, let’s see how Stake, Kick, and the broader creator economy will adapt and evolve to prevent such incidents in the future. Likewise, if the Stake hack does impact Kick, how will Twitch, Kick’s biggest competitor, incentivize streamers to return to their platform? Time will only tell.

This article was written by Katie Hale

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