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Best Practices: Instagram Business Account

By Editorial Staff

As it becomes increasingly difficult to promote your business in person, having social media for your business is becoming the new norm. Instagram is a great way for a business to promote your products, but making your account into a business account is where you will succeed the most.  Instagram business accounts are the new trendy way to attract customers from all around the world. The best part is anyone can make the switch. 

First, what is an Instagram business account? 

An Instagram business account is the forefront of your business and you can benefit from several different features that help you focus on your reach to your customers. Think of it as an interactive flyer where you can show off your best ideas and products that anyone has access to. 

Why should you have an Instagram business account?

An Instagram business account is a creative and effective way for your business to reach customers. Your company’s business profile not only appeals more to your customers, but it can also help your company in a multitude of strategic ways.

  •  Insight Tab

One of the best features is the Insights tab in your settings which will show you Accounts reached, Views on your page, and you can even tell interactions between posts and stories. This can help businesses see which posts reach the most customers.

  • Customers will take your business seriously 

By switching, your account will be more appealing to the eye of the customer. Your customer can contact you by messaging you, emailing, or calling all from your bio.

  • Email and Call button taps

In your Insight settings, you will be able to see how many times someone has clicked your links, email, and call button. This benefit helps you understand your reach and how easy it is for your customers to contact you.

  • Top Stories, Top IGTV videos, and Top Posts

With this option, you are able to analyze the data from your top posts. You can see how many people replied, visited your profile, and shared your posts. You can even click on specific posts and see Profile Visits, Reach, Actions taken, Follows, and Impressions. Once your Instagram Business Account reaches 10,000 followers you are able to attach a link to your stories, so your followers will be able to swipe up and follow that link.

  • Promote your posts

You can promote your profile, posts, or stories through the Promotion button on your main profile. You have the option to have Instagram ads automatically target people who are similar to your followers, or you can create your targeted audience by manually entering usernames. You will have to pay for this option but it is affordable depending on the duration you have the promotion for. 

  • Follower Breakdown

One of my favorite and most useful features is your Follower Breakdown. This feature gives you all the data on your followers, including top locations, your growth, age range, gender, and the most active times your followers are on. This will benefit your company largely because you will know the right times to create a post, story, or even go live.

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How do you make one?

Making an Instagram Business account is pretty easy and I have laid out the three steps for you to follow below.

Step 1. Go to your Instagram accounting settings

Go to your Profile and click on Settings. After that press on the Account tab.

Step 2. Click on “Switch to Professional Account

When you click this option you will be asked to select a Category that fits your business.

Step 3. Connect your Facebook and other important links

If you have a business Facebook page, you will have the opportunity to connect them. You can also add your number, email, and other links that have their tab.

Step 4. Start posting

After you finish setting up your profile you are free to start posting and just watch your company grow! 

There are so many companies that are already using this technique, and they have been very successful. Remember though, be creative! Even though this is your official business account, it doesn’t mean your page needs to be boring. Pin stories in your bio and give them labels so your audience can find past information easily! Make your profile stand out by having a color scheme. This way your followers will be more likely to follow you because your company appears organized. 

Here are some accounts that your company could learn from!


Nike is a great example of using their creative photographs to help promote their products. They’re also giving a platform for social issues that they care about and their followers care about.

M&M Company

M&M is using the attraction of color to captivate their followers. They are a very colorful brand so why shouldn’t their profile be? With 1.2 million followers they must be doing something right!

Lavish Life Brand

Lavish Life Brand is a great example of using all the tools of an Instagram Business account to the fullest. She has pinned stories and labeled them so her followers know where to look for information, you can email her straight from her bio, and you can view her shop from her bio.


CeraVe is another great example of promoting their business, but still being creative. They stay informative in their post and still give their followers an aesthetic that flows.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn uses the Contact button so their followers have the option of calling or emailing them. They have IGTV videos, IG Reels, and pictures that correlate together to create a visually pleasing profile. They’re using their Instagram Business account to its fullest.

If you don’t already have a business account for your company, make the switch today! There are so many positive benefits and it will make reaching your goals possible.

This article was written by Kiah Evans

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